Most passions are destructive. They are for things that are addictive and harmful,  chips, carbs, sodas, coffee, sugar, fried foods, cholesterol, or hot fudge sundae toxic sweethearts. Or seductive things, clothes, cosmetics, houses, power or substances, drugs. 

But some passions are so good for you that only lucky people have them. Are you one of these lucky souls? You are if you're passionate about hobbies, studies, reading up on special subjects or creating art  in any form.

If you care about reading, art or hobbies, you have a way to make yourself happy every day of your life, no matter if you're young, old, rich or poor. If I were to ask real quickly, what are your passions, how many things come to mind. OK. Those things, How many? Good. Let's call this POINT ONE. And you came up with those few things. Now, Go on. Right now!

To define and find more of your true passions, you must repeatedly ask your memory to come up with memories, pictures from bygone days. Try playing with these questions as a starting point for getting those pictures.

 1. What did I, as a child, or even still today, daydream about?
(No matter how wild the daydream, struggle to remember what your dreams were. Let's just start a list here to compare with the list we made up at POINT ONE. So write it down; it may be that  you no longer want to be a ballet dancer, or astronaut, or be  Jimmy Stewart, that patriarch, or Kim Novak (that babe.) But what  was it about those dreams that you really wanted? Fame? Travel? Admiration? Freedom?  To discover something new and important? Focus on what having that dream would get you as well as the  dream itself.) What did you love doing so much that you daydreamed about doing it for life?

 2. What am I always willing to talk about?  (No matter how tired, with whom you're talking, or where you are,  what can you always find energy to express and interest or an  opinion in?) These special interests that you're fairly well boned up on cuz it gets your goat, or you can read about them for hours without boredom or because they make your EYES bulge when you talk about them to others --- are the ones you should work in.

 3. What kinds of books are you always interested in?  (Look at your bookshelves at home; which shelves are you drawn  to when browsing in a book store). What TV shows, what films, what kind of subjects in those films, draw you? Add here, the list of SUBJECTS of those books.

 4. What did I love doing or pretending to do as a child, and/or  what now? Add here the pretending games.

(Irrespective of the circumstances of your childhood, what did  you love to do when left to your own devices? What made you most  happy, or able to lose track of time? Was there anything you were 'known  for' by your family or peer group?) Let's put it on our list. Baking cookies, girl scout badges, tree climbing. Anything.

 5. When a job advertisement catches my eye, what are the words/elements  that draw me? (When scanning the lists of job vacancies in your paper or magazine,  what kinds of words or phrases leap out at you and cause you to  pause, whether or not the rest of the job is for you, or whether  you are currently able to do it?)

6.) What oddball things did I do all through my childhood that other kids didn't do as much as I did. Pen pals? Jewelry collecting? Aquariums?

7.) What did serendipity come along (otherwise known as the fickle finger of FATE) and train you to do really well? Say, that genius programmer who taught you about saving internet files, and editing them to share as articles, using a cache to store them, creating directories on your C: drive, then using a file manager to make them formatted, then using NETSCAPE COMPOSER to make them colorized and pretty. It was so easy when he showed you, right? But meeting that genius was sheer serendipity! Bet none of your friends met such a guy! But you did. YOu attracted it because of the unseen hand of GOD! You had a dazzling lesson taught you in ten minutes, one which has lasted you ten years! Or what about that acting coach that made you able to weep on cue. Movies PAY for that! Yet you met him at a hamburger stand! Or what about that UCLA lecture that made you so interested in flying saucers that you wrote a sci-fi story and actually sold it. You didn't choose to go to that lecture, remember? A friend dragged you. Where was the universe carrying you in serendipitous fashion? Or how about the meeting of the Salvador, Nicaragua Chile activists. That started you on a lifetime of being Mother Teresa, a crusading activist. Well, WRITE THOSE events DOWN TOO! ALL SERENDIPITY EVENTS that were sent by Heaven!

WE HAVE ARRIVED AT POINT TWO: You answered those questions and you're going to have a much longer list than you did at POINT ONE. So look at that list and

7) what careers are out there that would come from those talents? Now, this is an  incremental job. Multiplies by a factor of TEN the paltry list you just made. Now this next list will be reallllllllly big. I'm warning you.


 'All that we need to make us happy is something to be  enthusiastic about'  (Charles Kingsley)

 'Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close  they were to success when they gave up.' (Thomas Edison)

 Five steps to attracting abundance in your life:

 1. Create both commitment and intention - Even though creating is a  Universal gift in people and even a physical law of atomic energy, we need to learn how to use physical laws.  Vowing your commitment verbally will do the job. Vowing to keep up, daily. Then, from time to time,  create and recreate that  strong  desire. LEARN which activities keep you going at that thing. Refresh the passion the way you recut the stems of flowers and put them in clean water to get more bloom out of them.

It takes more than just an intention to receive abundance. You must monitor your  thoughts so as to keep space for creativity to come to you and success and abundance to come to you. Words running around in your mind like 'I don't deserve it,' 'I'm not good enough, others are better. They are the winners.' Need not apply for that job!

 2. Take notice of the abundance you already have - It is hard for  many to believe or see, but we often have most of the abundance  we need or want. When we focus on what we have, we make ourselves  much more receptive to attracting and receiving more. Happy people are lucky people. Have-nots GET NOT!  Affirm daily,"thanks, my cup is full. I want to share it with others who have almost nothing."

 3. Release negative energy - Since the Universe is energy, and  abundance is made up of energy, it makes sense to get rid of  dark clouds around you. Negative energy can be felt and seen. Instead of nursing irritation at others, see how you created this negative event with your own actions. Funny how that shuts up a snit when your knickers are in a twist. Allow abundance to flow to you along a clear, friendly path.

 4. Be constantly aware of being 'at cause' - What you believe,  you generate or become; what you perceive you can create. Be  aware of the kinds of thoughts that you place in your mind, and  how you perceive life. Avoid being AT EFFECT, reactive. A screen which life projects a changing picture upon. To seize the projector and play your movie on the screen of your life, you have to be at cause every second. BE AWARE of those little voices stirring in you saying 'don't go here, this is really no good.' Obey them.

 5. Be patient and detached from outcomes, from getting, from final results. Just do the work in this second, this moment and the next. Stay in present time. This is very hard for most people, who are busy remembering the past and daydreaming about the future but the keys to staying in the here and now are faith that God exists and he has just told you here, that this is HIS way. And trust in God and the laws of God's universe. Try to keep  in mind that the 'present is always perfect'; whatever you have at the present time is exactly what is best for you. Cuz obviously, if you were meant to have more at this stage, you'd have it! Faith in God and an organically designed universe that interacts with OUR individual SOUL is required to understand how that works. If you understand that one quality of the organic universe, how pliable it is, how it adapts lovingly to the contours of your mind, for good or evil, you'll have the trust and faith to be entirely silent, in the now, and most effective at creating.