THE Real Scoop on Tim Geithner's dad working with Barack Obama's mom both for the CIA back when AGENCY WAS ALL OVER INDONESIA although both ostensibly worked for the FORD FOUNDATION ---

(This stuff's better than a soap opera )

We have uncovered a lovely bit of conspiratology. I'm not sure what it
all means; maybe nothing, or maybe much. Ponder: Did you know that Turbo
Tax Timothy Geithner, tax cheat (TTTG, tc) is the son of Peter Geithner,
former Ford Foundation head of the Indonesian region's microfinance
program, which formerly employed one S. Ann Sutoro, Program Director,
and Mother of the Obamessiah? Betcha didn't.

No, we didn't. Here's what we did know. Forgive the self-quotation,
but these key paragraphs should help newcomers get up to speed on an
important, but neglected, aspect of history: Ann spent most of her time
in Indonesia, where she was married to an executive with the American
Mobil corporation. The CIA had, of course, played a key role in
Indonesia's history. At least one Agency veteran of the time has said
that "the CIA took it upon themselves to make, not just to enact, policy
in this area." (Also see here and here.)

To make a long and very gruesome story far too short: Back in the 1960s,
two oil companies linked with the Rockefeller dynasty -- Stanvac and
Caltex -- felt that their investments in Indonesia were threatened by
President Sukarno, who was considered soft on Communism. Stanvac, for
our purposes, is simply another name for Mobil.

To protect American business interests, the CIA engineered a coup in
Indonesia in the 1965-67 period, which led to one of the most appalling
episodes of mass murder in history. Over 500,000 people died in the
resultant bloodbath, which ended with the installation of a CIA puppet
named Suharto.

Lolo Sotero, Barack Obama's stepfather, was the key liaison between
Mobil/Stanvac and the Suharto regime.

These events may now seem "long ago and far away" to many modern
Democratic voters. But the situation was quite different in 1967, when
Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro. An active leftist -- which Ann Dunham
supposedly was -- with an interest in international affairs would have
known all about the bloodbath. It was in the newspapers. Any true
student radical would have refused to eat lunch with a Suharto/Mobil

And yet she married the man.

How does the Ford Foundation fit in? Well, if you fire up Google -- or
better still, head into a university library -- you'll see plenty of
evidence that the CIA and the FF were likethis during the period when
Timmy's dad and Barry's mom took such a keen interest in Indonesia.
Given the wealth of available material, I hate to cite Wikipedia -- but
if you want a quick summary, you can do worse than to run your eyeballs
over the following:

The former Binghamton University professor of sociology, James Petras,
and other critics accuse the Foundation of being a front organization
for the CIA. Petras names the exchange of high-ranking personnel between
the CIA and the Foundation, Ford Foundation's big donations to the
CIA-backed Congress for Cultural Freedom, the former Foundation
president Richard Bissell's relationship with DCI Allen Dulles and
involvement with the Marshall Plan during the 1950s, among other things.
According to Petras, the Ford Foundation funds "anti-leftist human
rights groups which focus on attacking human rights violations of U.S.

Another American academic, Joan Roelofs, in Foundations and Public
Policy: The Mask of Pluralism (State University of New York Press, 2003)
argues that Ford and similar foundations play a key role in co-opting
opposition movements: "While dissent from ruling class ideas is labeled
'extremism' and is isolated, individual dissenters may be welcomed and

Indeed, ruling class hegemony is more durable if it is not rigid and
narrow, but is able dynamically to incorporate emergent trends." She
reports that John J. McCloy, while chairman of the Foundation's board of
trustees from 1958 to 1965, "...thought of the Foundation as a
quasi-extension of the U.S. government. It was his habit, for instance,
to drop by the National Security Council (NSC) in Washington every
couple of months and casually ask whether there were any overseas
projects the NSC would like to see funded." Roelofs also charges that
the Ford Foundation financed counter insurgency programs in Indonesia
and other countries. Now, instead of bitching about the inclusion of a
quote from Wikipedia, why don't you do something useful -- like, y'know,
double-checking the information? While you're at it, consider looking
into the very interesting backgrounds of John J. McCloy and Richard

If you want a much more extensive history of the Ford Foundation, the
CIA and the ghastly Indonesian coup, read David Ransom's piece here.
Bottom line: But it is the foreign-investment plan that is the payoff of
Ford's twenty-year strategy in Indonesia and the pot of gold that the
Ford modernizers -- both American and Indonesian -- are paid to protect.
The nineteenth-century Colonial Dutch strategy built an agricultural
export economy. The Americans are interested primarily in resources,
mainly mineral.But the real prize is oil...Isn't it always...?

You may also want to visit here, where you'll learn why many
left-leaning journals rarely discuss the relationship between the FF and
the CIA. The Ford Foundation has tossed a fair chunk of money at the
left-wing media. That loot may explain why the old left media (Z
magazine, The Nation, and so forth) tended to avoid CIA stories.

Let's get back to Cinie's piece. She quotes from a resume for Timmy's
dad.Peter F. Geithner is an advisor to the Asia Center at Harvard
University and a consultant to the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium,
Rockefeller Foundation, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, and other
organizations...The last-mentioned Foundation is not without interest.
Homework assignment: Look up Roichi Sasakawa and his links to fascism,
the Yakuza and Reverend Moon.Prior to joining The Ford Foundation, Mr.
Geithner served with the U.S. Agency for International Development in
Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Washington, D.C. AID...? The very mention of those
initials is enough to make any old spook-watcher break into fits of
Heath-Ledger-as-the-Joker laughter: Ha. Ha. HA. Heh. Heh. Ha ha ha. Ha.

Did Papa Giethner know the Mother of the Blessed One during their time
together in Indonesia? Did little Barry and little Timmy play together?
This has yet to be established, although the likelihood seems high,
considering the natures of Lolo's job, her job, and Peter's job. Still,
you may want to heed these words from Cinie...Stanley Ann Dunham Obama
Dunham met her second husband, Lolo Sotoero, at the East West Center on
the University of Hawaii Campus. Ann Dunham had met her son's father,
Barack Obama, Sr., on the same campus years earlier, that time in a
Russian language class. She seems to have had a thing for men who work
for oil companies, too, since ObaOne worked for Shell and Lolo worked
for Mobil. By the way, Cinie links to this earlier post on Cannonfire
(referenced above), of which I'm rather proud: Spies, lies, Barry and
his mom. That piece probably would have received a great deal of
attention in lefty circles if Barack Obama were a white Republican. But
he's neither, which means that the evidence I present will never be
considered sufficient, and the questions I raise will always be ignored.

Nevertheless, if you have a bold streak and an open mind, check it out.
And if you know what Barry and his mom were getting up to in Pakistan,
please share the information with the rest of the class.posted: 9:00 AM8

Comments: Bill Clinton was said by three biographers to have been
recruited by the Agency while at Georgetown. At least one of them
referred to having an eyewitness to his '201' (government personnel)

Others have claimed something similar about Hillary Clinton (but no
mainstream biographers, to my knowledge, and without the claim of anyone
having seen documentary evidence).

Assuming readers here liked the job President Clinton did, perhaps such
a suggested pedigree for Obama is not necessarily a bad thing.

One thing it might explain would be the meteoric rise of Obama from
junior senator to president status, just as it appears Clinton had
powerful patrons boosting his youthful rise to national prominence and
the Oval Office.

While I and others may decry the Agency and its work, there is an
argument that at least it represents the old school power structure, as
opposed to the modern heist of government many think the neo-con faction
performed. So it might represent a return to normalcy, relative to the
monstrous policies of the previous 8 years.