When you let your mind stray to the bad stuff that happened, or could happen, you worry. You feel  negative hormones kicking in, (panic, anxiety, depression, doubt, anger even.) Your heart center immediately starts to feel like a murky dungeon of pain. Stop! You don't have to let things get you down. DO THE MAGICAL RAINBOW MOOD IMPROVER MEDITATION occasionally and get hold of your mind. This actually gives you a 'handle' on those runaway thoughts, passions, hormones jagging as you think your way crazy. Stops it flat. REPLACES it with serenity, joy, bliss, the natural mind estate of man.

Do a NOSE Inhale and either think or SAY under the breath .."Sat" (rhymes with 'but') and exhale "Nam" (rhymes with 'mom'). SAT means true. NAM means form. So it tends to connect you with the true forms of life, your beautiful environment, your lovely friends, family, pets, co-workers. You inhale what's really going on. You exhale the extraneous considerations. Exhale and you can dump negative thoughts.

Sit with a straight spine, breathe through the nose, eyes closed, focused up and in the middle point of the brow (third eye/sixth chakra point -- stimulates pituitary and pineal glands, the latter being seat of daydream/night dream and meditation visions). This opens up and that faculty alone will help you a lot. So do Sat Nams for a Minimum 3 minutes, max 31. Use any mudra you like, giyan mudra works very well (thumb and index finger together (like the "OK" sign) other fingers extended). If you can't sit on the floor this way, sit in a chair with bare feet flat on the floor or better, the ground. Let thoughts come and go, like clouds in the wind. Meditators learn that the thoughts that come first during meditation are the ones that are most important in your life. Just say 'take a number' to each thought "I know who you are now, tend to you later." Don't dwell on thsee questions, of 'should I shouldn't I' as the duality of life confounds the mind, and duality is the source of all negativity. So let it pass. Do the work until you are not having thoughts, just empty meditation. Then quit.

After you do the exercise, take a core sample. Any more negativity? If so, take that remaining speck of dark energy and send it out through your feet into the ground. Then pull the available, magic rainbow up out of mother earth and lift it up through your spine and let it flow into your spinal centers or chakras. Envisualize the colors coming up into you. Your bounce comes back. No bad mood at all.  Take in a KUNDALINI YOGA class, too. There's one near you --google those words. Most powerful YOGA and it will help a lot with those quandries. Also, it puts you in such bliss that you attract only truly upbeat, happy people. And you can spot people who are 'faking' happy and have other agendas saving yourself tons of problems.

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ MANTRA MAGIC ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
So from now on, when you note that fast heart beat, racing mind, panic,
anxiety, when you're 'nervous in the service' as the Master Jules used to call
it, what you need to do is find a quiet spot, sit with a straight
spine, put both feet (bare) flat on the floor (or on earth if you're
outside) and begin to breathe long and deep. thru nose. Continue for
3-11 minutes or until you feel better and less freaked out. Breathe from
the diaphragm -- long, deep breathing. Add the mantra "Sat" (rhymes with
"but") on the inhale and "Nam" (rhymes with Mom) on the exhale (mentally
vibrate the mantra). The mantra for protection is as follows:

Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh,
Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Dayv-ay Nameh

English Translation:

I bow to the primal wisdom, I bow to the wisdom true through the ages,
I bow to the true wisdom, I bow to the great unseen wisdom
You CAN SAY it in English but Sanskrit is a powerful SOUND that blows the socks off your brain. Or make up an English affirmation that is your cup of tea.

Google KUNDALINI YOGA and find a teacher near you. Or seek HATHA Yoga. There are schools for  yoga everywhere. Or do yoga alone, by yourself from a webpage of postures, asanas.

#1. Sit comfortably with a straight spine. The chin is slightly tucked to
facilitate the neck being straight with the spine.

2. Your eyes should be closed, rolled up and in to the center of the
brow -- the Third Eye point (6th Chakra).

3. You can use a mudra -- Gyan Mudra -- make the "OK" sign with your
index finger and thumb. Your arms should be straight, but not stiff and
the other three fingers extended but again, not stiff. The back of your
hands should rest comfortably on your knees. Think of pictures or
statues you've seen of the Buddha meditating and you've got it.

4. Inhale deeply through the nose and repeat the mantra on one breath.
Repeat. Do this for 3 minutes for protection. You can do this up to 11
minutes if you want, but start out with 3 minutes and work to 11 over
the coming week.

One other mantra that is VERY effective -- is "Guru Guru Wah-hey Guru,
Guru Ram Das Guru." Chant the mantra out loud, but softly. Very powerful
and effective. Same positions as indicated above. Very effective for
protection as well. You can chant this up to 62 minutes.

I think that should help out. In addition, you can meditate on the
mantra "Sat" (rhymes with but) on the inhale and "Nam" (rhymes with mom)
on the exhale. Do this silently to yourself. Use the same mudra and
positions as described above in 1, 2, 3 & 4. When I wake up in the
middle of my sleep period, worrying, fretting, my blood pressure immediately
shoots sky high and I do the inhale Sat and exhale Nam brathing thru pursed lips until sleep can again envelop  me. Otherwise I'm a wreck that whole next day. See INSOMNIA FILE.