Lately, I have been working on my FUTURE INDEX and rethinking that 'material anxiety' spiel that I do.. is my own battlefield. Is it absolutely certain we will descend into MAD MAX post-apocalyptic (but cinematic!) insanity?
I've been asking myself, 'am I infected with "worried Mommy" gene?' With this internet tsunami of apocalypic vomit and insufficiency issues, maybe I'm as guilty as Malthus himself! Have we all been MALTHUSIAN DUPES? Or malthusian 'candidates', all of us, mind-seeded to KILL? By 'bad news, chicken little sky is falling, converted to doubt, fear, scrimmaging for personal safety and worse? By some dark agenda PROPAGANDA FROM a few oligarch Mindf#&!=s who are total DARKSIDE.

Nothin's comin' down the pike but their justifying dismembering unions. This is all a sham to get us to be more plastic, right?

WANNA KNOW WHO HAD IT HARD? EUROPEAN CAVE MEN IN THE DARK AGES, IN 10,000 YEAR long WINTERs after all the big game ran out. Literally ran. south.

AS FOR you me AND APOCALYPSE? Today's apocalypse would be the caveman's
ACAPULCO which THEY survived. Cavemen are still here and nicely evolved, too.

Sure the worst can happen like Murphy's law says... events can drop
harder than u expect..In this case, they'd come as jobless misery, highly
inflated food prices, sky high utilities, water included, sold by the square INCH
not the square cubic foot as they do now. Also massive homelessness,
Hoovertown shanties,  one man to square meter of land. Such miseries
can be a no-show but  do apocalypse planning 'lite! Sitcom style. What
did Le Carre call it? Like Lubyanka but without the laughs.

Do all you can to establish safety if malthus-world were to come true
but meanwhile, dance light on your toes. hedge your bets with joy, be
happy! industriousness is the best meditation.

Any population squeeze would probably be like that proverb, translating
to 'living in interesting times.'

Going thru it would insure that as grannies we'd all sell our books.
Like Foxfire books .. how granny made candles. jam. How she sewed patches on
every garment, how uncle made the skins of defunct family pets into sandles,
how grampa grew tilapia, auntie grew amaranth, and baby Sam grew tomatoes in
window boxes... folklorico stuff.

Enjoy the Recession. These are INTERESTING TIMES. Historic ones.