500,000,000 is five hundred million, or about one twelfth of those now living; in other words if you think of world population as being a dozen eggs the builders of the stone think we must throw away and smash eleven of the eggs so the remaining egg doesn't hatch into a cancerous chicken taking up all the room on Earth from Nature.

Some months ago somebody sent me an essay with the horrible title: Killing off the Useless Eaters... it was hardly a smoking gun, yet I have since spent at least a hundred hours on the Internet researching the material.

The Stones are an enduring mission statement for the Power Elite.... Hence we can understand the total lack of an intelligent public health response to AIDS - "They " want it to spread (and in this man's opinion they deliberately introduced it (I don't think it is "manmade" though)
Hence the ban of DDT, just about the safest insecticide since natural pyrethrum, and both cheaper and more effective. THe ban on DDT has smashed at least "one egg" or five hundred million human lives due to maleria.

To date almost everyone I've talked to about the stones misreads that number: we little people just can't wrap our minds around the malice and hatred our leaders feel for us. Here, I caution myself to remember that for people born into power they are raised in a culture that may include "noblesse oblige" and when faced with difficult, seemingly insurmountable problesm, they'll do what has to be done... and without guilt. The Vampires are full of Tough Love for their Cattle and Monkey Butlers.

The web page is loaded with material that I think indicates the Earth can support many more people, and also prevail after the oil runs out.

Isn't five hundred million FIVE BILLION? In which case, we reached the tenth floor?
under five hundred MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLION?????????? OKAYYYYYYYY means the elevator is not filled up yet. I've got it.

So I ask a friend. Who says "The ANSWER: ANITA, 500,000,000 is five hundred million 5,000,000,000 five billion. See the dif? There are now at least 6,100,000,000 people living now on Earth. The elevator's cables are about to snap, and it's the express elevator at the World Trade Center