Think of all the services you could offer to the BILLIONS of folks on the internet. I note a lot of  wild web services out there in cyberspace, making tons of money, with different skills --invented for various PC USERS'  talents, needs, shopping interests.

YOU COULD BE MAKING REGULAR MONEY somehow --via your internet skills. A good business is one that isn't limited to your city. Netsurfers in CHINA can come to you or PARIS. Not a biz they have to trot to your door for.

Having started a cottage industry, myself.. (astrology online, ) I know that one can build a colossal biz from a tiny weensy seed. See --MERCHANDISING MYSELF TIPS

*APPS:  To invent an APP or program or software or a SEARCH ENGINE like GOOGLE which but something which  also 'take ADS' would probably be the most remunerative of all. GOOGLE makes billions a year but it's very high tech, not something we could do.

*NET FILE STORAGE You can stick files there, they assure they'll stay well but you need to own a server. And if you do, why not become a WEB HOST? ( 5$ a month per client.)

*SOFTWARE sales meaning USED SOFTWARE. I like old software, buy from DAN THE MAN who has a great and very completely stocked underground biz. Ask me for his addie.

*DESIGN, PROGRAM A REALLY GOOD BROWSER DESIGN, sell it for a one time price of l0$? See, I have BROWSER NOSTALGIA. I wish that NETSCAPE 4.79 or any of the 4 series would come back. Though there is a 7 series. NETSCAPE had the best email client, best html composer and a fine browser back when there was no flash. No java. Now you can surf to only a few sites without it crashing so I use MOZILLA FIREFOX for surfing. I'm writing this on a Netscape trple feature browser right now, in 2015 on a 20 yr old PC. So you're tekkie enuf to design one of THOSE? FREE thirty day trial browsers? Mozilla and other browsers that I can download free don't have COMPOSER in it. Sure I have other composers but none as good as NETSCAPE COMPOSER. That's what I  miss. Can't even find a decent low code WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM with very easy graphic insertion modes to download free. Microsoft has WORD but it's impossible to add graphics. However..... my tekkie chum and I will spend another four hours session looking. WYSIWYG just wasn't it. Very counter intuitive.  Tekkie bit on it, downloaded, now we gotta un-install.

*MAKE INFO LISTS. A list is when you send out an informal newsletter. A VERY FEW GOOD ONES like WALL Street lists attract thousands of subscribers, earn huge money. Do a Newspaper column for a while on something that HELPS people, then get millions of readers who love you, know your face, love your writings.....THEN you do a personalized INFO LIST. Ask for donations for your 'webmaster' *YOU!
JERRY in "CONSPIRACY THEORY" had a list. Remember?

Political activism lists ask for donations and get them. . I dont use the PAY FOR EMAIL CLIENT,  I adore the email client INSIDE NETSCAPE BROWSER, vers 4, a golden oldie. Collates by size, date, subject, sender, all these features are OH so very necessary!

*FILE MANAGERS as I.E. is cumbersome (I bought ztree, very happy with it.)

*GRAPHIC organizers, I USE a Croatian one IRFANVIEW, and it's free. You can download it right now. Sizes graphics, changes light/ colors One should pay the guy a tip, it's that good. However  PICASA is also free. So we're talking  profits today, these don't qualify.

*RESALE of YOUR STUFF --CLASSIFIEDS. EBAY made bank and so did EBAYERS.. They are the HENRY  FORD of the field. ETSY is RIGHT UP THERE WITH THEM. What do you trade in? HARLEYS, or COSTUME JEWELRY ONLY...specialty  fields, that'd be a good go. VINTAGE PATTERNS is amazing. A Vogue pattern  from MID CENTURY (1955) can go for hundreds! WHO KNEW!
HIT THE GARAGE SALES. Everybody's dead granny had dress patterns

*START YOUR OWN PAYPAL. Not just buying stuff online. THEY WILL do your complete banking.   My gal pal and I pull up to MCDONALDS, she pays the bill with her PAYPAL CREDIT CARD. But here's a new riff: AN INTERNET SENIORS DIRECT DEPOSIT BANK  would do very well. SENIORS are getting clipped bigtime these days by  CITIBANK and others. Big banks want monthly client fees. 8$ is a lot to a senior getting 340$ a month pension, like me. It's a week of food. Receive your soc. secur check at your online SENIORS BANK, by direct deposit. You use a SENIOR BANK credit card to pay at markets.  But here's the riff. LIKE PAYPAL you receive money from anyone who buys the senior's hand made fudge, cookies, knitted sweaters.

*CRAIGS LIST type OMNI-classifieds. Hardly any money there cuz craig is
free except for a few employers seeking workers. RECYCLER mag a fave in L.A>
went online. WHo knows if that end of their biz makes money. I know the
newspaper did and it's still out there. SOld for a buck. Maybe they have
some paid ad section I don't know about. I know they do have advertising.

*Search Engine optimization. where you help people reposition their websites so they rise to the top of google search results. If you're that knowledgeable a tekkie, try:

*WEBSITE DESIGN. If you can throw my text onto something artistic, add MY
CHOICE of graphics and charge me under l00$ I know it can be done in an
hour or less, cuz I do my have a great net biz.

*AD PLACEMENT - There are folks who write me reg saying 'can we put an ad
on your webpage.' they won't tell me how pitifully little they wan tto pay
me so I ignore them. But that's a job.

*AD PLACEMENT on your own site, I hear that sites make a lotta money if
they have ads. There's a comedy writer gal DOOCE.COM who stated she makes 40k a month off ad hits. every month. My daughter was addicted to her scribblings for years,  she's a big fan, a young mother. Heard of that one?  So you do one, THE DIAPER REPORT or DIAPERVILLE. NOW, you tell me, what other biz could YOU DO, something of your own  invention, aligned with what YOU dream of having or what PEOPLE REALLY NEED  and will pay for?  FOODIE sites, CHEW THE FAT.ORG etc

I thought of one. I MAKE HUMOROUS GREETING CARDS OUT OF YOUR CLIENT'S FAVE PHOTO. Client sends in a graphic, a gif or jpg file, the cottage  industry owner gives it a banner of grapes, photo shop  in a glass of wine in the hand, or make the cat next to her drink out of a wine  goblet... and insert a poem about cats getting too  gourmet. That it's a greeting card or invitation for Thanksgiving. Client pays  like about l0$ for the service, get a finished photoshopped humorous piece of NET NOSTALGIA which they can EMAIL to family and pals.   A GRAPHIC artistically bannered, gets you a ten spot! How many can you do an hour?

Two of my kids are profesh photogs who use the net for their WEBSITE of course but they only work by shooting you in person. Seems to me they could invent something radical and ritzy involving targeting "never meet you" totally online services  that would attract  netsurfing potential customers for photo services, like maybe PHOTO SHOP something up for send by email or post office. Ferinstance:

a.) turn my headshot thinner, put my head on a groovy body
b.) take my wedding pic, make us into two pussy cats
who just got married, she's got the veil.
c.) Take my family picture, set us in a gorgeous flowery meadow.
d.) mail me back frameable hard copy 8 x10.
So, that's my brainstormin' idea contribution to makin' moola with yer machine!
You got an idea or two? Answer whatever comes off the top of your head.