My pomegranate tree gave me about twenty fruits this year. Every week
of the ripe season, I'd pick a dozen, juice them on electric juicer, boil
it with sugar making a thin syrup, throw it into old glass ketchup or tamari
bottles, keep in fridge for making a drink. Add a slosh of fresh lemon to each
glass. Lower sugar than anything in the marketplace and anti-oxidants. Real ones.

Emily Baehr, guru  says : 
I feel that  cane sugar is better for you than high fructose corn syrup
drinks available at stores. Or 'iffy' aspartame.  A teaspoon of sugar has 15
calories, is it worth getting cancer from your artificial sweeteners over
15 calories per cup of coffee or tea?  Why not just cut down on cake or
something?  Or learn to take your coffee black with no sweetener.

And then there's those ladies who must drink diet cola with their cake, so
they can feel like they're having their cake and eating it too. Let them
eat cake!

Have you ever heard of ginger switchel?  It's an Amish drink.  You take
water, and put in molasses, a bit of apple cider vinegar, and 
ginger.  Basically in whatever proportions you like.  It's like an
alternative to lemonade.  You could probably also put in other spices, but
that's the traditional recipe, pretty simple.  I like mine pretty weak.

I made cardamom syrup once for golab jamun (those are those deep fried
donut holes they serve at Indian restaurants, they're a large part
powdered milk, but I'd have to google the recipe to remember what else
they had in them).  I had a lot left over after making golab jamun so I
saved it in the fridge and put it on pancakes for the next year till I ran
out.  All that was was some sugar water that you boil, and then once you
turn off the heat you add some cardamom.

You can also take Zatarain's root beer extract and sugar water, and
ferment it with bread yeast to make root beer.  You only ferment it for
like a week (so it gets bubbles but not much alcohol) and then bottle it.
Keep the bottles in the basement in closed cardboard boxes, because
sometimes they blow.

A raspberry lime rickey is raspberry syrup, which you could make, and lime
juice, in soda water.  Sort of like a Shirley Temple." Take a box of  berries
simmer in sugared water, use a potato masher to get the juice out of the seeds.
I prefer to get seeds out first, plant them, then simmer the mash with sugar.

raspberry drinks
Raspberries are 2$ a box but there are herbs in your yard right now that make a terrific drink.

I googled this: "Dandelion wine is nothing more than dandelion petals boiled in sugar
water, along with orange peels, a few cloves, and the like, then strained,
cooled and fermented with either wine or bread yeast.  Wine yeast will get
you higher alcohol content, but in a pinch bread yeast will also work.

If you can get your hands on hibiscus flowers, you can preserve those in
syrup and then put one in your champagne on New Years. Mex Markets sell dried
hibiscus flowers for making a bright red tea.  Or maybe in your
raspberry lime rickey if you don't have champagne." And I don't. But hibiscus
flowers make a superb red tea. Asian/ Hindu  Middle eastern markets sell
them in bulk.

With these recipes maybe you save 1$ each liter of soft drink, 4 a week if you're alone, 8 a week if you're a big family maybe you save 32 $ a month, and that's not all. You save on future doctor's bills as these are all healthy things to drink. Doctors' bills can take the house from your children as there's payback  now for senior homes and other sick services. And being sick is no fun. HOME MADE drinks ARE!