Tiny Houses or Alternative Construction (Free Plans too!)
                                   It's the Right size for me & Cheap to heat!

If you're looking for a way to be cozy as a mouse, bunking wherever you want at night and mortgage-free to boot --you might consider living in a tiny house, or a house built with alternative construction.  If you have the house built by a builder, it will still cost quite a bit, even possibly more than buying a fixer-upper, plus the cost of the land. But as mousie hopes you'll find out, there are many ways to skin a cat...

In order to save, build your home yourself.  Some of the tiny houses can be put on wheels like a trailer, so you can take your house with you if you move.  You might not actually need your own land with a tiny house, you could set it up in a friend's back yard.  You can also get fixtures for your house from a salvage/reuse place. Old is better as the chemicals used in plywood and strand board have outgassed already!

Tiny Houses or Alternative Construction Free Plans

http://www.todaysplans.net/free-cottage-plans.html cottage plans

http://www.balewatch.com/ (straw bale house plans, all sizes)

http://www.thenaturalhome.com/passivesolar.html nice website on why they think high thermal mass concrete construction is better than other kinds of alternative construction.  Easier to do than frame construction, too.

How to buy raw land, just a short summary

You can build on land you have in rural areas near  a dozen different cities. Rent the main house, keep the guest house free for your arrival, then travel IN YOUR MOBILE HOME ..going around the country, working wherever you find bosses, paying no taxes, visiting the museums and sights, making friends, finding Starbucks which has Wi-Fi connection for free now. Eccentric? Yes. But in the Great Recession of the DONALD TRUMP ERA, a wise, wise decision. I envision a burglar alarm on your POD that goes off with a human voice. "You knocked? I am armed. Do you want to chat? My email is X Make an appointment please."