What's for dinner, honey?

1.) NOT Weiners/ bacon or Sausages as they have  nitrates which are a known carcinogen giving higher incidence of cancerous brain tumors to newborn infants even if only FATHER ate weenies but much worse and higher incidence if mothers ate weenies / bacon during pregnancy. Get your sausages at healthfood store with no nitrates!

2.) Cell phones radiate your skull with EMFS giving brain tumors. So you don't look stylish on a vanity phone. Spend a quarter at a payphone and don't crack up your car and have a good life.

3.) WHITE FLOUR BROWN FLOUR BOTH, EVEN WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR are full of GLUTEN which makes paste on inside of intestines, so that you never get vitamins out of your food. The body inhales vitamins from that area. It's blocked. YOU AGE from vitaminosis.

4.) ANY heated oil, margarine (heated for long periods at high temps), transfats and strange chemicals that develop in heated oils, donuts are lethal. fried foods useless. chips dangerous. BAKE chips without heating oil. PUT BUTTER on it when it's baked. Canola oil melts your nerves causing Parkinsons like tremors, MS. OLIVE OIL is best, rarely heating it much best method of cooking with it, but best is having GARLIC OIL and putting it on finished food, once food is simmered in water.

5.) SALT combines with the fat to make plaque. Switch to low salt soy sauce or AMINO BROTH type products.

6.) COW's milk, constipating, full of strange hormones they feed cows.Goat's milk is fine.

7.) Sugar will strip body of B vitamins. Ravage pancreas.

8) Alcohol, whiskey, wine, beer ravage, burden liver, hard liquor worse than soft.

9.) STIMULANTS! coffee/ tea weaken vagus nerve, eat away stomach mucosa, cocaine ravages sinus and stomach. Coca COLA has 46 grams of carb per can. HUGE AMOUNT OF SUGAR! Also the acidity in it will melt bones, teeth, and destroy kidneys.One coffee in morning has nice antioxidants so use a small amt.

10) HEAVY METALS and toxic plastic in ordinary items we put hot food in. Many modern surfaces penetrate your food, soak into it: teflon when scratched, aluminum foil soaks in if acids are present in the food, alum. pots, ditto. (use glass, steel, enamel), the plastics in foods you heat in microwave. An Italian cafe with huge alum pots of tomato sauce is a suicide factory. Tungsten a really bad heavy metal is inyour HEATING ELEMENT in coffee maker. It's in the CLOTHES DRYER so move that into garage.

11.) sitting too close to PC monitor screen ruins eyes.  WHOOPS, stick with us just long enough to save this file to cache, on your C:\HOLISM directory!

12.) EMF's (field that comes out of anything electric and the wires they rode in on.) Get all wires away from sleeping area. Don't even think of an electric blanket. Unplugging everything around you when you sleep is req'd. There is a meter to see what that wire near bedstand is doing.

13. There are parasites in raw milk, undercooked meat, sushi, pet saliva, running hands over pet fur then later, eating with your fingers. Parasites are found in lettuce that wasn't washed properly and all vegies. Use a tbsp of vinegar in the water. Soak all vegies for a half hour. Take the parasite cure. Ask for file on this.

14. DIET FAKE SUGARS ( in soft drinks) are lethal. These bottles are left in heated warehouses. The heat turns the chemicals that sweeten into MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, PARKINSONS creating chemicals.

15. ROOT CANAL - found to be a serious cause of cancer. These tooth roots drain into the main body. What they pack tooth with is seriously bad for you.

16. MEAT is still suspected to contain mad cow prions which give you a fatal brain disease. The truth is that most of what doctors call ALZHEIMERS is really MAD COW. Autopsies aren't done when MADCOW is suspected as you cannot purify the table or tools with fire. You have to throw both away. (Ask me for file on this).

17.) HEAVY METALS - WORST source of heavy metals is aluminium in all toothpaste, gives ALZHEIMERS. . Switch to healthfood brands. Or use baking soda. ANOTHER SOURCE is MERCURY in TUNA. ANd in many other fish. Google up the unsafe fish, USE THE SAFE FISH! Cut down on tuna use.Espec. in pregnant women. TUNGSTEN is in dryer, coffee maker and electric heaters. Read up on it. PLASTIC WRAP and plast. dishes cannot go in oven. If your froz. food is in plast, unwrap it, set in dish. NUKING FOOD is not good for the atomic structure of food, so your toaster oven. TUNGSTEN gets in the air from any heating element, WHEN IT IS HEATED. ALUMINUM in FOIL easily enters foods with acids so think twice on using with tomato sauce foods. ALUM cookware, no good. DESTROYS kidneys, gives alzheimers.

18. ) CHOLESTEROL in cheese, cream, eggs, hydrogenated fats, all create plaque in veins. Fried liver, full of Vitamin B does have cholesterol. But we need LIVER as it's only source of B-12. . G B.Shaw, famed, vegan l9th century playwright, activist, took liver as powder in capsules.

I'm a killer, aren't I? I age you, right?

SCIENTIST: No, sweetie, afraid not. You do tend to multiply where the immune system is destroyed by the other l8 things, or you multiply if there's mucus in the body from the other l8 things, but you, on your own are nobody, nothing. You don't exist. You are a myth!

GERM: WHAT????? I'm suing you for slander.