functioning EYE. Made of RODS AND CONES cells. A vestigal
              EYE. VISIONS and dreams occur HERE.


Georges Gurdgieff, one of the greatest transformational teachers of the last five hundred years, said that mankind could not transform without SCHOOL FORCE. He said that we could not manufacture a suitable school force from within ourselves as we 'forget.' He said that we needed each other to wake up and stay awake. He remarked that when a man 'forgot himself' someone had to tap him on the shoulder and say 'hey, you're dozing' or in modern parlance, 'kid, you're losing it.'

To some extent our families do that for us but in the modern city, far from our families, it helps to create a school force made up of a few shoulder-tapping friends. A fun way to start is a living room transformational group. Do the transformation part in slow, easy stages. Start off with a 'TRUTH GROUP'. That's a fun parlor game we used to play in a circle back in the sixties and seventies. I've played it with Dr. Irene Kassorla, Marlon Brando and Alejandro Rey (Flying Nun) and a lot of other interesting people in Hollywood, almost forty years ago. It was a fun parlor game and deserves a revival.

The meeting could be held in a living room or restaurant --Imperial Gardens Japanese restaurant was where Brando first played. (He didn’t know the game. It was my idea cuz I’d played it with Alejandro’s friends.) We sat in a circle on floor, and played "What you were in your last life." (then, in a circle, we'd take a guess, each person telling a dozen others what his 'first take' was. ) Or "What you will do ---and be noted for in this life." I told Brando he'd start a new religion. He told me I'd quit acting and have many children. He's a better fortuneteller than I am! I retired to Mexico and had four children.

In other "TRUTH" groups where we'd ask any question that occurred to us to ask, probing strangers for their bios, their wishlist, their secret terrors and getting to the truth of that person's existence. At first, we satisfied 'group curiosity' about intriguing people. Sometimes very plain people had unsuspected depths and beautiful people were as shallow as a ditch.

'Pile-ups' were allowed, where the group would concentrate on one person, querying, probing, discovering. There ought to be some tact rules as some would give a candid opinion in a way they'd NEVER do in any other setting. So the offended person should be able to lift his hand, say 'take a vote on whether I'm being skinned or not,' and if they feel a sadistic skinning is going on, then the offended member gets to torch the pyromaniac!

This work may bruise a few noses, so for a few meetings, it may be necessary to do some clean-up afterwards, too. 'I felt hurt when John said I was a lazy lady with a game and an agenda." And these two people resolve it until NOBODY is hurting. Until no noses are out of joint.

Once the group has assembled a few times for this kind of 'Shark School Feeding Frenzy' fun --- once the group has admitted to an interest in coming awake and learning how to establish a beach head of consciousness and has learned a few methods to transform sleep behavior to watchfulness, self awareness--- once everyone has had his games and his infantile agendas busted, invent a new game.

By now the group is fairly friendly, knows the hangups of every person there. The caffe klatch feels very much like the convening of a real family. Now, it is necessary to all wake ourselves UP a degree or two, a notch or two above normal, waking chat consciousness, with auto suggestive magic like taking home made Bach Flower remedies in drops, as 'tea,' and by doing some basic yoga kriyas, some prayer, group chanting, or group singing of a familiar son like Amazing Grace.

These things seem to center people, lift them up to the ecstatic notch that grass did in the sixties. In the sixties the groups I attended didn't smoke weed to play 'truth'. On a theoretical level, we could have all gotten a little stoned and gained that 'instant' ability to GROK one another, but I never knew of a consciousness seeking group that did it. It would have been a good idea. People did get together to smoke, but they never did anything as organized as group work when they did.

Grass certainly works to catapult one up thru that trap door into the attic that is really a PENTHOUSE with balconies overlooking the entire astral plane, but it was never ever done in the context of a guided spiritual group that I ever saw, and I was, after all, in L.A and went a lot of places. Grass was smoked in living rooms, patios, by party goers, but not SPIRITUAL party goers.

Anyway, the owners and floor managers of the New Bethlehem don't allow kooky sects with psych games unless they stay substance free, so perhaps Bach flower remedies (made with flowers in your garden,) and some normal greens like a home made spinach /cheese quiche would be quite enough. You might experiment here, add red wine on one night, black coffee on another. (I hear that if you put enough nutmeg in a banana smoothie you get a wholesome buzz.) It's not about food. It's about playing TRUTH.

To really create some protons spinning about the room, some vitality, first thing the group might do would be a basic yoga set, one that is very fast in its results and powerful. Takes just five minutes.

Yogi BHAJAN's most magic YOGA EXERCISE for instant MENTAL POWER, CLARITY, ESP is this set. A set is two sequential exercises. First a stomach lift then a third eye focus.

Setting the Navel Point while doing the stomach lift gives us third chakra energy which is POWER over the will, over the body. It will banish any blues or anger, center the mind, GIVE magic will POWER, take away all 'lower' body urges, (food/sex) physical spaciness, wandering thinking. It will remove fatigue & discomforts & give you a MAJOR ENDORPHIN HIGH.

When you are feeling dizzy, 'out of it,' fatigued, it's amazing what pulling energy firmly UP into this naval point can do to wake you up, make you clear minded. This exercise allows no energy in the two lowest centers of the body. It places the energy at the third chakra, the POWER center. Do it before any important appointment. It gives a powerful aura, LUCK and will-power beyond anything you've ever known. It is without a doubt, the most amazing kriya in yoga.

The exercise does all the above by setting the naval point pulse correctly. BEFORE YOU START. Lie on back, feel the pulse in your belly button. Well, it's probably wandered around an inch or so, to lower stomach or above button. We are going to straighten and align the POWER (or 'chi') center of the entire body but much MORE MIRACULOUS things will happen!

TO DO IT: Lie on your back on floor. (Soft bed won't do.) INHALE, come up into "V" position, stare at toes. Fingers are outstretched as are arms, toward toes.Maybe a yard separates fingertips from toe tips.

HOLD that deep breath in for a few seconds, then exhale as you lie down. Do this twice, to prepare stomach muscles. THEN, we do it the real way. Inhale slowly and deeply as you come up into V; then do the "bellows" breath very fast while you STAY in the V position. BELLOWS: nose-exhale completely OUT, hard and fast, nose-inhale IN, hard and fast. Repeat once a second, 60 times per minute, It sounds like a bellows blowing at a fire quickly. Do this in/out breathing as many times as you can, in this V position. Then, when you can do no more, one FINAL inhale, STAY UP, and you tighten the lower 2 centers (rectum, sex organs) of the body, each in turn, then pull the third center, the belly button point IN VERY TIGHT to spine. That is called "ROOT LOCK" and it forces energy into heart chakra.

HOLD until you are shaking all over. Relax, exhale & lie down in one motion. Rest. Now, if you feel the pulse at belly button it will be centered in the 'button.' You will get up, notice no fatigue, no urge to eat, & no other unseemly physical urges bothering you. Use to break attraction to food or unwished romantic needs. It will, like magic. But it also MAGNIFIES & lifts the energy of the body, the circulation to the top part of body, allowing you supernatural states of concentration, intelligence, action, power, clarity and awareness.

2.) HIGHER CENTERING. Sit in 'Lotus' pose, Shut eyes. Slow breath by deep, regular breathing. Then, one final, deep nose-inhale, pull energy up to 3rd eye, see that purple neon spot pulsing between eyes at brow level. Hold attention there. Exhale/continue to focus on spot w. NO THOUGHTS, while you slow-breathe. 3 breaths per min. Visions will come to each person now. The guests sitting on the floor will be in a susceptible, ready state.

NOW YOU CAN DO A FEW TEST GAMES: A psychic, visionary mental exercises like "Where is the person I love best now, what are they doing right now" A guided psychic vision or REMOTE VIEWING.

Or, play a game that Werner Erhard taught at EST. Each of the group can pretend a close tie has come into his airspace and carry on an imaginary conversation with him. Each will pretend that he can hear himself speak, hear the other person's answers. In the vision, of the two of us together, we can ask questions, make demands, get agreements.

This CONVERSING game was said by Werner to be a technique to persuade people to do what you want, give you what you need. "You owe me the money, Harry. PAY IT." OK, I will. " And then the next day, you call Harry up and Harry supposedly pays it. It's SOUL RADIO. And it would make a good game for after Yoga on the first 'spirit' night.

Next, practice doing Mental transmission to another person who is not present. It can be someone passed over. Imagine that their mind and yours are linked by a pink laser beam. See what they do, hear what they say in the image. Are they receptive to love? Do they have a special message for you? Then the group shares what occurred for each.

NEXT. We can use metaphysics for more than partying, romance, and sending psychic e-mail or talking to your boss's astral form so he'll give you a raise. A good idea would be to pretend we actually have God on the line. A golden ray connects your heart to HIM, the SOURCE of all, a ray of light linking Him to us, individually and as a group seeking to do 'the work'. (Frequently metaphysicians called this kind of study 'the work.'

As this point, you are infused with divine energy which will flow thru you to everyone in the room. You will enter into a HIGH POWER state. JUST taking that out into the street after such a meeting assures you would attract wealth, luck & LOVE but first, let's see what 'work' we can do in the meeting.

PSYCHOLOGY NIGHT - A metaphysical living room group might play this game and 'bet their psychic luggage,' meaning DESTRUCTURING CONCEPTS, which is basically what Freud did for his clients. Lose the rage, the attitude, the unforgivingness, the nasty memories, the scar tissue. These are exercises that would get us in touch with our unconscious (and the drives or scars therein contained) via the methods of the Freudians and the GESTALT school of therapists, Frederick Perls, Ida Rolf, and the post-Gestalt, Art Janov.

So, on that night, after the yoga, instead of the mental transmission, do GO BACKWARDS into OLD SCARS/ CONCEPTS with the aim of destructuring, tearing down our belief systems, our old swampy emotions. Ways to do this:

GAME #1.) LOSING THE LUGGAGE . This is done by dumping psychic scars. We ask QUESTIONS THAT PROBE i.e. 'Sally, what is your main grief with MOM and give me a specific incident." Take her back to that memory, picturing it, and summoning those old feelings up. Ask her 'what did you feel?' rather than asking for an opinion. We don't want intellect in a Gestalt sequence. Basic feelings. We may have smothered those feelings in real life, but you'd be surprised how much the volcano will belch when we're in a safe space with sympathetic friends. So when we're finished venting at Mom, or Dad, then we can have a post-op where we realign along more peaceful mental tangents.

LOSING THE LUGGAGE VERSION B. Get your subjects to do a KARMIC CLEAN UP. Have Sally, or whatever person ---get up in center and 'talk' to the mother or that person who has hurt him worst. A variation would be to talk to a person you have hurt. Each person does this in turn. PSYCHODRAMA techniques are used. You can place another actor up on stage to be the Mother or the offended person. The object is to get Sally to realize her mother loved her as best she could and she certainly loves mom, dead or alive, or wherever she is, as best as she can, and forgive as best as she can, and go on without the psychic luggage.

GAME # 2. What's wrong with me? Talk to person who rejects your love. Tell them good things about yourself. Ask them why they don't love you? Have someone else personify that unloving person. A good cry is usually going to be provoked. We create the space for people to be able to have it DEEPLY. A half cry is really worse than none at all. It can reawaken the irritation without being cathartic enough to purge it. You'd have to read Janov's books to understand that, so everyone should go to every thrift store and Salvation Army store out there and try to find them! THEY ARE OUT THERE. "PRIMAL SCREAM", "THE FEELING CHILD". ""PRIMAL REVOLUTION."

GAME # 3. TALK TO YOUR AUTHORITY FIGURES OR HIGHER SELF. Most would choose Mom, Dad or their suppressive boss, but imaginative people might talk to God. "Why aren't I a rock star? Why didn't you give me an Academy Award? Why do I have to be a waiter or an aerobics trainer?". A variation: talk to one's own HIGHER SELF. "I know you wanted A, B.and C for me, I'm going to vow to do this part of that, " Or a 'psychodrama talk with an imaginary career counselor (who tells you your talents when you ask ) might be a variation on this. He'd be YOU of course, but you'd get an internal mental dialogue with an internalized career counselor who'd go over your talents, aims, dreams. As no one in the room is actually TALKING, but we're all visiting with our angels, l0 people can do it in a room and you can still hear a pin drop. Or an appointed group leader could ask questions to the group, like 'what are your greatest talents,' and the people lying in reverie on the floor, would answer "these are my talents. These are my dreams. This is what I'm good at. This is NOT how I can make an easy big salary, but this is what I love doing." And maybe with group support, we can help you make your living that way.

A group leader can lead a room full of people lying in a floor along any kind of guided tour. "What are you most afraid of? Who hurt you that made you afraid? See them there. See that event. Now, tell them off." As each of us has about ten people who've made us afraid of TEN DIFFERENT THINGS, much of which we might not want to share with a group, you see why we do this lying down in reverie, in our imaginations. But the telling off part can be vocalized. You get a room full of screaming people, but ?? Later, we share whatever experiences, visions, cognitions we WANT to share. So it's like Freudian work but in the fast lane.

ARICA in Chile, a sixties group of this kind, used a 'who am I ' game. "JOE? WHO ARE YOU?" And then JOE would start a list. "I am a programmer. I am a man. I am a father. I am a son. I am a homosexual. I am a primitive painter. I am a waiter." and he'd go on with all his jobs, beliefs, affiliations, and at some point realize that none of that was what he was, and he'd go beyond them, hopefully to where he was really his own infinite SOURCE. One continues with the list until one really dumps it. So lists can be long. And I guess everyone could do their own list at the same time rather than go in a circle. Faster, anyway.

GAME #5I AM NOT A STALKER! Another Arica game was to learn to detatch. He put 2 people into a kind of palm to palm dance where the aim was to send love thru the palms, look in one another's eyes, feel the atachment, then they'd turn slowly away, spinning apart, in an exaggeratedly slow, chinese dance, and face away, totally detatching. Later, they'd spin full circle, come back together palm to palm, teaching on/offness of life and 'giving up attachment.'

PAST LIFE REGRESSION NIGHT - Games could delve into Past life regressions. These are done with a group leader, and with the group in a circle, all seated in chairs. Seniors might lie down. Floor stretches done on the back, with the body open, facing up, vulnerable, stretching, doing flying eagles, and pairing off so that heavy rolfing can be done to back of brain is a good start up, to invigorate the body. Imagery only happens when body is relaxed with oxygen, (i.e. dreaming sound asleep is a good way to do it!) and to be able to vividly daydream after a long day of work requires a little yoga.

THE GABRIEL GREEN PAST LIFE REGRESSION METHOD - The group leader tunes into the higher spirits guiding earth whom he places directly above his hand, high up in the sky. He then puts his hand over the player's head, about six to ten inches over the top of the sitting persons' skull and energizes their crown chakra with the flat of his hand pointing down. The crown Chakra is in skull below his hand, so the energy field he sends extends into the middle of the skull. Leader maintains consciousness of getting the energy from the higher spirits on the astral plane, rather than using his OWN energy. Then, with the guide leading the person backwards into his childhood, then his past life, and asking questions about 'what they see,' he will regress people to past lives by asking them to 'see it, see where you are, what's going on.' What's amazing is that the picture become large as life, vivid like a TV show and one is very IN THAT LIFE and knows what is going on, the name, the place, all kinds of things. The year. I found myself in 1380 in England married to a guy with a leather apron with a lot of pockets all over front of his body. I died in childbirth leaving an enormous amount of children and suffering great grief as I died. I hit a pocket of that sorrow that was like all the Bambi movies in the universe rolled into one. There's more on this experience in an article at my website "I SAW THEM."  Read it, you'll see why I now believe in reincarnation!

Try it. You can take one person and do a "GO BEYOND this life to a PAST LIFE" reading with your hand over their solar chakra. Gabriel Green who taught this method says that sometimes working with hand over the heart on back of body, over spine is also useful. He is available to talk to by email, too. Ask me for that address.

JANOV NIGHT- THE JANOV METHOD entails EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK, can be done with pressure on back of brain stem, just above collar, at bottom, inward turning curve of skull. On both sides of the spine. Those two ridges. And crevices near by.  "TANTRUM YOGA" massage on heart area, near wings, also, under the shoulder blades, wings. Childhood memories are stuck there, in the body. Massage brings the surfacing of feelings which shows shape of one's ISSUES, and that leads one to effectively do cathartic PSYCHODRAMA. It's like SENDING a message across time and space to one's demons or those who have demonized you in your view. Difference from PSYCHOLOGY NIGHT is that primaling is a little bit NOISIER! I've been in groups where a dozen pairs did it and the noise was not a bother at all.

So guests pair off. ONE will lie face down on towel; the other will massage the nerve nexuses from base of brain to kidney area, in that filet mignon next to spine, with a deep, slow, painful motion, and in and under the 'wings.'. The one getting the nerves rubbed will tend to have pictures, memories if he is queried, 'what's going on in current time?' Most therapists in this work believe the body stores pain in those painful lumps on the body. Ask: 'What was your saddest memory of your mother/ or father?' He is to go into the mental memory of scene, vivid, almost SEEN again, by only dealing with the feeling sit provokes. I have written a long article on this one called PRIMAL SCREAM MASSAGE which can be read at http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/tech.htm

If someone shows up in a primal or any other of these above Psychology Games with a particularly interesting vivid story, or weird destiny, be ready to take their palm and read it to the group. So have a strong light and some magnifiers. The complete lessons on how to read palms are available at http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/palm.htm or you can also get the best palmistry book I ever read, and I've read dozens, THE PALMISTRY WORKBOOK by Nathaniel Altman. (ISBN 0-85030-352-4) There are many other palm lore books in thrift stores and public libraries. Each student can take his research home, make drawings of what they've discovered on family and friends, then share it at a PALMISTRY night. I teach palmreading and it takes me 2 and one half hours to teach EVERYTHING I know, well within the two hour scope of a group nite. Every town has a palmreader. If she's legit, she'll teach. The phony ones always say it can't be taught. Same concept, astrology nights might get you students up to speed more quickly than you think. A good astrologer can teach you to read a chart in a two hour class. Certainly she could do the charts of all present in a single night.

Or, it may be interesting to read the IRIS of the eye…everybody's EYE, showing inherent body weakness, toxins. Have a flashlight, magnifier and Bernard JENSEN's book handy, a 3$ book titled "IRIDOLOGY SIMPLIFIED" which is available at all healthfood stores. When Jensen reached l00 years of age, he closed the school on that ranch in Escondido but I believe you can still find his book and herbal products at healthfood stores. More on diagnosing body's ills thru iridology at http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/iridology.htm There is also the Wheelwright method which reads red veins in the sclera, or eye white. They say the point on iris that the vein touches goes back to the Jensen method, insofar as locating the sick body part.

When we speak of developing, transforming ourselves, we're talking about things we can study, see or trace in the childhood, family relationships, in the horoscope, palm and eye such as disease and emotional problems. When we conceive of a power release, it's done by stepping out of the box our mind or body put us in and finding the cure or way out. These methods all work on that.

FLOW CHARTS- it sounds curious to say, make a chart to get us OUT OF THE BOX that our MIND has confined us in, but yes. Make a Chart that in one flash of a card, shows the concept. I saw one that impressed me. It was a chart in A gurdgieff book. And it explained why we had to transform.

GURDGIEFF CHART - Show the HUMAN as a bldg. with three floors. On the top floor we see a PENTHOUSE with a balcony and a figure reaching toward the stars. Then place a big, red chalked X in the basement, showing where we humans live. Not in the penthouse or first floor or even the second floor, but in the basement with the pigs, not realizing that there are 3 floors and a penthouse above. TO GET INTO THE PENTHOUSE of the MIND is the aim of these meetings. I'd actually draw this on the front of a greeting card, and inside goes the INVITATION to the first meeting!

CHART II - LIVE POWER FOOD LIST, another list DEAD FOODS BUT USEFUL for some reason, like coffee, or meat. Another list has useless addiction foods. Baked goods, flour goods, Sugar, margarine, canola, lard, Another list would be the ROYAL proteins which might read SOAKED, SPROUTED ALMONDS. A LIVE PROTEIN. TOFU is a fairly LIVE protein too, made of the cheese of soy milk. And I'd say HUMMOUS, the garbanzo bean /tahini paste is alive, especially if made with SPROUTED garbanzos instead of cooked. Caesar Salads are alive. So is sprouted grain bread, so alive in fact that it must be kept in the freezer or a big mushroom grows on it! Then, in a kind of middle floor, create an OKAY diet, where COOKED VEGIES and soups and cooked grains are found. LOWEST FLOOR, the basement, put Sugar which feeds tumors, meat which is an alien protein and toxic, harmful to immune system which thinks a foreign protein has invaded. AND FLOUR based foods, the 'dead' part of grain, denatured, refined, so dead a RAT or cockroach won't eat it.

CHART III- FOOD COMBINING LIST. Books on this avail. all healthfood stores. Proteins go with greens. Starches go with Greens. Proteins and starches do NOT combine. Much more to this school of thought and following it makes your digestion a whiz. No fatigue after meals!


PSYCHOLOGY: Anything by ART JANOV, Primal Scream, Primal Child, Primal Revolution. And by FREDERICK (Fritz) PERLS, inventor of Gestalt therapy. METAPHYSICS "Dialogues on Awakening" by Tom & Linda Carpenter "Conversations with God" and the other books by NEIL WALSH. Tartang Tulko "Visions of Knowledge" Dynamics of Time Space and Knowledge" "Hidden Mind of Freedom" "Love of Knowledge" "Mastery of Mind" "Openness Mind: Knowledge of Freedom" "Mastering Successful Work" Get any T. LOBSANG RAMPA you can, he wrote: Third Eye, Doctor From Llasha, Rampa Story, Cave of Ancients, Living with Lama, Wisdom of Ancients, Saffron Robe, Chapters of Life. "Feeding the Flame," "The Hermit" and "YOU FOREVER" that's only half, best writer!! And anything by the Master Jules available at THE MASTER JULES WEBSITE

RELATIONSHIPS-Getting the Love You want" by Hendricks, "GETTING TO I DO" by Pat Allen.

HOLISTIC HEALING; "DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET" by Frances Moore Lappe, anything by her. POISONS in our FOOD by STEINMAN.

MENTAL ILLNESS: Kay Redfield Jamison one author, UCLA doctor. E. FULLER TORREY is another. And teach your pals to go to http://www.abebooks.com to find used books for a buck! Great resource!


  1. When you're ready to invite the public in, create POSTER SIZED ADS and place on bulletin board of a few yoga schools, metaphysical bookshops, healthfood stores: "Evening of new Age GAMES with Philosopher, Teacher, TANTRUM YOGA practitioner, AN INTRODUCTION TO PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS. Diverse MIND METHODOLOGIES you can use to HEAL YOUR SELF, FAMILY and FRIENDS, A SEMINAR by "put your NAME HERE", and on SUCH A DATE. Give it a reasonable price, no more than a movie. 8$.
  2. Make it obvious by address of seminar that it's a living room university. On ad, in small print, or in the PHONE MESSAGE INSTRUCTIONS, advise "Wear loose, soft clothing, bring towel to lie on, warm socks. THEN GIVE 24/7 PHONE NUMBER so they can call and get a recorded message explaining what it is, where, etc. Where to send check or make reservation. Other details. Are men welcome? Etc. Put these poster ads in local healthfood stores, metaphysical book stores and print ads in local New Age newspapers.
  3. CREATE A PHONE TREE. Every player has their own dozen numbers to call to assemble the next meeting.
  4. Ask everyone to bring their most interesting friend to next meeting and be ready to break into two groups when it gets too popular and size of group won't fit in the average living room.

NOTE: (If its HALLOWEEN time, offer a seance, for a special, holiday party evening. Charge 5$ unless they bring a ouija board, then it's free. When guests get there, start with power foods, go straight to a OUIJA BOARD either as a GROUP or paired off into twos.) Do this BEFORE you do the past life regressions. Then do seances, and ask someone who really knows the true skivvy to come, like a political activist. That person can pull in Dick Nixon or Allen Dulles, ex head of the CIA. That will lead you into starting a weekly political activism group! Oh, there's a funny screenplay. This ex CIA head is contacted by activist mystics......He knows where all the bones are buried and wants to torture current president. A political screenplay that's extremely witty. Ever see THE HONORABLE GENTLEMAN? Eddie Murphy? Rent it. Then go to the SCREENWRITING WEBPAGE, And  seek the HOW ABSOLUTELY ANYBODY CAN LEARN  TO WRITE A SCREENPLAY file! Then create a politically conscious screenwriting group out of your conscious human group! I LOVE IT! I'll teach you how absolutely anybody can hustle a screenplay! The Least they pay is 50 k so it's better than a lottery ticket! By anita sands hernandez, astrology @ earthlink.net

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