We all would like to make friends and enjoy partying, celebrating, having festivals and while we don't know it, we'd REALLY enjoy community activism as it delivers the HIGHEST TYPE OF PEOPLE to the PUNCH BOWL! By that I mean the most NOBLE. The smartest.

We're too often home bound, or go in a circle from home to work and back again and really have few friends. Or we have the friends we were born with, a motley lot! Then too, in these mobile, modern times, our relatives and old friends are often far far away. We're hampered by the fact that often we feel that it's safer NOT to construct communal activities with co-workers in the big city. After all, our job is a serious thing.  Luckily, making friends in the area around our actual home is completely a good idea. Partying with our neighbors would be fun and it would ensure entree into many different groups. So, how could we start up something that would end in festivals and parties? The answer?

1.) START WITH A SPONSOR. That means a church and the head priest or preacher man. And/or Nun. Also a nearby folklorico, festive CAFE and its owners. Remember, you're pre-packaging groups and sending them in. What priest or restauranteur wouldn't want a P.R. person doing that for his establishment?

2.) START WITH A COLORFUL FLYER. In it, you point specifically to the TYPE OF EVENT. "FREE QUINCE DE MAYO PARTY, JOSE's ACAPULCO CAFE, for all the FAMILIES IN "LITTLE MEXICO"..or HIGH TEA with Scones for the Good People of BRIARWOOD, i.e.. target the mindset of folks in your area of the city, or a generic "FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS, COME TO  ....and you pick something that's fail proof. A church swap meet, A pancake BREAKFAST. An ANTIQUE auction. A SWAP MEET. GARAGE SALE.  Any priest will let you arrange a huge garage sale if the cash goes to his charity.

2.A) CONNECT 'by hand' at the meet.
At the actual garage sale, you then go among the people getting a mailing list going for community future events. AN EMAIL list actually is cheaper!

3.) PLAN FUN, FOOD, WINE WOMEN AND SONG AND GAMES. BINGO is an easy event as it takes a 'set up' the church already has.  LUNCHES with auctions or rafffles. Breakfasts with door prizes. HOLIDAYS. HALLOWEEN CARNIVALS with BOOTHS, FORTUNETELLERS is a big draw. When you get people together and play games, you create a bond. Square Dancing is another possibility.

4.) THEN TO THE IMPORTANT NATURAL FUNCTION OF A COMMUNITY, ACTIVISM. (SEE "YOUR NEXT MOVE - SAVING THE WORLD.) Once you have their attention and have linked with the community, from that you move on to specific ISSUE ACTIVISM --anti War, anti-Bush, or start smaller. In my area, street racing by boys has killed many innocent people standing on curbs or getting out of cars. Perhaps the mothers could go into high schools and do 'assemblies' for the teens. Arrange for a cop, photos, etc. Cops will gladly attend such an assembly.

5.) MOVE on to FUND RAISING PARTIES  for skid row, barrio, homeless shelter, soup kitchen or even "ADOPT the ORPHANS of War from AFRICA ORG or TSUNAMI ASIA ORPHANS. After I saw photo of a VULTURE stalking an abandoned, starving baby, I thought VULTURESANDWICH.ORG would be a great name for a website. You know the DOMAINE NAME costs nothing. And it's only 5$ a month for your WEBHOST! (These parties/ dinners/ lunches are great for networking. HONOR local leaders. Find the COUNCILMAN and have him give a talk on DARFUR. Maybe you could get George Clooney to attend.

6.) CHUMCLUSTERS - Always start off with a few close pals,  a central team who's starting this COMMUNITY PARTY and build into the CHUMCLUSTER MODEL. That's Activism with groups, networking CELEBRATION that bond people. The family that PLAYS together, STAYS together. So pick your three closest friends who live a few doors from you and create your first networking party.

Start now, showing central steering committee  articles on POVERTY IN REFUGEE CAMPS IN DARFUR, by googling it. Go to the PARTY INDEX where you'll learn how easy it is to raise cash for a known charity and in so doing, GO INTO THE CEO's OFFICE and meet the TOP PEOPLE in your community.  Read the FILE on GIVING PARTIES FOR CHARITIES and SPECIFICALLY (at times,) BUILT AROUND ISSUES.. Get them up to speed on  POLITICAL ISSUES. Maybe email them one file  a week. Slowly torque up the pressure until you see that their eyes are bugging as they realize a cabal has commandeered the U.S. government and is murdering millions abroad and doing huge saturation level propaganda on its citizenry's minds, whacking people and getting locals so on fire that they vote for genocide, generating Nazi-istic wars for the OLIGARCH politico-funders' profit! Remember William Casey's Famous 1981 quote to the inner circle "if we don't have them believing in a thousand lies we haven't done our work." WIth that they murdered half of Latin America, training foreign death squads to do their work.

As WWII cost 50 million lives, plus a billion suffering relatives of the dead.....and NAM, BOSNIA, IRAQ AND AFGHANI wars have done at least that much, your soon to be rich pal realizes that just his joining you in activism will stop billions of folks from suffering and eradicate grief from the planet! And ACTIVISM is not only cheap, it's going to be.....

7.) FUN! In fact, talk to your group about how much fun it would be to start a local activist group which gives wine and salad, beer & chip parties, graduating to dinners, graduating to picnics. Imagine a LOCAL SOCIAL group that had an activist ZEITGEIST. Imagine how thru this group, we'd meet every lively intellectual in town! Cuz no jerks are ever interested in social issue activism! And chips and dips and chips, dip, jug or box wine and hand made posters are not costly!(PARTY FOOD FOR PENNIES. WEBSITE.)

8.) The STARTUP of the GROUP. The best way to start a group is to send emails of this and other DAILY DISSENT files to really close pals. STUDY WEBACTIVISM TECH.  Suggest to readers in your city,  "we need a living room group in our life. USE CRAIGS LIST to suggest it to every other city. It will give us clients for our cottage industries. It will help us do networking with the real brains in this town. It will give us a huge guest list for parties and hey, the chips and dip will be paid for by my pal X, so all we have to do is make tofuburgers, toasted buns, home made, and some delicious, creamy hummos on top of home made sesame crackers, and pour plenty of JUG RED. A gallon of that is 6$ A huge tossed salad, olive oil, lemon, soy sauce, sesame oil, miso maybe in the dressing, some garlic, some pounded anchovies ....YUM!  Go to the FOOD INDEX one paragraph up and learn about these specially tasty NEW AGE items! (*I'm drooling.)

Start that SOCIAL group off with Great Groceries, inexpensive to make if you study the PARTY FOOD INDEX   Create these fun meetings in a church basement at first or a pal's living room and with it, pick some minor 'start up ' activism for say, civic issues. For instance, the day I first wrote this, the city of L.A. was poisoning squirrels in city parks! Totally offensive as they do not carry rabies. GROUND squirrels do, not tree squirrels. Animal activists just went nuts and are a;readu picketing and in the news. Then, the day  I edited/ rewrote this article, the city of Santa Monica was cutting down all the big BEAUTIFUL trees and the saintly nature loving folks that cynics call tree-huggers got really righteously enraged and they are now picketing like crazy.  To harm squirrels upsets me, as I nursed a parachute pup squirrel and realized my CARLITOS was as smart as any of my four kids and MUCH MORE LOVING! Such animal rights issues are good startups to get a  BONDING thing going in your group.

First issue that really starts scorching the MEDIA will make your members exultant and proud. But national issues would (of course,) be more important. Flyers, posters can be done by you, volunteer artists and your local PRINTER! Put them up at university campus, healthfood stores as that's where NEW AGE smart people are found! At parties, the food is usually contributed by volunteers, but if you have an HEIR giving cash, the sandwiches, wine, cookies, coffee, chips you offer at meetings could be very ample, lush and would really attract new members! Remember, the networking that folks do with the socially active set is all very good people, a better quality than singles can meet at bars. (Though I tell all gals, go out for breakfast at 7 am when all the single guys are in the great breakfast joints.)

9.) CREATE POSTERS and get your members to be MIDNIGHT POSTERS. You give them a glue bucket, brush and a stack of posters and a dark, old car. ROBBIE CONAL the famed POLITICAL POSTER ACTIVIST did gorgeous witty posters against politicos, prexies with toxic policies. He SILK SCREENED them, hung them at night all over cities in USA, had teams who did it everywhere.
is a site where ROBBIE CONAL talks about this art of putting up posters and a lot from ROBBIE on his poster gang! Great fun just to read about ROBBIE ! He is inspiring! His life is a MOVIE!

10) LEAN ON WEALTHY RELATIVES OR CONTACTS. It might take you fifty bucks to make posters for the SWAP MEET, THE GARAGE SALE, flyers for the NEIGHBORHOOD. or for local issues. POTHOLES, DRUNK DRIVERS. or NEUTER YOUR CAT & DOG, AVOID THE POUND. maybe for a TRAVELING CAT NEUTERER/ feral TRAPPERs' CLUB. And maybe you need flyers to hold a "chip and dip" meeting for this issue. Get pals who run your charity in other cities on CRAIGS LIST. Cost you maybe few hundred to create a thousand posters, send them to fifty cities! LOTTA CLUCK FER THE BUCK! Everyone gets their plane ticket comped, whether to Chicago, St Louis, Louisville, Houston, Seattle etc, paid, too. And maybe motels for a few days! And car rentals! Local hardware store has bucket, glue, brush. You video tape your adventures, share it when you get back home. KAMIKAZE POSTER POSTERS! LOVE IT. There's a documentary in it!

10.) PARTIES PARTIES PARTIES -  (You are here now, so don't click) You charge at the door, so you make all your spending back, chips, drinks, jazz band and renting the room at a local club near the beach. You raise cash for your org.You are allowed to salary yourself if you have charity status. And you add to PLANET EARTH'S HUGE DEEP OCEANS OF LOVE !

11.) SPEAKING OF RAISING CASH FOR THE ORG, to be legal, create your FOUNDATION STATUS. It costs 80$ to run your group thru the SECRETARY OF STATE office in your STATE CAPITAL and another few bucks to your accountant to get your your CHARITY, NON PROFIT TAX EXEMPT STATUS . Usually an accountant will volunteer it (as long as you use him for the lifetime of the charity.)

12.) HANG WITH THE UBERWEALTHY. As you socialize, you'll meet wealthy elderly people without heirs who will leave your charitable org their cash. Or if you're a beauty, you marry the uberguy. Could be that the fact you neuter feral cats will do it for some old society matron. She can't marry you but she can "Will to you." Odder things have happened! I know a gal doing charity parties, who married one of the wealthiest men in America. Of course she was one of the sexiest women alive. Ex NYC BALLET, BALANCHINE ballerina and a real happy loose as a goose fun girl. But the fact that she wasn't trying to start a rock band, and she was doing charity impressed him so much he married her! She taught him how to park the yacht in Monaco and hobnob. Staff of 12. She'd danced there with NY ballet when younger. HEATHER MC CARTNEY, same thing, had 'extra dimensions' partly like doing a prosthetic leg charity, Beatle Paul married her.

Get a few close pals, show them this article, and talk up the wisdom of creating group synergy. OR, failing that,just give a WILD PARTY!

MOST BRILLIANT CUTIE, you cannot imagine!!
Told me he owns Dow Chemicals. YEAH RIGHT..
oh, he does? He IS? WOW!

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