Go Green on TOP!

In these times of non-affordability of acreage and global warming, it's nice to know that ANY HOUSE or building  can have a BIG OLE cooling GARDEN on top. Imagine a home with a roof structured for gardening. Just seeing a few examples of root top gardens in the photos here will motivate you to double down on earnings so you can BUILD A HOUSE. The concept is lush, gorgeous. But imagine this extra bonus: A GARDEN on top has an aerial VIEW of your OTHER GARDEN down on the ground ! Who knows what that would be like! You'd have to climb up on your roof after you finish reading this article to imagine the view.

How does the water not rot the roof? .A special membrane prevents seepage while xeriscaping with frugal drip emitters wets the root zone in mini doses so the soil doesn't get rank. Sour. Your crop blooms lushly all year long, providing food, a garden party environment and even ECOLOGY. If every building had a garden, this system would reduce rain water run-off that usually sloughs through a city making its dirty way to the sea. This system also cools temps in cities by greatly reducing the heat that radiates off a roof.

Green roofs rely on a permanent drip tubing system which directly targets the root zone,  either buried in place during the green roof installation process or set on top afterwards. Once the plants are healthy and well established they no longer need to be irrigated except in cases of extreme drought. The plants thrive there and are usually grown in only 2-5"inches of soil! (A 'light weight' mix is used.)


See a roof being installed:

In times of global warming, a garden on top is GOOD FOR THE CITY's ecology. Temps on a regular flat roof can soar to 180 but a green roof with a garden gets up to a mere 80 degrees.  There's no run off of dirty water through rain gutters down into the city to pollute the sewers and ocean.

Combine roof gardens with some solar panels which can be put up there at 'bus stop roofed' seating so visitors can enjoy the view of  grass, plants, food growing, people weeding and harvesting while a photo voltaic roof creates electricity for the building. Google this search term.

http://www.garlandco.com/ is leader in the green roof membrane industry http://www.greenroofs.com/Greenroofs101/waterproofing.htm

Google more keywords GREEN ROOF AND MEMBRANE

http://www.hrt.msu.edu/greenroof/ has phenomenal examples


Or you can do them small.

Imagine a cozy barbecue up there
on top of your GARAGE UNIT
Chinese lanterns, wine coolers,
speakers and great music. Envious
neighbors oogling you.  Come on OVER you call.


You can do them VERTICALLY. Sedums or rock garden plants.

Which implies you could garden on
two sides!

Don't these photos make you want to go right outside with your shovel and....... errrr. go outside with your roofing contractor and.....go right out and work hard and earn some big money to build a brand new house incorporating these dizzy features?

Maybe DIZZY NOW but in 2020 it could be the norm! And if you give parties and the neighbors watch, they're gonna do it and this is going to spread like a MUSHROOM across the city cuz it's TRIPPY!