Cottage industries, creating a web presence

I did astrology for decades without the internet. There was certainly a 'word of mouth' factor bringing in clients. It was based on clients who came in my front door, so the word of mouth spread around in  my city, Los Angeles, and it was a fast return. One client brought another, quickly. That doubles incrementally fast. One is Two is Four is Eight! That is the secret of all capitalism.

As I got older, the client/reader 'sock it to you- energy' dwindles a little and I had to think up new tricks. So I wrote 'HOW TO' articles about everything I know realizing that the INTERNET could attraact hundreds of readers and even though they were in another city, they might want start work. For instance:


So it occurs to me, do you have a free website where you teach? If not, Do one, as it attracts clients by droves.
Course I do stars, a payable service. A GURU often has no way to get paid. So internet/words/ articles are freebies.

I CALL them trade beads. I have a trade bead service btw,
It is a newsletter for power hours which is addictive.

And I exhort folks who want to do a cottage industry
to create a WEB PRESENCE for themselves.

End result: Folks search on you  they find a few hundred
articles. Then they go, wow, he's somebody!", right?
So they come study yoga with you. Or they buy your
pamphlet. Your biz/ knowledge makes you someone who has to have a pamphlet!

Search on my name. ANITA SANDS
6,800 googles. ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ has less 5950.
But I did that publishing my own articles ONLINE!
SIMPLE FTP technology, free FTP 'sender' software.

So say you write up articles. You get a freebie
website like most of mine, load them up is one of the site I put up.
That one is just my guru's metaphysics on serenity, bliss, success.

HE WAS MY TEACHER, a PISCES guy. Sun/Ven conj in Pis
Merc in Aquar conj Mars with Taur rising, $$ very wealthy, self made multi millionaire
Teaches prosperity and he REALLY teaches how it's done! He was an entrepreneur
and teaches the artform! Is very inspiring, too. So go read him and start to play with
those ideas.  Imagine that you load your own htm file classes onto Craigs list ads as
URLS.  Say it reads "PROSPERITY LESSONS" (place in Nyc,La HoustonSeattle etc
"MAGIC 101, a free online seminar by expert New Age thinker (your name here)
'how to get free of maya." and you give the URL  MYSITE.ORG/ PROSPERITY/
That's not really a live link, so don't click. But this next one is --Read:

Maybe you  study the files on magic/ metaphysics
and use whatever files I have, put them on your website even if you want.

and back it up with webdesign studies, take the entire free seminar on web design at:

But know this. You absolutely have to have a website and they're easy to do