IT WOULD APPEAR THAT STARVING its CITIZENS is AMERICA'S NATIONAL STRATEGY. WHY ELSE WOULD the planet's wealthiest NATION DO THIS TO ITS OWN PEOPLE? Aren't energetic GRANDPARENTS, caring for & teaching youngsters the lifeblood of a country's economy? Don't the jobless caring for small children  require energy, calories, moxie and sparkle to influence children to do well? Don't adoring grandparents build tomorrow's entrepreneurs, the next Gates, Ford or Edison?

ACTUALLY STARVATION MAY MOVE us seniors in with our grown kids. I had a vision today that the Starvation Strategy is to use HUNGER to force seniors to either DIE or live with their grown children, Today the Los Angeles Times had an article titled "Stop calling them Food Stamps" (Sunday 24 OCT 2012) pointing out that they're  EBT now. BIG DEAL. What a dumb thing to point out! WHO CARES what the name of this nonexistent thing is! I wrote the Letters to the Editor " A THORNY ROSE IS A ROSE BY ANY NAME YOU HAVE FOR IT. Call them ELECTRONIC BARTER TICKETS or call them HENS'TEETH as they are so SCARSE.  The horrid truth is  that  nobody can get them except people with no ex husbands paying even the cheesiest of alimony and child support. Gals with no income on the books, which might be a very rich hooker can get EBT but FOOD AID will definitely NOT GO to a senior who gets 400$ cash AID TO THE TOTALLY DISABLED per month. That huge sum immediately disqualifies you.

Maybe having no legs would work, but not if you get that disabled senior treasure chest of 400$. Maybe having OCTO-MOMMY's 14 kids would work, --it sure worked for HER but the "SORRY NO FOOD STAMPS predicament is one we have in all states now. I wish to refer to this horror and point out that FOOD STAMPS should be allowed for seniors on a low fixed income or to jobless seniors who've been dumped from the work force because of the recession. DO NOT JUST LET THEM DIE OFF. It frightens the horses. (Some Victorian once said that about ugly things happening in the streets. It's a famous line) Many seniors do not have enough employment 'quarters' to get a decent Social Security check that would buy food. So we will starve in the streets and frighten the horses.

Like many 60's hippie boomers I raised a great flock of babies as single mother. Women like me did not work, we could not.  We stayed home with 4 children. Today at age 70, I get 340$ a month from Social Security, $280 disability. The combined amts. give me 620$ a month out of which I must pay rent and utilities.  (That was 2012. Today it's 800$ between the two of them.) My rent is 995$. Once in my life I asked my kids to help me. Only once.

There is no public assistance for food and no money for food. The infamously bogus MEALS on WHEELS wants 8$ a meal. I live miles from a market; I am disabled, there's no way to walk to a market. A bike is dangerous but I did it til tire went flat. The nearest skid row type FOOD PANTRY is l0 miles from here, the cheese giveaway is 6 miles off at San Fernando Valley CITY HALL. Twelve miles round trip. My grown children are no help as they left California, I am out of their sight and out of their minds. So whether the system calls the program Cal Fresh or EBT, (theme of this dumb, useless article,) --is of no concern to us. There's none of this food stamp aid for the senior on SOC. SECURITY with a super low stipend and there are MILLIONS of us across the USA. We need a pro bono law firm to initiate a new law: LESS THAN POVERTY LEVEL, Soc Secur recipient or not, food assistance should happen! I complained once to my brother who lives about 80 miles from me and can't bring over his ham bones..so  my darling Finnish sister in law checks on free food, food giveaways and comes up with this:

FREE FEEDS...FOR YOUR office's INFO, . THERE ARE FOOD PROGRAMS other than the 8$ a meal MEALS ON WHEELS (which is the BEVERLY HILLS of senior feeding I guess )

http://www.apla.org/ used to have a
Necessities of Life Program (NOLP)
Food Pantries / etc. Get in touch.

North Hollywood - San Fernando Valley - 7336 Bellaire Avenue, North
Hollywood, CA 91605
Thursdays 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

If you have questions about APLA, becoming a client or about any of
the services we offer,
call us at 213.201.1600 during normal business hours or send an
e-mail: webmaster@apla.org.
We are happy to help.
VIC serves people in the San Fernando Valley:
Homebound inviduals by providing over 150,000 delivered meals

SENIORS over 60 who cannot shop and cook for themselves may
qualify for help under the Meals to Homebound program.
Nutritionally sound HOT LUNCHES are DELIVERED daily to hundreds
of homebound seniors across the valley.
Am I homebound? NO CAR, no kids in this city or even state. I guess I don't confess to owning a bike, huh? Truth is at eighty, I can't RIDE THE THING SAFELY. I keep going straight into curbs.SO I can't drive it more than a block.

Dining Centers
East Valley MPSC - 11640 Hesby St., North Hollywood, CA 91601  - (818) 985-6675
Valley Jewish Storefront - 12821 Victory Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91605 - (818) 980-2336
Bernardi MPSC - 6514 Symar Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91401 - (818) 781-3309
San Fernando Valley Service Center. 7555 Van Nuys Boulevard., Van
Nuys, CA 91405. (818) 901-3501.
Open Friday for food only from 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. ...
The SOVA Community Food and Resource Program of Jewish Family Service
of Los Angeles
(JFS). JFS/SOVA provides comprehensive services to help clients of all
ages and backgrounds to attain long-term self-sufficiency.

Did you know the city appoints social workers to any senior deemed crazy? Who ends up in court. For a while after my 'too many cats' legal problem, I had a social worker who said of these resources " Just so you know VIC runs the homebound program and the Meals on Wheels. They used to be free then meals cost $1.00 then $2.50 then up and up to $8. Last time we checked it was 8$ a meal delivery! Then they almost went under when the State budget was at an impass. They had to get a $5 million loan from the City of Los Angeles to keep their doors open. "

The budget crisis has been tough on the food for Seniors programs. The food banks run out of food frequently and there are long lines. We used to get great food from one food bank for $15.00 It filled the back of a station wagon. Now we have to pay the same amount for a small bag of groceries. It is cheaper to buy sale items at the markets these days. Social worker also said  "We MUST get your income up so you can get quality protein and fresh vegs. Let's beat some more money out of Social Security. DO NOT TELL THEM YOU EARN ANYTHING doing 15$ horoscope charts! " NOTE: This is not a lie as the last few months have been very lean for you. Only one chart in the whole thirty day period. She went on "I see food as a big issue for you right now- lack of food that is. You need more income. " That wonderful social worker and the Country of LA program is now gone and SHE probably needs food stamps. She was only fifty. I hope she can get them.

I have spent years doing astrology readings for 15 bucks each. If the gov wanted to go in my bank acct they can and they would see that I do put clients' checks thru there. I do stars. right? astrology, palms, tarot. 15$ a reading. And for free I teach YOU how to read your own fortune over at the ASTRO INDEX. . I was at Soc security office recently to tell them I couldn't live on 340$ soc security and 280 Disability and they said how do you make it? I was flustered and answered the truth. I am an astrologer, I do fortunetelling." THEY DOCKED me 80$ a month when they heard that. There's no winning in America unless you're born with the Ford or Gates surname.