Is your life getting dreary, are you at a standstill? Do you barely amuse yourself with an endless round of yoga, gym, dates and TV, some shopping but forsee that it's going nowhere fast. Do you anticipate and even fear a life of ordinariness? Well, youngster, you can do a 180 right now and have an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE. VISIT  the VULTURESANDWICH WEBSITE . Click on that LIVE LINK, go there and read for a minute, then come back. You can do all that with no start up money. Just giving PARTIES, you can fund raise, earn l00k a year to start, salary yourself and friends, as long as you give half away to needy people. Who'da thunk it? A start up business with no cost, no money spent. Give potluck dinners at first. Charge 10$ a head. Take the profits and get a website with a great webhost, DRAK.NET is one I recommend, cost is 3$ a month, 36$ the year, no more. Take the "FREE RUN YOUR OWN WEBSITE SEMINAR (FOR DUMMIES)" an amusing, fun, EASY classroom .  Become the charity queen of your town, meet the CEOS of all the big corps, Have your choice of great mates. Host lively fund raising parties & build a group, get known. HEATHER did it and attracted BEATLE PAUL. A charity distinguishes a gal. The charity would target areas where babies starve. Africa is the number one candidate. Then use the ART OF DOING IMPORT/EXPORT website to attract artists, designers. The solution is trade. You combine Trade/import/export/ and attract artists. You don't have to leave your home. No danger of you going to AFRICA. Find African Americans at yoga class, spiritual and artistic, charitable;  THEY go to AFRICA

Do the meetings by using craigs list, have meetings in your pals living room, serve snacks. Find designers, artists to do the travel abroad, the TRADE  http://www.masterjules.net/frugartisan.htm You could adopt Haiti, Mexico or Guatemala as these are increasingly recessionary and troubled. Speak French? They do in Haiti. Do you speak SPANISH? If you do, then Latin America is your travel goal.

But Africa is a bigger mess. A dozen countries with famine, 26,000 babies dying each day, rampaging men, killing, raping. Ever watch OPRAH? The main offenders are:

SUDAN which is a madhouse. The genocide spilled over in to KENYA when millions of Sudanese refugees crossed over into Kenya to live 'cuz Sudan is total death wish with its insane civil war. Africa's longest-running war - which has killed up to 2 million people.

NIGERIA, so much poverty and total crime. They are the kings of internet crime as families are without food or homes, and the young men are fairly literate and are hired by the syndicates.

LIBERIA has a 14-year civil war, which killed some 300,000 people. Gov controls a third of country Rebel groups control the rest. UN troops set up their first base in rebel-held territory. Efforts to disarm rebels by
paying them $75 for their guns went haywire. The UN didn't have enough cash to pay the 8,000 who showed up. Rebels rioted.

BURUNDI -10-year, ethnically charged civil war have killed some 300,000 people.

RWANDA you know, genocide. You got to rent the movie HOTEL RWANDA.

CONGO -Congo's five-year war involved at least six other African nations  and led to some 3 million deaths.

ZIMBABWE - First genocidal Mobutu, killed millions now MUGABE, a real killer King, who evicted a half million people from their homes and razed the shacks, leaving everyone without a roof. This has half the country in advanced starvation. Really. Experts say half have no money, no food.

THE NEXT BIG OFFENDER IS THE WORST : AMERICAN CHARITIES. They make billions and give a small tiny weeny percentage to the needy. SAVE THE CHILDREN was investigated. They nailed 300 million a year of your donations and only 16% OF THAT went to ACTUALLY FEEDING of the children. The rest went to them and to television ads.

This list of troubled Geographical areas is your starter kit. If you are soulular,  do some research by googling those countries. So how do you start? You don't have a billionaire husband?  Create a tax exempt non profit FOUNDATION. Costs about $200 in most states. http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=96109,00.html
Create a group of artists who want to travel the world, do good. As Africa is such a madhouse now, consider making clothing in AFRICA, utilizing their fabulous printed textiles and get a big American dress corp to fund you. Create a squadron of ON SITE AGENTS, --- style-conscious American black gals who could manage those dress factories, pay good salaries, turn it into a charitable import/export arrangement.

There are many possible choices and they were destined to fall into the hands of a young woman who could one day be the FIRST LADY of an American city, dating young CEOS, married to a future President, even. Think it over. Your life today. And that life. It's easy. Start by giving your first fund raiser party and get stationery and a website with the receipts. I will be your FREE website designer, I can FTP pages to the site, build the website bigger each time you have a new idea.  I wrote two thousand articles for my trade/ charity/ love/ marriage/ holism websites, the pet sites, the gardening, and now I'll help yo udo yours. You just start the ball rolling at  http://www.drak.net  They are the cheapest webhost of all, see article http://www.masterjules.net/runweb.htm
From Anita Sands at http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/