My Pal the IDAHO Liberterian wrote me today saying "The Big guys are stealing all our money, they should die and we should get violent for a change and take 'em all out! We're wimps if we don't."

My feeling immediately was, whoa! If we do that, they're sucking us into absolute evil. Yes, absolute evil exists down here. BIGTIME. It is of course the evil controlling greedy dark force, the PLANETARY OVERLORDS who are way beyond SATANIC. At very least a perfect expression of Satan. Just like you don't want to get that Demon mad, you also don't want to get mad LIKE HIM! TYRANNY loves nothing more than being opposed, so why make him happy?

The monster's fist is curled in his lap while he exploits us and that's safe. Clever patriots don't try to rise up and kill him. After all he is tetra-headed, there are at least thirteen major super wealthy families running this thing here. Cut one little slavey, servant politician down, a million more are bought and rise behind his corpse. Cuz you haven't cut off the snake's head.And, hey, last time I read the Bible, the rule is, 'thou shalt not kill'. So we follow the rule but still, I agree in spirit. We have to FIGHT the tetra headed Satan. And we do it with activism. The safe battle that keeps him in his place. The right activism will create laws that makes his strange business transactions that suck our tax money from our hands..illegal.

Satan knows no laws, but he knows ways around them. We have to graduate our children as lawyers, sue the oligarch at the HAGUE, possess his lands when he does something evil. If he pollutes a valley and a hundred children die of cancer, we sue. We get settlements that make him stop polluting. BUt you don't war him with weapons. These guys own the CIA and military and politicos. They could kill anyone, they can find anyone. So you need a tribe of lawyers to sue him, others to create publicity so that his name is mud. There have to be a lot of us putting pressure on his juglar then he's helpless. There are many of us and few of them. So he will not be able to hit back.

Right now, we haven't gone after him right. The oligarch is covert. he passes legislation that favors him, very covertly. He runs politicos covertly. If his business suffers, he gets the politico to give him bail out money. Our protesting AIG and Wall street bailouts was a start on the right track. The oligarch Satan is at all times curtailed by one thing: PUBLIC OPINION. That's the big thing that small minds work with, work under. Satan is very small minded. FEAR of being exposed. So as an activist, research the bailouts and get busy making his name mud.

We can spend twenty minutes a day on activism, so we don't show up at the football game. We don't care about public opinion. Maybe we can spend an entire work day on activism, we don't need all that income. We can live frugally, wear old Sears flannel shirts, dress sensibly so we don't need to always fire up costly utilities to warm ourselves. I work at my desk in double layers of clothing. Most activists don't spend much. We drive old cars, we don't fuss that we haven't got plastic to eat at l00$ cafes, or travel to Europe in 400$ a nite hotels. We can drive to a beautiful spot with our families on less than a gas tank.  We eat healthfoods, enjoy brown rice, green salad, ergo don't ever need HMO's. We never get a cold and in general are stoic as getout.

Activists often figure a way to make a few bucks with a cottage industry and stay under their IRS radar, and thusly we call our time our own and can use it to work in furious little scrimmages against them, saying our piece in sassy increments, using the Internet, creating little tidal wavelets of PUBLIC OPINION, -- Satan's only enemy right.

Periodically, we strike like the Scarlet Pimpernel, destroying some Satanic aim, (make them get out of Vietnam before they scored all that luscious OIL ). Ocasionally we befuddle the bought politicos Satan hired, always striking in non violent ways, making our criticisms known and creating a counter attack that stops Satan wherever he goes.

We must be constant, cuz rust and dust never sleep, nor does Satan. He's going all the time, stealing our profits, curtailing our liberties, wheeling our congressmen around like shopping carts.

The thing to remember is that our demonstrations work on THE BIG GUY. Years back, word leaked out of the NIXON White House that Dick Nixon went bezerk from the anti-war demonstrators feeling that the few hundred on his lawn was public opinion. A few hundred guys with pickets on Pensylvania Avenue and NIXON TREMBLED. Not that he's anybody. He was just a hireling. THE BIG GUYS....hey. They are the ones we should make tremble. PONDER how to do that! I do believe that the concept of NATIONALIZING any corporation upon which the citizenry depends for life and learning is a starter kit.

The problem is NOBODY threatens to do that anymore, nobody PICKETS THEM cuz the democrats and liberterians and socialists DO NOT KNOW WHERE THE BIG guys even ARE.

THE WHITE HOUSE is at PENNSYLVANIA Ave, and real easy to find. But Satan? He's hard. He's an oligarch in a chateau in France who secretly owns most of the stock in that insurance company that Obama bailed out. However, if we put our NEW cybernoses to it, we can figure out where the Rocks are, The Harrimans, the Rothschilds, the whole gang of thirteen.

The job of keeping that satanic greedy fist impotently in his red lap falls to us. HISTORY unfolds exactly the way Karl Marx predicted it would with Transnationals cruelly flattening labor and enslaving us and then labor trying to curtail the power of management with violence, scare tactics and SHEER NUMBER.

WE HAVE TO KEEP working hard at passing on internet news articles, making pickets & posters, demonstrations, agit prop street theatre, phone-ins to talk shows MILKING any event for its full controversy. SEEKING the VIICTIMS out. KEEPING PATHETIC LOSERS in the news, those poor victims who were done in by SATANIC CORPORATIVE practices that show up in the news. Whole families frozen or burned up from lighting coal fires in the ghetto apartment. TELLING AND TELLING the mythologies of VICTIMIZATION, DISENFRANCHISEMENT and HELPLESS NESS of the old, poor and the YOUNG too....which keeps ISSUES in the young people's minds. HYPODERMIC-ING something into these young minds that isn't celeb gossip rocker trash. KEEPING addictions to TRASH out of young minds so something important can lodge there and root and grow. MULTIPLE tasks.

And also our job is  to refrain from anger even when the treat us like plantation slaves, take all our earnings, take our kids' birthright of education. Forgive even when they Overcharge for heat and electricity, even when they plunder the right to inherit Dad's home, they interfere with the right to park on a street near the college, freely drive a car. They export their factories to the third world so 330 million people in American cannot  find a job and get paid a decent wage. But we forgo rage just as we forgo that entire list of good things cuz we do not believe in hate and anger.We understand that somebody has co-opted the system for their own profit, subtracting profits from us. The best revenge is to live gracefully. Under IRS radar, if possible as the Taxman pays their death squads. They killed millions in Vietnam, in Guatemala, El Salvador, Iraq, Afghanistan just so the OLIGARCHS could get the oil.

NONE of the above tasks entail real violence. None put you in danger. If we do the multiple tasks of democracy, we don't have to resort to MURDER and the clenched fist can't murder thousands of little internet terrorists like us!

The last recourse of patriots is FRUGAL LIVING so that we don't need the 20% of the 50% of our salaries that Satan  deigns to leave us from his theft of our salaries and purses. We don't even need l0%.

Pay taxes on what is Caesars. Frankly none of what I earn is Caesars as it's unfiched, no W-2s on it, no deductions, and NO visible JOB! Nada! This FAUST has told the Devil to go take a hike. I don't need any job he could offer me, that would take up time from writing POLITICAL ACTIVSM ARTICLES and PICKETING THE FEDERAL BUILDING is my entire life.

I don't need a job cuz I don't need anything but 4 oz of protein a day, olive oil, coffee, tea, salt and sugar. THE REST I can grow or it grows in alleys around my house.

In California, there are 5 lbs of grapefruit rolling around on the ground in alleys or on front lawns which I find daily. I don't ever pick citrus from trees  as it's NOT RIPE. I pick up fruit from the ground.  The owners start picking it off the tree, I say I don't want it. Just the stuff that falls. The reason they despise their own fruit is that they pick it off the tree! MINE is ripe. A few bird holes but RIPE!

So, end effect is that when I go picket in my untagged illegal unsmogged, unfiched car, I drive with a fake azalea hanging out of my hatchback over the missing tag. I park it butt in, so the no-tag license plate doesn't show. I  take my pitcher of sugared, fully ripe grapefruit juice with huge twigs of mint in it, and PICKET THE BLAZES out of the FEDERAL BUILDING drinking AMBROSIA. FREE FUN ALL DAY LONG!

I go home, feel like a millionaire in a hot sudsy bathtub, we sure live good here in America. I don't have cable. I enjoy old BECKER RERUNS til they stopped now old LAW AND ORDER. Free TV.

The lifestyle of the activist? LIVE CHEAPLY. DO NOT WORK IN THEIR WORLD DO NOT PAY TAXES and Learn to do that and LIVE LIKE A MILLIONAIRE.

THERE IS TRICKLE DOWN. So don't get mad. Don't swear. Let's PICKET THE #(%&#(* OUT OF THOSE #@(%&(@*$s. THE PEOPLE who are the ringleaders of activism in the future will be the DJ's at FM STATIONS who do not live by sponsors/commercials and who can organize pickets. Our biggest PICKET ever in LOS ANGELES was MAY 1st, 2006, a MILLION SCHOOLKIDS ..all organized by PIOLIN. a DJ! KEEP IN MIND who the enemy is. And how awful it is that they let 30,000 babies die each day while they eat twelve different desserts off the cart at the Ritz. And a single DJ organized that PICKET. Great career! DJing.

This activist's lifestyle will give you plenty of time to write articles, saturate the internet with pithy stuff, and picket the oligarchs stopping them dead in their attempt to make all of us slaves and lackeys. THE SUPER RICH are endlessly cruel. MONEY deadens. MASSIVE MONEY DEADENS ABSOLUTELY. You can stay frugal, free and freaky. WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE?

LAST? As soon as you can, get that ACRE up and planted one gas tank from the city. Two acres size is better as you want an ORCHARD of survival foods like nuts, avocados, fruits.. Create ten 'agrarian worker' villas for your friends. They co invest in this 'farm.' Have a Mexican wetback live there full time to water your baby trees, compost all pine needles in the area for a huge compost pile. After a few years of nurturing, you only have to water once a month which is a fine vacation for you.