Baby, it's COLD outside! And that's COSTLY! LEARN HOW TO GET CHEAP HEAT!

While we prepare for the beauty and holiday wonders of winter, let's use this time to get rehearsed in conservation of MONEY! To get organized about heating everybody's icy feet. Even when we party with house guests, wine and dine old friends, get cozy by the fire with a good book, experiment with new ways to be heat-frugal. We can cut  utility costs and at the same time, 'over dress' indoors and tolerate the thermometer in the fifties at the same time as we make highly warming foods. Do as the bear does to hibernate ALL winter asleep in an ice cave, GET SOME AIR SPACE in your FUR!

LAYER DRESS IN WINTER: THE 3-LAYER SYSTEM! You want to dress in layers, 3 of them for outdoors at least TWO indoors. These layers help regulate your body heat so that you don't sweat and get chilled, overheated, or dehydrated.

First is the BASE LAYER. The base layer functions to wick moisture (sweat) away from your body and shunt it to your other layers so it can evaporate. Also, it provides some insulation to keep your warm. This layer should fit snugly on your body because it has to be close to your skin to soak up the moisture. Choose garments made of polypropylene, capilene, cotton or silk.

Next is the MIDDLE LAYER. It's main function is to provide insulation by
trapping your body heat. Thus, keeping you warm. It also wicks moisture
away from the inner layer to the outer layer so it can evaporate. Choose
garments made of fleece, polyester, or wool.

Finally is the OUTER LAYER. This layer is your "armor". It must protect
you from wind, be waterproof, and wick moisture. This is a
mutli-function layer! Goretex is a great outer layer that protects and

With all these layers on you may look like the "Michelin man", but you
WILL stay dry and warm. Also, becuase they are layers, you can take them
off as needed during exercise AND put them back on to heat up again.
That is the beauty of layers.

BOTTOM LINE: Dress in layers, stay hydrated, pace yourself, and enjoy
your outdoor workouts! Don't hybernate this winter - play outside!

WINTER WARMING FOODS Ever think about the energetic properties of your
food? Neither did I until I went to acupuncture school and I heard
people talking about eating certain foods because they were cooling or
warming. NOW, I understand the reasoning. Of course, in the winter you
want to be warmer and in the summer you want to be cooler. So why not
eat appropriately? That being said, here are some "warming" foods that
are great to warm you up in the winter!

1. Aduki beans, (mung) lentils, or black beans.

2. Ginger tea, make YOGI TEA.

3. Oats, spelt, quinoa, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds,
walnuts, pinenuts, chestnuts, fennel, dill, anise, caraway
seeds, cumin, and sweet brown rice

4. Rice, corn, buckwheat, and rye

5. Parsnips, parsley, mustard greens, winter squash, sweet potato, kale,
onion, leek, chives, garlic, scallions, cherries, and dates

6. Hot peppers, cayenne pepper

7. Butter

8. Anchovy, mussels, trout, chicken, beef, and lamb