You  know about the famed investigation done where a controlled group of  kitty cats who ate condensed milk and cooked meat were unable to reproduce after three generations and suffered a host of debilitating ailments but bounced back miraculously on a raw milk and raw meat diet? Never heard of it? It's a real seminal piece of investigation. I got this from: http://www.price-pottenger.org an excerpt:

"In his travels, Dr Price always found healthy, disease-free and
parasite-free peoples eating raw meat and dairy products as
part of their diets.

Similarly, Dr Francis Pottenger, in his experiments with cats,
demonstrated that the healthiest, happiest cats were the ones
on the all-raw-food diet. The cats eating cooked meats and
pasteurised milk sickened and died and had numerous parasites.
Salmonella can be transmitted by plant products as well as
animal (65).

This pet owner (below) writes up the Pottenger raw food diet, the way she does it.

65. Pottenger, Francis, Pottenger's Cats, (Price-Pottenger
Nutrition Foundation, CA), 1997 (reprint).

Spirit of Health Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 7b

Live Food: Man's Best Nutritional Solution

Dr. Joel Robbins lecture on Adults, Children & Live Food Nutrition
(The "Hallelujah Diet")

No animal in Nature consumes "dead" foods, that is, foods which
have been cooked or processed. None of the highly evolved
species of animals lives on inorganic (dead, lifeless)
material, such as dirt or rocks. All foods are eaten with all
of the life force or enzymes intact. In other words, raw food.

During the 1920s, an experiment was undertaken by zoo keepers
in an attempt to save money on food bills. Carnivorous zoo
animals were fed cooked meat. All of the animals who were fed
cooked meat died within 30 days. In the wild, carnivorous
animals prefer to eat freshly killed meat whenever possible.
Further experiments have proven that a baby cow, fed only
pasteurized milk instead of raw milk from it's mother, will die
within 30 to 60 days. (John Robbins Video)

During the 1930s, Dr. Pottenger, a dentist in Washington DC, did
experiments with 600 cats, feeding one half of them processed food and
the other half, raw foods. The 300 cats who ate processed food developed
degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

The other half remained healthy to the end of their lives. The second
generation of cats eating processed food developed the same diseases in
mid-life. The third generation developed the diseases early in life and
the fourth generation were not able to reproduce at all. The cats eating
processed or heat-destroyed food literally became extinct as a species
within 4 generations! Today, 25% of young people in America are
infertile. What does that suggest?

I live in California where all the movie star diets involve half raw foods,
i.e. big green salads with every steak! Soaked, peeled almonds, nuts.
Many movie stars, like the gorgeous Alicia Silverstone, Lindsay Wagner,
eat higher amts of raw food and are vegan. Salads are the mainstay
of their diet. Now, your cat doesn't eat salad, but his raw salad is
meat. It's hard to find healthy meat as animals today are overfed on
grain. In nature the cows eat grass. Leaner but healthier. A grain fed
cow has to be FILLED with antibiotics full time as his diet is way too acidic.

So where do we get clean meat for our dogs and cats? I use raw turkeyburger,
available in a pound bullet for 89c an lb when I first wrote this article but it has
shot up to over 2$. So what I do is buy turkey or chicken on special, 59c an lb
and butcher into pieces, meat alone goes into freezer for two weeks to kill worms
in the case of pork, flukes in beef, parasites and germs in chicken. The skeleton
is still covered with flakes of meat. So I simmer it with vegies, get a great, lean soup.
For myself. Take one can of black beans, some jalapenos, that fresh broth, tomato, celery, parsley
I feed myself off the carcass of the raw bird. SOUP is very filling and warming in Winter.

My barrio market has chicken on special, 59c an lb, I buy and freeze it  Using some of
it right away?  Want to give it raw? I soak it in vinegar and water and salt (a brine) to
clean off the salmonella. I do that for humans. But I leave off the salt for cats, male cats
get kidney problems with salt. So vinegar only & rinse carefully. Then they can eat it raw.


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(NOTE by ANITA SANDS, astrology@earthlink.net, from my experience, DEADLY Cat
diseases, mycoplasma pneumonia, distemper, the former nearly fatal to humans, all are endemic in cats fed commercial cat food.) For articles on healthful cat diets, preventing disease, click on DIET or
for another article on how to heal the sick pet,  go to http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/catheal.htm
I do not believe GRAINS have a place in a dog or cat diet.