Uhhhh, let's toss this dumb show.
Alan Alda and a lot of soldiers?
Makes no sense to me! CANCEL!

Lot of those big channel execs have got their heads up their asses. Look at what they cancelled!

JOURNEYMAN -  a 2007 American science fiction television drama created by Kevin Falls for 20th Century Fox Television which aired on the NBC television network. It starred Kevin McKidd as Dan Vasser, a San Francisco reporter who involuntarily travels through time. Alex Graves, who directed the pilot, and Falls served as executive producers. The show premiered on September 24, 2007, airing Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. The initial order from NBC was for 13 episodes, all of which were produced prior to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike by screenwriters. The series suffered from low atings (American IQ) and on top, the sudden lack of writers caused J. to get the dump. See  All 13 episodes of the show are available via Hulu. Something called Hulu has brains that NBC doesn't.

In the aftermath of a hurricane, a Florida Park Ranger and his family deal with strange occurrences, including luminescent creatures in the water and people that somehow seem to have changed after surviving the night of the disaster out in the open. They lost it on the last two shows. Voluntary Amputation of some guy's arms was a bad bad baaad plot decision. A Veiwer wrote: "ABC please rethink this dumb move to cancel Invasion. It is one of the most clever, (unknow to you, your wife has been taken over by aliens?) cool and mysterious shows on right now. I wonder why the massive Lost fans hasn't taken on Invasion , heck it comes on right after Lost on Weds nights. I i'm guessing it was losing out to CSI NY or Law Order but I don't think thats much competition anyway. I don't know what it is with sci-fi shows and their relatively short life on network TV. At the very least this show would work excellently on the Sc-Fi network on cable & satellite. Please, some one start a website and demand more INVASION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its weird how nearly all the sci-fi shows that came on last fall are all gone. Surface, the show that was on CBS and now Invasion.

The grim reaper is an 18-year-old directionless college drop-out named Georgia Lass whose post-life boss is a bank robber who died in the 1920s played by Mandy Patinkin. But, sadly, her on-air life was even shorter. Loved the way this crew of 'death arrangers' meets at soda fountain to talk shop. Terrific show.

Southland got the axe after 15 shows! NBC gave fans the kind of ass kick surprise that happens all too often when smart TV shows are still trying to find an audience. It seems Fox and ABC are the quickest to give up on great television. Itís still possible that Southland will find a home on cable.

SURFACE - Surface is one of the shows that really made me mad when it got cancelled. I loved the kid and the sea monster! I was so curious to know what will happen to the world as it was flooding and infested with sea monsters. I wondered how the people on the surface were going to survive the apocalyptic chaos created by one scientist . Who couldn't LOVE Nimrod the Baby reptile from outer space. E.T. with SCALES!  Who knows what he coulda grown INTO in a second season?

LIE TO ME - Tim Roth (fascinating reading the phone book,) plays Cal Lightman who can read minds. Show did three seasons then collapsed as so few Americans were up to the scenarios:
Gladly, Tim has optioned Marc Parent's TURNING STONES, Days and nights with Children at risk a real life opus about Parent's work with abused children. Turns out Tim was abused and that's how he got so fascinating and quick. Dickens was wrong. Slappin' a kid around makes them nervous and smart!

THRESHOLD! - Super Babe CARLA GUGINO AND ALIEN INVADERS, the great elements of a SALAD! This was a suspenseful drama about a team of experts SHHHHHH - assembled when the U.S. Navy makes the chilling discovery that an extra terrestrial craft has landed in the mid-Atlantic ocean. And they enter people and make' em screwy! Occupy. Soul Transferral. Something bizarre. Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey ( Gugino) is a government contingency analyst whose job is to devise response plans for worst-case scenarios only this one is over the top. In a single instant, her life changes when one of those plans--THRESHOLD--is activated by Deputy National Security Advisor J.T. Baylock (Charles S. Dutton). Armed only with her hypothetical strategy to address the appearance of aliens on earth, Caffrey now finds herself thrust in the midst of a global crisis. She hand-picks a team of eclectic specialists to prepare for first contact: Dr. Nigel Fenway (Brent Spiner), a disillusioned NASA microbiologist; Lucas Pegg (Rob Benedict), a brilliant but neurotic physicist; Arthur Ramsey (Peter Dinklage), an expert in languages and mathematics; and Cavennaugh (Brian Van Holt), a highly trained covert operative with a mysterious past. Together, they decipher the intention of the craft, the fate of the ship's crew and begin preparations for the possibility of a crisis situation--an alien invasion.

ROME - Now I don't have cable but I am told that this HBO show was without a doubt the best of its kind. Read this: "The wardrobe, the speech, the acting, everything was unbelievably flawless and deserved to have at least two more seasons. Some people argue that the show has too much nudity and violence. That's OK when it's Polly Walker ---in a toga or out of it   To those quibbling people I say what do you expect? Thatís how the Romans lived and believe me, after what Iíve seen on Discovery what they did in that time, the HBO show is a PG13 version". BRUNO HELLER produced, did the MENTALIST with Simon Grey That's a show we like also
But not nearly as much as any of the shows on this page. It's GREY who's amazing.

CHICAGO CODE - SHAWN RYAN is a cop procedural genius.  No one interprets boys in blue better. (BLUE BLOODS currently handles this well and has survived.) Ryan's former series, The SHIELD, set in L.A. with a strong sense of place, was always a seatgripper! Remember Glenn Close as the Lesbian topcop? This Blighty set show is super well mise-en-scène also. His problem at the network (he tells us in Daily Beast interview) is a YOUTH-SKEWED TV MARKETPLACE. The CW bug, spreading everywhere!

DEADWOOD - Cable Western but much more, starring the laconic Brit of Scot Descent  Ian McShane, and DAVID MILCH (Luck with Dustin premiering this week,)  authentic writing style. A single season but one you can BUY and possess a 36 hour MOVIE! Three seasons and 36 episodes. Canceled by HBO, it sure would have been nice of the execs to let the creators make a 2 hour special tying up loose ends. The last couple of episodes were weak and kind of left you with a bad taste knowing that was all there was. HBO probably wanted the revenues fast, cuz this show was GOOD. Deadwood reinvents the Western w. this genre's unambiguous morality as found during the cinema's silent era through the 1930s. The show's creator, erstwhile NYPD Blue head writer David Milch, never ridicules or condescends to his more grasping, futile characters or overstates the virtues of his heroic ones. Set in an ungoverned stretch of South Dakota soon after the 1876 Custer massacre, Deadwood concerns a lawless, evolving town attracting fortune-seekers, drifters, tyrants, and burned-out adventurers searching for a card game and a place to die. Others, particularly women trapped in prostitution, sundry do-gooders, and hangers-on have nowhere else to go. GUEST STARS: a weary but still formidable Wild Bill Hickok (Keith Carradine) and his doting companion, the coarse angel Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert); an aristocratic,  drug-addicted widow (Molly Parker) trying to salvage a gold mining claim; and a despondent hooker (Paula Malcomson) who cares, briefly, for an orphaned girl. Casting a giant shadow over all is a blood-soaked king, Gem Saloon owner Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), possibly the best, most complex, and mesmerizing villain seen on TV in years.  12 episodes, each of these characters, and many others, will forge alliances and feuds, cope with disasters (such as smallpox), and move--almost invisibly but inexorably--toward some semblance of order and common cause. Making it all worthwhile is Milch's masterful dialogue--often profane, sometimes courtly and civilized, never perfunctory--and the brilliant acting of the aforementioned performers plus Brad Dourif, Leon Rippy, Powers Boothe, and Kim Dickens. You want to buy this 3 CDs at Amazon. Your grandkids will love watching it. It should be included in space capsules so that Martians can see what Earth people were REALLY ABOUT.

FIREFLY - A sci-fi delight that went cult and  hypnotized so many fans that they got to do a feature film called  Serenity...most of the cast are now principals on serial dramas: Good natured hunk Nathan Fillion got his own series, ABC's Castle! Others went to V, Stargate Atlantis and ugh, spy pap, cross genre, doomed tasteless dromedy "Chuck" the Porkys of spy shows..

LIFE ON MARS - Harvey Keitel was the old cop, JasonO'Mara sexiest man in show biz, was Sam Tyler, the hero a cop who can "time travel" back to his first days on the job in 1973. That makes the PREMISE the star. Sam studies the past, tries to fix the now as he trips out. Very enjoyable and unique. Cancelled. No hope of reawakening it. DAMN! Jason's in TERRA NOVA on Fox. But he's flat there. Gotta figure out why I'm not watching that yet. Must be opposite SOMETHING. No. It's not. It's just flat and predictable. Jason is an Irishman who starred in a lotta stuff in Britain and still can play an American accent better than Mel Gibson or any other 'from elsewhere' actor. Jason was going to be the hottest hunk in film or TV a few years back but he got stuck in this TERRA NOVA series. Nobody matched him. He did an insouciant over sexed serial killer arsonist (humans only) on THE CLOSER where he asks Brenda, 'Do you smoke after sex?' and she gets the answer right. "I dunno I never looked.' The man is incendiary especially on that episode of that show. And he's doing a Katharine Heigel movie this week, she's a bail bounty hunter,he's a crook. He plays CROOKS SO WELL!

HARRY'S LAW - Was cancelled and came back. Good show because of Kathy Bates being so unique and the blonde old lawyer guy Christopher MacDonald is amazing! I've never seen that character before (Shatner had some of it going tho...): self-delighting, naked narcissism, fetching, funny, terrific, unique. As Bates is and as is DAVID KELLY writer/ producer. (Boston Legal)is also. Good drama but also funny.. I just don't like it when it gets hokey sentimental. Then I retch and want to look away.

PRIME SUSPECT- November 2011, they cancelled it but so many episodes of it were in the pipeline, new shows are on the air in JANUARY 2012. Thank GAWD. I love Maria Bello. She has funky natural DAOWNNN!  Best cop procedural since Law And Order. THERE IS no more American Cop Procedural show left in prime time! We're stuck with watching BBC Prime Suspect which I can't, it's up against shows I like. CASTLE doesn't EVEN qualify, nor does the sugary hokey CSI junk, torpid and handwringly sentimental and its principals have annoying, repetitive quirks. Old Cold Case, Old De Paglia. FBI chasing LOST PEOPLE just don't make the cut. And CRIMINAL MINDS is over the edge ugly, I owe it to my high blood pressure NOT to watch it. NOTE: Somehow they are churning out a few new episodes of LAW AND ORDER from a show that was cancelled? I don't get it. Why can't that happen to the other guys on this page? Like ---

THE DEFENDERS who were Cancelled. Period. Belushi and Jerry O Connell, very funny and sharp. I loved it. Never hokey.  I miss this show. Boys? You're famous. Get off your duffs and produce something with you two together. Be Firemen, Be VETERNARIANS. Be parole officers. Be ghosts. Be anything together as you are the Real Mutt and Jeff!  Laurel and Hardy, Gin and Olive. Pancake and Maple.

NYPD  with David Caruso, later Jimmy Smits. Hill St writers/producers changed coasts, got way more edgy, much better show than the Hill Street cops provided --though they should have held the fort in the west as LAPD went so interestingly TROJAN shortly after, went rogue, went what is the word, BULLY DOWN WEIRD. Dennis Franz was great but often unpleasant to watch. He should learn from Mike Chiklis, smooth at all times. Which is another great show that's gone.

The SHIELD. One of the alltime best cop dramas ever produce. Last Season closed with GLENN CLOSE as a LESBO COMMANDER.

BECKER was a half hour sit com (1998-2004,) that gave more pleasure, sophisticated, intelligent laughs than any sitcom in the history of humanity, for my money beating MASH.. Ted Danson played a Harvard educated doctor helping the Bronx  out, with three of the best female foils ever! Best scripts, unique plots. totally believeable, nothing over the top. READ ALL ABOUT IT. The creator (writer Dave Hackel ) is a genius. And to show you how the best is last, he hasn't done a lick of work since, not a frame of film. Nor have the three girls with him riding shotgun and they beat even the  girls in TWO BROKE GIRLS. They were UNREAL -- so hilarious. The best. And the whole masterpiece is still on cable at odd hours so use your ONLINE GUIDE handy and keep checking for it.