You've dated, you have beaux, you have male friends, you have men who are really interested in you. And you have men you're crazy about who don't want you for a wife but they do want to date you for a while. How do you make a choice about where to spend your time?

Your choice comes from what you are. Your ability to juggle all situations and make one relationship ripen and show itself as the right path is based on how acute you are, how observant, how smart you are, how balanced, how organized. And how well you can sense the metaphysics of human life and refrain from jumping crazily into the water. And how well you can differentiate seductive passion for a hottie from appreciative love of a great man.

Wise crones remind young girls that they can't dive into the first flirt too fast. Girls have to let the man have time to want you more than you want him. You have to take time to date l00 frogs in order to find that ONE prince, statistically speaking. Meaning it's rare that men are great and if the 3rd frog makes you wild with passion, dreaming, blissful, ecstatic, hopeful, thrilled and ready to surrender when he's really just another frog.....ration falls by the wayside and you just might be foolish and grab him and if you DID, you'd miss frogs number 4 through 97 and 97 might have been the perfect man for you. But if you fell for frog #3, for your trouble you're going to get warts because that's what frogs give us. Warts, kids, bills, lies, cheating mates, losing the house, custody arrangements along with a guaranteed pass to stay at home until the babies are old enough for us to get a job. An ordinary job.

Oh yes. That kind of stuff happens. These LOVE rifles only have one bullet. The errors of your sisters should teach you something. You don't want to get shot down.

In assuring your safety, and your children's it's really going to help you to understand the vagaries, the tinsel hiding under  the gold glitter of romance. The harsh, cold laws of attraction and repulsion which are the forces behind seemingly very simple magnetism.

We're not talking of the north end of a magnet attracting the south end of another magnet --we’re talking about tricky meta-physical polarities that attract a pair of lovers --- fiery forces which are NOT of the physical realm but mental. And which are life sinkers.

Analyze what a man sees in YOU that might make you seem above all other women, makes him 'click' from admiration of female beauty (there's a lot of beauty out there nowadays) and shift into deep, true love? And if you aren't what you seem, how long will that love last?

It isn't just your figure, your beauty or style that makes a man take the marital leap. You can turn down the lapels of your Karl Lagerfeld blouse and be divinely gorgeous but beauty, fashion, great figure and radiant health ALONE do not make a man cherish you enough to take are of you and your children for life.

It's something else, something goddess like and magical that strikes his imagination  before he'll run for a diamond ring.. Doesn't mean it's real. Beatle Paul fell for a girl who had a fake leg AND a fake leg charity where other amputees could get legs for free. He just fell silly all over Heather and married her. Only to discover she'd been a call girl. Paul's a wuss and he fell right out of love.

So which fantasies make you fall silly? Is it that he drives a fabulous car, is clean, scented, employed? Famous, rich? Intelligent. He makes you laugh? What tickles your fancy? What makes you love him madly?

Well, if you're mad for him, he has magnetic qualities and everyone can see them. Perhaps he's just one of those popular men who attract every girl. He's so likeable that bosses hire him, He rises to vp then President of the corporation. Tycoons will invest in his business ideas as he's a winner. Are any of these factors things that make you devoted enough to wash his clean shirts til the cows come home?  Love his children just because they're chips off the old block?

There SEEMS to be more to deep love than his money and his good genes, his being pretty horse stock for breeding. Something very subtle causes magnetism besides his looking like a GQ model and driving a Beamer.

There's a metaphysics to the big, instant MAGNETISM. On the metaphysical plane, there are no measurable molecules of iron to draw two bodies close, no electric synching of the brain patterns which make two minds click or ‘spark’. There is no “matter” at all involved. What’s there in the room, metaphysically, is two souls with an
incredible KARMIC destiny, past and future . A lifetime desire pattern, causing ONE of them to seek some DREAM and believe they find it in the other --- some kind
of oasis mirage. It is the most DRIVING FORCE that exists and it's not even material.

Two souls, two separate wish lists are colliding. Later, after they’ve traded paint, they stumble away from the union, wondering what the hell happened and why. What they never saw was their surroundings. Their context. They are enrolled in EARTH’s SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS. The one that knocks your ego down to size.

When two people think they are suddenly madly in love, it isn’t cupid or
angels strumming hearts and shooting arrows. What’s happened is their
wish list synched with the apparent projection that some lying scumbag
had going and suddenly, they got a pink skin. All over their body, they
turned PINK. PINK is the color of LOVE, of VENUS. And VENUS rules this
courtship game down here.

Why we’d trust a planet whose atmosphere is boiling, deadly sulphur
fumes so thick that if you drop a Ford from a hovering rocket, it will
swim to the bottom not fall. You going to let the Goddess Aphrodite make
your life decisions? The answer is, yes, every time. We buy what makes
us feel pink.

Now, what’s really fascinating when it comes to sexual chemistry is that
there are no positive MAGNETIC, PHYSICAL things that actually attract
our protons and atoms. There are only subtle and karmic soul-related
aberration factors which cause the attract-repel mechanism to kick in
making the atomic world react. The rays that love rides in on are
invisible, non-material. We call it serendipity, fate, the law of

Humans almost have no words for what’s really going on, but you've heard
your mother say 'like attracts like?' 'You lie down with dogs you get up
with fleas.' That is more in the realm of metaphysical attraction/
repulsion patterns.

In the courtship game, we are seeking to create a metaphysical
atmosphere conducive to attraction. It is achieved with two things.
FANCIES and DESIRES. If you’re good at attracting sweethearts, that
means you’re good at playing the other person like a lute. You know what
they want. Homely men want to be flirted heavily with. Popular men don’t
want the flirt job. They want to think they won something reluctant,
which generally is very scarce, never won by anyone.

On the other hand, Women’s most frequent wish list is BRAINS so that two
things result. HUGE cash flow and WIT, HUMOR, laughs. Second on their
list is CHARM so that two things result, HUGE cash flow and an
APPEARANCE of kindness, likeability, sympathy and of being a good

Guys can fake an entire female wish list in a flat minute.

My little friend Geraldine was a bikini model for years, now teaches yoga. Perfect body, smooth skin, raw vegan. In the healthfood store a rich hustler man tells her 'come with me, I'll always take care of you, I'll give you all the money you want, I'll take you to Paris." she got involved. Three months later, he's taken her to his mountain cabin for many weeks, she's lost thousands in private yoga class receipts; they're on his big yacht parked in the Marina , she looks down at his computer on his and he's on MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER site meeting other women.  Turns out he buys hookers a few times  a week. and he bought her with that overripe, felonious line. A few weeks later, she finds out that he gave her herpes.

Men learn early that TO FAKE IT is to MAKE IT. Hype the ladies like some Darwinian super champ and plenty of girls bite. Later, the same kind of boys show up in the gene pool with these bitter women as their mothers. They mated with successful

Then there are sincere, monastic men who don’t try…who don't lie,  they are called distant, decent, pure,  aloof and still get respect but from oddball girls who are wired to be nurturers, parental, daddies, guides, shepherds, enablers, givers, protectors. SANE
women just want someone who’ll do all that for them! A few of them are in the gene pool, too.

Girls and Boys ALWAYS HEAD in one direction in love: It’s a no brainer. Where they always wanted to go. They head for their wish list like a beagle after a rabbit. That doesn’t mean it works out as a guaranteed rabbit sandwich in the end. Look around you. Note that no person whom you or your parents know has ended up safe at a fine, deep rabbit hole with a happy family of baby bunnies, i.e. where they intended to go. They bumbled, fumbled, got lost, got into danger, fell down a hole and broke their snout, got divorced, alimonied, child supported and many ended up alone. You see these curmudgeons on every block in the downtown area, in one room apartments.

The reason why they ended up alone is -- when they picked a BUCK out of the herd, (or a doe,) they picked what made their fur stand up on end and their skin pink. Their infernal, eternal wish list. What they always wanted! And not one of them got what they dreamed of, talked about, thought about, attempted, fought for. What seems to result from the efforts of the mating human in courtship situations proves a metaphysical law to exist.

WHAT WE GET is what we are NOT ACTIVELY DESIRING, HUNGERING AFTER. We get what we are. We attract the flavor or essence of what we are, DOWN DEEP IN OUR BONES. You can’t fool mother Nature.

WHAT YOU ARE returns to you in mirror form.If you are caught desiring,
with a wishlist, You somehow attract the exact karma for what you are
hung up on having and it’s a boomerang, a little like the famous tale of

TO some extent what one does will also return to one. You give to the
poor, you meet and marry a philanthropist of varying degree. But what
you plan, think, dream, speak of That doesn’t attract. All the
rest washes off like make-up. It's not real. Not as strong a
metaphysical substance as what you ARE or what you do.

What we're sneaking up on is this. To create havingness, you have to be
havingness already. You have to reek opulence, generosity, comfort,
plenty, ease. The richest man in the world, the first Rockefeller,
tithed 1/ 10th of his income when he made 2$ a week. He showed that he
didn’t have a desire for money. He gave it away. He did not have a huge
wish list in reference to money. So when he saw OIL oozing out of the
Pennsylvania mud, it occurred to him, someone could use it, he bought it
and started Standard Oil. Then, God looked down, saw what he had
created, saw that it was good and caused the car engine to get invented
and who was at the front of the oil line? The guy who’d been giving away
his salary but bought the oil on a whim.

THAT same law of attracting what you don’t particularly seek, but surely
do deserve, and not attracting what you desire and chase after is at
work in all other life areas. TO attract LOVE you can’t run around
WAVING AT CUTIES. YOUR DESIRE repels it. You have to be love, give love
away and not to the rich, not for motives. Give it to the family, to the
deaf uncle, to the lame co-worker.

To attract friends, you can’t sit down at the table with a lot of
strangers and desire to win them over. You have to be the best friend to
folks you already know.

To attract MONEY you can’t eat, think, sweat, breathe MONEY because that
amount of desire repels the WISH FAIRY! JUST give away some MONEY.
Starving guys in alleys? Church soup program? Your webmaster? Pay your
bills. I know it’s Not easy but fake it. Fake it ‘til you make it.

THIS law works front ways as well as backways. What is your ARDENT MIND
MANTRA becomes your reality. THINK POVERTY you attract it. I recall the
biography of college educated Karl Marx. Best student, most brilliant
thinker of his time, degrees in economics, law, languages, philosophy,
crisp master of oratory, a commanding public speaker who could have been
in the Senate but all he was interested in was why did people live in
poverty without food. So he wrote about that. He didn’t seek fame but
his writings were published everywhere and he gave the stuff to
newspapers. Wherever he went, he was famous. He married a blue blood
girl whom he adored. All the local, German newspapers wanted to hire
him. But Karl Marx only wanted to work on behalf of the starving workers
fighting governments to make laws kinder for the worker.Marx did this
public activism over his entire life, never writing for money. In fact
he was offended when anyone commissioned an article on any other subject
and refused, even if they wanted to pay for it and gave his own tirades

Publishers loved his free writing -- free and biting...and they appeared
everywhere, making him famous all over Russia, Europe, America even. But
his family's diet was potatoes and rice. They got horrible diseases of
all kinds, the entire family, some of his children died of starvation
others of disease. The Marx's were evicted repeatedly, their belongings
taken and sold to settle debts. They were chased out of many countries
by irate governments. An occasional inheritance gave them money to lease
a new apartment, buy a new bed, but they'd lose these gains again in new
evictions, repos.

How could the worst happen to the best? Because every fiber of his mind
and soul was concentrated on the impoverished, starving, jobless, fired
or abused lowest strata of society, the workers. His heart’s sympathy
was with the trampled homeless of his world. He ended up living just
like them or worse.

See, there’s a second law at work, just as inexorable as the first one
where “DESIRE REPELS WHAT YOU DESIRE” The second law is this. “YOU
ATTRACT what is in your mind mantra”. BE CAUTIOUS of the mantra you do.
Yogi Bhajan warned his students, years ago, do not do OM as a mantra
because it refers to the total void. And you will be poor as a church
mouse if you’re ecstatic in the void. The Hindus who do Om, walk around
the countryside with a begging bowl and a loin cloth, smiling. In
ecstasy. Om will do it!

I point this out so you'll understand that when you seek to find the
perfect sweetheart to love and marry, you want to live a very pure
lifestyle, be sexually pure, be romantically pure. Be desire free. Do a
jolly inner mantra of ‘look at me wash dishes. I’d be a great wife. Look
at me in a new dress. Those who see me will want to date me.’ Too pure
and you end up going Om alone with a begging bowl. Too much wish list,
you end up with the Monkey’s paw.

As an astrologer in Hollywood, I watch women and men go to all the wrong
places, put their hands in dark holes and come out missing fingers. They
put out internet ads which attract bounders and players, ladies and
gentlemen of the night. They swear they want to mate for life but they
go to bars which attract drinkers, the last type to be suitable for

And they come to me, the astrologer, to complain. When will their luck
change they ask. I have them pull out the sweetheart's photo and
generally see this VERY HANDSOME weasel guy, fancy suit, little cheroot,
mustache, fancy car. I can tell he's got ads in a hundred different
singles markets and is mining this millennium cyber-vein of gold for all
it's worth. The internet has given him what he could never get working
at the crumbum car part joint. A PERSONA. Any persona he damn wants.

SO as if to prove it, that day, in walks Birdie, an astrology client,
sweet voice, beautiful face, she sings in her church choir. She's
slender but chesty, doesn't mind wearing a flashy dress that shows off
her beautiful figure and great legs. And she's carrying the weasel's
photo. They've been dating for a few weekends but he doesn't call much
between. I cast his horoscope, which has the Saturn square Pluto, the mark
of utter cruelty. A synthetic human but under the tinsel and poly, a
real tin louse. “Where did you meet him?. Online dating match making.
Ummmmmmhmmmmmmmm. I comment. "Isn't he gorgeous?" she sighs proudly.

He took me to this huge mansion he's building on the beach. SHe sighs.
"Did he actually have the key?" I ask. Her eyes go wide. No. Her face
falls. Just as I thought, not only a total liar, All flash, no cash but
a soulless scoundrel as well.Babe he will have been in and out of your
pants and long gone by the time you see some Iranian family move into
that beach side home.

Tell me, What did your ad say?

She recited: "Professional man wanted.... for fun and travel, fine
dining." I put my head in my hands. "You basically said you wanted to
marry a rich sonovabitch or someone who could pretend to be --but worse,
you announced that you were incredibly stupid ! Stupid enough to say you
wanted to trade nookie to a rich sonovabitch for a free dinner in Paris and you
said it in print.”

My ad makes me look dumb?”


“Oh dear. Well, He's so gorgeous, I'd be satisfied just to date him.

Oh, he’ll date you alright.

Do you think he'll marry me?

You actually want to marry a weasel, eh?” I pick up an old copy of NEWSWEEK by my desk. I can't resist ten year old magazines at garage sales. I point out some really fine man flesh by my criteria. I keep my  paw over his name. "See this guy, Birdie? Say this fine specimen of a man answered your ad. Would you date this guy? Would you marry him?"

NO. I wouldn’t even let him touch me. He’s a creepy big nose dwarf!” I show her where it says ROSS PEROT. She shrugs. Who’s that?

Honey, That's Ross Perot. MEGA Brainoid, Self-made gadzillionaire. HILARIOUSLY FUNNY and ASTUTE and concerned and kind. Spent millions to get some hostages out of Iran and snuck ‘em out. Paid a team of terrorist experts. How about this other one? She turns her nose up at Bill Gates.BOY this girl is on the money. I’m thinking.

I take her hand. “See Birdie, you need a hypnotist, mind altering drugs
and a re-education camp, maybe rehab on top of it. The world isn't
crazy, you are. You put an ad in cyberspace basically saying "I will
offer my body to anyone who can convince me he is a rich man" and you
end up with a phony weasel driving a rented limo who has no key to the
mansion on the beach which he tells you he owns before he boffs your
brains out.” I sigh. "Did you fool around with him?" A guilty look
passes over her face. "Yes. He was the hottest ever.”

"No. Your believing all his lies gave YOU heat then you LENT him your
heat. Birdie. Girls can never offer themselves in ads. Do you see ads
that say New Rolls, new Cadillac, drive me, I’m yours? Well actually you
do. But they have your credit card report before you go out the driveway.

She pays her 25$ and leaves.

I sigh. Why can't life and the mating game be easy? Because spiritual
muscle is honed by battle with the demons, cares, chaos, sorrow of the
world. If God gave us halos and palaces, our souls would be anemic and
flaccid. For all we know, no growth at all goes on in heaven. Heaven is
not a gym. Earth is.

It is by beating against walls with our passions until our fists bleed
that we discover that Laws are immutable like solid granite pillars of
an unseen temple rising beyond and above our eyesight.

And It is by HUNGERING so much that we offer our souls up to the Devil
that we get to find out what it feels like to be ripped off for our
essence, soulless, raped, violated, taken and at our own invitation!

There is no light without darkness. The muscle that it takes to fly INTO
and toward the light is not achieved in a brightly lit room. Turn off
the lights, meditate on these formulas. These subtle essences. The
darkness within may help you to wake from slumber rather than doze off
to sleep on some other time consuming, vain rabbit chase. Where a wolf
licks his chops and you were dinner.

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