For people who have trouble tolerating milk from cows, almond milk is an excellent substitute. But not all commercially prepared almond milks are equal in quality. Some brands add enough sugar to their almond milk to
make it a poor choice for people who struggle to keep their blood sugar and insulin at healthy levels. Other brands add synthetic vitamins and minerals to their almond milk to make it resemble dairy when comparing nutrition facts panels.

Fortunately, it's quite easy to make your own almond milk with all-natural ingredients, and for a fraction of the cost of store-bought varieties. Here's our simple recipe for all-natural almond milk:


1 to 1 cups of raw almonds soaked overnight, peeled.
4 cups of filtered or spring water
3-8 dates (optional)


1. Soak almonds in water until skins are loosened and can come off. Different time req'd for diff nuts. To peel a stack of almonds you practically have to be watching TV. Or listening to radio. Or holding a conversation with granny. It's like knitting. MIND must be doing something else!

2. Drain soaked almonds, and blend with 4 cups of fresh water until you get a milk-like consistency. Blend with dates (that have been soaked for  at least an hour) if you like a hint of sweetness to your milk.Let it sit overnight in fridge. BLEND ONCE MORE.

3. Strain once to remove almond granules.Save those for use in cookies, cakes, vegan burger patties.

The result is a delicious, creamy milk that's free of added oils, concentrated sugars, and synthetic nutrients. This all-natural almond milk keeps for four to five days in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator.

Please consider sharing this almond milk recipe with people who aren't aware of the many health problems associated with eating pasteurized dairy products.

If you GOOGLE 'problems with cow's milk,' you will learn WHY we MUST either switch to goat's milk or make our own almond/ soy and brown rice or even fresh coconut milk. Or mix them all. Keep it in a glass bottle in Fridge to make the kids think it's REAL!

                  with purity of cows' milk means almond/ rice milk may
                  be a good idea. RECIPES here.

 ALMOND and RICE MILK are getting made most these days:

and also

Make your brown rice the normal way, can be brown plain or brown basmati. But brown has more vits than shucked, white. OR you can make atole of the rice. Parch over low fire, grind to powder, simmer over fire until thick. Or Whiz your cooked rice with blanched almonds in blender, but then sieve  it. Save whatever you sieve out for vegie burgers.

BLANCHING IS fairly EASY but it takes time peeling each nut so I watch TV while I do it, try not to nibble
RAW BLANCH METHOD: Soak almonds overnight, peel the next am, rinsing well. Almond skin is astringent and disturbs stomach lining.

FAST HOT METHOD: Pour boiling water over your nuts, let sit 1 min only. Cool with cold water, then peel. But raw is better. The magic is in the enzymes that are in all raw plant life, meat life too, actually.

Put equal amts brown rice and blanched almonds in blender jar, whiz with few drops almond flavoring, small amt honey add in as you whiz, by a thread of honey so it gets whipped in and doesn't go to bottom. Strain. Mash or press the pith thru strainer. That pith that is left in the strainer makes dynamite cookies with butter, sugar, eggs, and a tiny wee bit of non gluten flour. (See GLUTEN FREE RECIPES) Restrict sweet-nibblers in the family to one or two cookies a day by promise, fiat or VOW. Cuz they will tend to go nuts, depleting stash for other 'users.'

Don't even think of throwing that ALMOND PITH in the strainer away! Use it in vegie burgers or milk shakes where you kick up the almond flavor with almond extract though it's quite costly. Someone gave me a bottle of Amaretto which I USE in many recipes instead of almond flavoring.  Most exquisite is an almond cake frosted with real lemon butter frosting. My ex gal pal gets 20$ an almond cake UN-FROSTED. She uses the ground up nut  instead of flour, sells it at local posh yuppie FARMERS' MARKET Sundays.  Where folks pay double for no flour, no gluten. This is, after all, HOLLYWOOD where movie stars do not want facial puff or sinus-y voices. The nut/ rice milk gets stored in fridge in old fashioned all glass 'milk bottles so kids just accept it as milk. If you don't want to bake that very day, put all rice/ nut pith in a baggie and freeze it til you make cookies, bread or vegie burgers.

RECIPE RICE  COCONUT OR BARLEY MILKs found online. (Or use mix of millet & coconut and almond or soaked barley but that raw barley like most whole grains must be kept in water for at least 24 hrs before grinding. Then it starts to sprout, to shed its carbs and turn them into sugars.)

FLAVORED MILKS- All may be flavored with strong black coffee, cocoa, chocolate, or whatever you can come up with? EGG NOG which is nutmeg, brandy extract? Coconut flavoring? YUM! See below.

Remember,  never ever buy blanched almonds. buy raw ones, keep fridged. Soak a cup of nuts overnight. Peel while watching tv --they slip out of skins. Blend, let soak, grind again in the blender, strain for milk. But here's the deal, you make cookies with the grits. YUMMY THINGS. Blanched almonds at store are already. Rancid, give cancer. SOME raw whole almonds are rancid. So make sure it's store w. high turnover. ALMONDS IN SHELL
are rarely rancid, if you are near almond farmer, get those, sit watching tv cracking nuts.