THE NEW NORM OF BEAUTY for FUTURE truly ritzy males in the USA ---is hailed, promised, FORETOLD and introduced by the top USA POSH JEWELER from Ritzy BOSTON, BIDDLE & BANKS…. (& they’re AS BIG AS VAN CLEEF AND ARPELS OR HARRY WINSTON) . Regard  the black swan model they were USING mid 2004 for print ads. Wow! ALL THEIR AD CAMPAIGNS back then featured this ETHIOPIAN blood MODEL who IS the Most beautiful female I’ve ever seen. Anyone know who she is? The ads were on their site for years until they BECAME BAILEY BIDDLE AND BANKS and opened an online Sears type catalogue with their less costly stuff if two grand for a pearl necklace is junky.


Time to Subscribe to Latina magazine. Selma Hayak and so many other big actresses are covered there, great photos. Life stories. These Latinas are taking FILMS and TV by storm, all LATINA’s three years of cover girls. Find old issues at your library. The Latina is in her heyday starting now and growing incrementally in near future. The billionaires of the future WILL be marrying latinas and black girls if they can look like the model from BIDDLE BANKS! This lovely DESERVES the contract! BIDDLE is the oldest blue blood family in Boston! BANKERS first, Jewelers later & RITZY TO DIE! Yet they picked this black, SKINNY, elegant princess with a swan neck, burning pride, fury, wound in her face.... OK so she happens to be a raving beauty too. The intensity of the girl reminds me of the famous NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC cover of the Afghani girl 25 yrs ago. The most famous photo they ever took. Ethnics today are prettier than whites, more vital. WHITE girls, especially the Paris Hilton type, are about to burn out as a look to be seriously OVER WITH. We have a few on our list. I want to tell them, lose the platinum PARIS hair and get it streaked so it looks real, plenty of tawny wheat colors. THE PLATINUM 30's bleach look is too OVER WITH. I want you to tell all your ethnic galpals don't feel you cannot achieve cross over. I should state things positively. . .YOU WILL ACHIEVE crossover, ethnic gals! You are the coming thing! THE WORLD is the slave of beauty and the eye of VOGUE magazine is trained on racially mixed super models and they often look better, more exotic, less blahhh, more classy than the New York skinny bone Jones type white girls most mags use. YOU KNOW for the last week, I have been wishing that I could download and save to cache,  the BIDDLE ETHIOPIAN princess ad in FORBES magazine which is what made me GO ONLINE, at their jewelry website and wow! THERE SHE WAS plus the entire set of photos from that photo session which they used at many different posh mags! I wanted the graphic full size to send out. I clicked on the small snapshots, AND OF COURSE, just what happens on the INTERNET -- you then get it full portrait size. But a year later, the entire online catalogue changed into a SEARS level catalogue and our black beauty disappeared! Go figure. But I salvaged her from the Biddle Meltdown. And you can be inspired by her reaching that apex. And you reach YOURS!