Teaching our Kids the Biggies.

When you want to program your kids for a safe and prosperous, blissful life, skip the small stuff like not playing chicken in souped up cars , not huffing gasoline,  sexting that'll blowback on you, no hooking up with  strangers you met online, no first period tardiness, no forgetting a homework assignment ever ! Sure, those are bothersome trends in a kid but they won't cause problems like the ones below.  So REMIND your lil rug rats of the BIG NO-NO's


1.) BRAKE ON ROMANCE! Each great love is twice as imperfect as the next one coming. Corollary: each great Love is twice as hot as the one before it. Incremental doubling is happening, strange law of nature. So keep on discarding. The more NO's you string together, the faster you say them, the sooner you get to the big one. The more you buy into some junior grade jerk the worse you get stranded somewhere you can't get back from! At your final destination, you won't want to leave ever. So prolong youth. No junk food. Women get the biggie about thirty, men about forty.

2.) DECIDE: RIGHT OR LEFT! Every move you make will involve a decision. The left road goes off into absolute hell and the right turn will bring bliss, joy and wealth. You have to scope the two out, a few dozen times a day, --see down the two roads anticipating where that move will lead and do it every single time move, every single decision. Join that stupid gym?  Decision. Open the fridge door to eat? Decision. Make a new chum or RUN. Decision. Rent that expensive apartment? Get a roomie?  There are a hundred possible decisions a day. Precisely HALF of them will kill you.

3.) AVOID KNOWN SWAMPS! Stay out of Show Business and Politics. All actors and all politicians are egomaniacs, liars and can't help but self-score so they're always depressed.. Folks who can recognize the truth and tell the truth would never want these professions if they looked down those roads and saw what they would have to go through. Those are Mega-Ego worlds. You want to appeal to others for the wrong reasons and the wrong people kiss up to you, also for the wrong reasons. You'd have to kill truth in yourself to tolerate these worlds. Instead, become an OWS Activist. Look down that road, you'll see the right friends, community synergy, Profitable LAWSUITS when cops beat on you and tons of RESPECT!

4.) Get straight A's you go to college free. Require a student loan, you are in debt for life. The alternate road of course is entrepreneurialism. Works bigtime. Ask Edison, Ford, Gates. Ok, that's your first choice. What to do to achieve focus and get A's. Hmmm?

5.) Supplying good answers to your own questions isn't 'IT' Knowing which questions you need to answer IS. Teach logic in thinking patterns, see HOW TO LANGUAGE FOR LUCK.

6.) He who takes offense puts as much misery into this world as one who gives it. Don't run around collecting injustices and expect a payoff. Sour people don't get LADY LUCK knocking on their door.

Not until long you move into grandparenting do parents understand clearly how they SHOULD have taught their own children. I know you won't believe it, but when we are all frazzled from raising children, we are befuddled! In a trance. We forget to teach the big stuff, fail to instruct,  lay down the canons of the laws of life.  I guarantee you, by the time you are grandparents, it will hit you. That's when we finally regret, repent, figure it out and have that painful AHA moment! :Oh My GAWD", we say to ourselves, "why didn't I  teach them X, Y & Z?" We run to the phone to tell our children what to say to  the grandkids. Of course they live 2,500 miles away in East Gawdaful and think you're turning Fundamentalist and forget it immediately.  So humanity shot itself in the foot inventing the wheel.