Imagine you're JESUS only in the 21st century. Are you stuck in the city? No! You have a TEAR DROP TRAILER and you wander the world. You park your teardrop in a nice valley, clear a field and compost the land where you might want to grow next Spring and you leave the compost there rotting all Winter long. You could camp there in Winter, too, shoot game, create a freezer box up in a tree where bears can't get in. Fish the rivers and lakes nearby  for quality protein (FISHING LESSONS) And here's where the JESUS part comes in, you teach all the other foreclosed, homeless people how to FISH, how to tie flies with deer hair (it is hollow so it splays out like an insect head when you tie it.) Now, if you're going to do that, do see Sean Penn's 2008 movie first. INTO THE WILD.  You will need a space heater and a ton of canned food if you go near cold country.

Spring, when the wildflowers start to come up, you can plant your own private valley. I'll send you the seeds free (FREE LIST)   Or here's a thought give the seeds to someone with a farm where you might rent a room, and come and go while THEY care for your communal garden while you travel. You hit the highway for a month  when the farmer roomies don't need you, then return for planting, harvesting, pitching hay, spreading compost, turning the compost in.

If you are a fellow, it sure wouldn't hurt if the farmer were a nice single lady raising a nice farm kid or two, kind of like that movie, "PLACES IN THE HEART". Those lonely farm kids are all really worth investing PARENTAL HOURS in. And occasionally, you can take the entire farm family on a spin to the lake or waterfalls for a weekend, teach them to bag trout, game. You'll sure be a hit with your TEARDROP! Thusly armed, you'll quickly see that MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE isn't such a bad thing. The concept is, don't stick to the nasty big city rut you were in, that horrid job, slaving 40 hours a week for some idiot who fired you anyway, first crunch that came along. Living in that seedy area where your condo or home WAS.  Investing all that $ in a down payment and having the bank eat it alive and evict you anyway. MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THAT! (NOT!)

Yassir, discard that awful life. GET YOURSELF a TEAR DROP TRAILER. BUILD ONE. What fun to plan the interior for max usage. CHECK THESE SITES:

The frame is SOLDERED STEEL, some really strong bonds between individual pieces.  Most guys did some soldering in high school, where you heat soft metal to join wires or whatever but this is a bigger job. Find the guys who do that. MAKE the floor only strong, solid part to keep the weight down, endure road stresses of bumps. Other than that, you could build your own.

A close pal of mine who at age 45 bought his first property, (paying way too much, seeing it go halves in value while payments doubled, go figure that logic!) is now waiting for the anvil hammer of eviction to sound. It's due in about two weeks. He told me "Yesterday a motor home passed me on the road and I thought, one could build the kind where the sides fold out (1 down 1 up) you could get a friend to build one, hit the road together & connect em when parked and have a big front/party room. Even big busses are too narrow. Were I rich I might consider putting cargo containers under the floor, having a big glass panel on one side, so you can be inside with a view. " That last doesn't seem like a good idea as this is gonna take road stress, but maybe a few windows of unbreakable glass. Make your own DRAWING OF YOUR IDEAL ONE. A carpenter could build it with you. After you have the firm interior metal frame.

NOTE THAT THIS ONE has a hard wood, WOODEN FRAME at bottom. Maybe it's to go on top of a metal conveyer. Build it light, build it RIGHT and a VW BUG could haul tear drop. Any four cylinder economical car. The trick is a good hitch and a tear drop is light on her feet as a fairy traveling the highways and byways at 60 miles an hour, spreading good luck and joy to all. Build it heavy and you'll burn up your VW BUG!

So, if you are ready to build your own teardrop trailer, read this site

THEN there is the ole SCHOOLIE, a lot more space for your rolling home. Yep! Do A SCHOOL BUS CONVERSION !! Just make sure it's not diesel. Get GAS fueled!

THEN there are TUMBLEWEED TINY HOMES, they're online and some are on wheels so you can pull them around the country.

"A method of producing a truck-like conversion van starts with a conventional, cargo van, and vertical section of the main frame of the vehicle, just rearwardly of the side doors of the van. Thereafter, a horizontal cut is made starting from the bottom of the vertical cut and progressing rearwardly all the way through the frame or existing floor of the van. Thus, a rectangular-shaped slab or cutout of the conventional van is removed. The horizontal plane in which the horizontal cut is made is above the top of the rear tail lights, so that, not only are all of the mechanical parts of the original van retained, but also the same, original tail lights are also retained. After the slab has been cut away and removed, a truck-bed liner-insert of the invention is inserted into the cut-away, rear portion of the van, which rear portion is partially hollow, by which the liner-insert may be received therein. The truck-bed liner-insert is shaped in order to simulate the bed of a conventional pick-up truck, whereby the conversion van may now take the shape of a specialty truck-conversion van having a rear truck-bed for storage and transport."


Van Conversion Plans
These ones cost a small fee - but have full schematics. They also have
multiple plans for different sizes.

Delta Stag
Offers Polyurethane foam insulation in the front, floor, sides...

Advantage Vehicles
Some of the coolest designs. Sell parts as well.
Parts Page -

Star Craft Parts
Sells conversion parts and has some images to peruse.

Dmc Vans
Does all the customization for you, delivers, and has parts...

Has rentals, but lists vague schematics, for a good starting point.

Picture of a Rental
Great picture and schematics to use as a reference.

I didn't even get to visit most of the sites I found at
They always have a highly detailed area for just about everything -
including conversion projects: - Truck and Van Conversion

Vanworks Campers was the one I was really impressed with. They have
good graphics and from the looks of it - sell conversion kits.

Link that will give you a direct schematic graphic from the van works

I hope this is a good starting point for your project. Here is a site
where you can get answers from other people making conversions. You
may just find more relative links from experienced conversion van
owners as well:

I found these sites by searching for: "van camper conversions":
Then he gave: You cut and paste I'm tired of highlighting."van camper schematics":"van camper discussion":

So, bottom line --- WHAT IF THEY GAVE A RECESSION AND NOBODY CAME? What if all the millions of homeless people just walked out on the banks! The way the banks have walked out on the cities? What if we just did a Tom Joad, a GRAPES OF WRATH out on the highways and byways with a neat-o TEAR DROP wagon and portable hibachi (Do you watch Barbecue Boy on PUBLIC TV cooking show?) Man I don't even like MEAT and I LOVE THAT SHOW! There's enough road kill   out there for fresh meat every night!  What's more there are ways to make a living on the road. Services you can render and employers seeking your help, everywhere out there in farm country. Products people will need when they're living in TENT CITIES

YEAH... CLOSER to YOU JESUS is what I'm seeing! Name your first born JESUS KEROUAC  and then your last name at the end there. Your Second born, BUDDHA CESAR CHAVEZ MIGRANT WORKER GANDHI? Three kids is a little too much landscape for a tear drop trailer, but you get the idea. Roll with the theme and get a life! I've known opulent, big dollar  lives to have LESS verdancy than THIS concept! If you know how to weld, handle sheet metal, build a floor on wheels, You will make money, cuz the collapse of society is very probable. JUST its being probable means that clients will buy a teardrop.