FOR THE AVERAGE STRIPPER, $4,000 a week is POSSIBLE. Two of my astrology clients (Shea and Angelit,) make that amount of money in a good week White strippers do even better, but gals, I am here today to tell you how HIGH UP A SMART EXOTIC DANCER CAN GO. For you black girls who already are talented exotic dancers, the next level is an online classroom "STRIP SCHOOL" that you CREATE for your average, poor ghetto black girl with a computer, where you teach bump and grind. ANGELIT HAS DONE IT,  <== SEE HER AD: NEXT, you give the gals 'in person' classes, that would be girls in your CITY.. Up close and personal you can guide them into a very perfect 2010 grooming/ fashion 'look' help them select a great stage name, help them with wardrobe finds, upgrade them. Do a makeover.. You do all this through a website (4$ a month is what that costs, it won't kill you.) BONE UP on HOW TO MERCHANDISE YOURSELF and your online BUSINESS. At website, you attract clients for your classroom, girls only, obviously or monetize selling a video or CD. The next step is, you will do an actual BOOK to INSPIRE the poor disenfranchised black beauties who are not in your classroom or who don't have PC's to go to your online free classroom so they can apply for available jobs in their community.

I know what I'd call the book, and you might too: "Strippin' For Jesus"  That communicates the idea that there's nothing dirty about making $4,000 a week if you have small children and there's no more welfare anymore thanks to Clinton. You become a controversial HEADLINE generating figure and the media loves that, plus your looks are no drawback, so you end up doing many national Book tours and tv appearances.  (Your publisher organizes all those details, you just show up at the airport.) A book tour is in itself a PUBLICITY campaign for the CONCEPT that young, ghetto black girls can enter the economy bigtime. Only lawyers make 4k a week!. You can afford to give away free videos of the Demi Moore film "STRIP TEASE" where a single mother strips and do a tie-in with Demi to get them for a buck each so this becomes a national, spiritual movement. I believe Goldie Hawn did a strip movie too, "Criss Cross." Rent that one.

You combine the work of writing your first chapter of the book by using it immediately on your WEBSITE front page. (I will volunteer to edit your work.)  In your chapter one, come out frankly saying 'our ghetto young men can't get jobs as gardeners, latinos have that sewn up. A factory held a job search recently maybe tops l0 new employees needed and 2,000 black men showed up for the interview. THERE ARE NO JOBS for black men. Who can afford college at 5k a semester? WHO HAS 5k in their pocket if they can't get a job? It's a catch 22. So black men deal pot and meth, Yes, that's the reality. Black women have more entry into the workplace but at entry level salaries. Stripping can fix all that. For the hundred and sixty years we are here scuffling for work, women have been the breadwinners as maids. l00$ a day is possible there. Cash on the barrelhead. Stripping is ten times that amount. And it's funny, if your body is perfect, how little it offends you to dance. Not when you're feeding your babies. And we often do have fatherless babies.

Black men are the most gorgeous on earth. No runy nerds in the lot. And there are all these rumors that black men are sexier, their sexual needs and everything else is bigger than whites and hey, black girls get into that teen year romantic thing and are IN LOVE WITH LOVE. We are a passionate, organic feeling people. So the statistic that 50% of our poor, uneducated girls end up with broods of two, three children is true.

My idea, why I wrote this book, HOW TO STRIP basically and WHY It's OK and why you can 'do it for Jesus' is to help girls attain a savings account and credit rating so that they can buy a condo and not be jacked around by landlords all their lives.

I believe it was Queen Victoria who when asked, how can you let Prince Consort Albert do that to you every night, (she had eight children by the way, ) Victoria responded frostily, I just close my eyes and think of England." Well same thing when you're stripping. Only you don't close your eyes and you don't think of England. You think of GOD. As my gorgeous stripper client Shea told me, "Hey, Mother Nature gave us these perfect skin bodies, long, strong legs, muscular tight bodies. Big BEYONCE behinds. Isn't Mother Nature the consort of God? So I shut my eyes and think of God and twist and shake my God-given beauty in the Temple of Mammon. The rest of the time, I am a church going single parent who works 4 nites a week and makes a thousand dollars (or whatever, you give us a good week.) The dudes who own my club fly me to other cities where they have their other night clubs, and hey, I get to visit their museums in the daytime. I saw Dufy, Matisse, Van Gogh and Monet and got oil paints, brushes, canvases, things a ghetto black girl could never afford, an easle, some turp and am starting to paint impressionist canvases. I cherish my life and stripping gave it to me."

So try this. Take a lesson with any kind stripper in your city. Encourage such gals to get her free seminar website up. As each classroom opens in every city across America, and as new girls join us in this crusade, you can study in private with one of them, in various cities. Meanwhile, practice your bump and grind with good stripping music like MILES DAVIS or Rod Zombie, <=== google his album, cuts are online for free. You will be SUCH A HIT ON YOU-TUBE, you won't believe it! The viewers will go wild because you're  an exotic amalgam of Mother Teresa mixed with Beyonce and Dr. Schweitzer and the Red Cross and SALVATION ARMY! You will become an American ICON, a famous celebrity!  Catholic church will make you a saint cuz you ended hunger in America. And this country is about to be very hungry!And most important, you will make all your ghetto sisters WEEP with HOPE when they hear your story on TV and you'll motivate them to emerge from poverty by being the Goddess God made them. A proud sister.