START MAKING A FEW PLANS OF YOUR OWN!

This article will show you how you can have a farm, one gas tank away from the city, for safety's sake and as an investment for 5k down payment tops. Your parents, friends will all chip in with THEIR 5k as they each get a villa on it. Why they do it is because it offers refuge from the MELTDOWN, JOBLESSNESS,  THE CRIME WAVE, the FAMINE and they do it because your groupís acreage will have orchards, livestock, vegetable gardens and grain fields i.e. FOOD SECURITY. It will be jointly purchased and shared with a dozen or more other families that you chose. Each family can do it for what's in their savings account right now. 5k a family should handle the whole thing. The farm will have a main cottage with a big dining room, a huge kitchen. And this farm will have a privately owned villa for each of your group to own & use as a personal home, for the months that they choose to be in residence. 

There's a costly way to do it, buy a farm for 250 thousand. You and your mate live there. There is a middle way. You and an investor or two, buy a few acres a gas tank away from the city, or even in the city,  for about that price, divide the down payment between a dozen of you, and create a LAND TRUSTwith permission of the zoning board of that town to build 14 units. Read SUNSET MAGAZINE, FEBRUARY 2010 if you or your library has it. But thereís a cheap way, where you donít have to beg zoning boards who control property thatís for sale, which you like, and wait while city makes up its mind. Buy a farm you like in a group as an anonymous agrarian corporation, registered as such with a pre-aged off the Shelf Corporation that typically comes from UTAH. (Delaware, Nevada used to have them.) Run this real estate business as a tax deductible agrarian business, and educational foundation owned by an anonymous corporation and do it with your ten favorite pals. Or twenty. Or thirty. But do it fast, taking note of the impending situations below.

SSA is not going to last. Nor Med-I-care. And the government will not care if it fails. They know theyíve got you trained to be workers and pay taxes.Donít buy into that myth that The System serves people.The US Government is like a heart hearted Madame in a cathouse which the IMF runs. Sheís in slavery too, but her esclavitude doesn't make her any less heartless! Somewhere way back, long ago, in the time ofJefferson, the US ELITE, led by banker Alexander HAMILTON, decided to sign our country over to the world banks. The wealthy guys.  Andrew Jackson took it away and Woodrow Wilson put it back.

Today, the politicos who charge for towels in this cathouse are big time in cahoots. We are exploited here. We are impoverished here. The US of A has the Highest PRISON POPULATION (as a % percentage of population) of the whole planet.  More babies die here than in AFRICA if you count the percentage rate, a worse death rate in babies than the third world! More doctors kill people here (after they empty their bank accounts to pay the docs for murder,) than any country in the world! AFRICAN doctors are way more efficient. You get sick, GO TO AFRICA! Better health care! In fact, many smart Americans travel to AFRICA or INDIA for surgery these days

So join me and be just a little cynical, for a minute please. Doing the 9-to-5 all your life, having SSI coverage is not a SECURE SOLUTION, or the FINAL answer that the system TELLS you it is. It is a zone out. None of us know how to ESTATE PLAN, so we will inherit ZIP.

Social Security, that benevolent ponzi scheme, won't last ten more years. Originally 16 people put into the fund so one could take out. Thanks to all those baby boomers maturing, today 3 workers put in so one can take, and in ten years, it'll be one to one, meaning the SSA is absolutely doomed. 

Med-I-Care is a misnomer as THIS INSTITUTION DOES NOT CARE. The few people who can apply and get accepted have only emergency room services under dire conditions and emergency rooms are all being shut down anyway. There will soon be no doctor visits ever. If you want doctor visits Med-I-Care turns out to be like an HMO. You pay 80$ a month and get ghetto doctors. You get no dental coverage at all for that sum, no optometrist or oculist at all. 

The entire Med-I-care edifice can only hold out another 5 years and then it's history. In any case, Iraq War debt and Katrina losses will nail US GOV and the MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY to a wall for execution. 

The U.S. Government is in the embarrassing predicament that only happened previously to Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. OWING the World Bank more INTEREST than it can even handle, ferget about PRINCIPAL!

Face it, there is going to be no safety net to take care of you. A New Orleans native throat deep in rising water has more chance of being helped than you with the SSA as a safety net!

You are going to have to see to your life's second half and to your children, too. Inheritance taxes, hovering around 5% for decades, were raised by Clinton to 60% so a whole, new set of challenges has been tossed taxpayers.

These challenges can be met with investment with a family homestead owned by each family member buying a single stock share. Kids donít have to buy. Just cousins. If you print out this article and this one called THE END, demonstrating how close USA is to imploding, and show both printouts to your extended family, everyone will come in with you on the BUY LAND FOR FREE concept.  The entire FUTURE INDEX and the SURVIVE THE MELTDOWN INDEX  both talk about how bad it will get with this RECESSION, including famine and mega inflation and an urban crimewave.And read how to own land as a NON PROFIT CORPORATION, often RELIGIOUS or an education foundation or round-up of seniors or ... whatever. A lot of people on the land. Requiring a 'notion' of some kind to satisfy the mayor, city council and IRS.

Be aware of how privileged you are to discover this method, at this time in history, because soon this legal loophole may close. 

RULE # 1, the moral headset of this method for solvency: never again allow your life to reduce to a wage slave job, a Social Security Number and a numbered bank account. If you do, you are guaranteed of only one thing: that the IRS and Uncle Sam can find everything you ever earned when it wants and everything they ever spent on your health care and take it from you. I am not saying donít work, donít bank, donít get a SS number. Do those things but donít put all the corncobs in one granary! Learn from the underground experts to bury a few thousand jars of corn where the sun donít shine.

The government has devised a method (NOT FOOLPROOF BY THE WAY) to know how much you earn, have on hand and what property you OWN every second you're alive, so that they can tax you on it. Their method works on the average guy. From now on, it is not going to work on you because you're going to GO BEHIND THEIR BACK (NOT stand up to them) and set aside stuff. 

You are going to realize that a little income tax or inheritance tax might be ethical as somebodyís got to build roads and dams but what they do (SUCK US DRY) is NOT right. They are taking everybody's marbles.  Kids canít afford school, seniors canít afford doctors, working families canít get medical care.

Don't be patriotic and say that our government repairs potholes and deserves all our cash. Because for one thing, the money they levy doesn't even go for public works; it goes to the Federal Reserve, a private banking corporation. Look at the back of that cancelled check you sent the IRS last April 15th. It's been endorsed by the Federal Reserve. The nation's entire tax receipts go to a privately owned bank. WHY? Because our lunatic Government allowed this private corporation (which is really an offshoot of the World Bank) to print USA's money and lend our government endless cash for wars, CIA & NSA spies and bombs, with huge interest rates, and when the USA falls behind, the interest multiplies with the principle, exponentially---instead of the US printing its own dollars as the founding fathers wanted and Lincoln tried to do, (for which he was shot--) and this dumbcluck government owes l7 trillion dollars to world banks. 

All your life you are shorn like sheep by a government in runaway debt you're paying for. TO READ ďDEBT FOR DUMMIESĒ and understand the issue, read THE DEBT FILE. You will die penniless if you let the government keep running your life. The government has no desire to take care of you when you're old. In fact, it's developed a way to get every cent you ever earned. When you get OLD the government will take your house from you or your heirs. How? They nail your estate for all medical bills, health insurance premiums, and for the time you were in an Old Age Home at a cost of 7k a month. Med-i-Care pays the 7k, knowing it can nail your estate later and get full payback. Such Old Age Homes will probably nick you double that 7k amount in a few years but no matter, the government will pay the bill, (probably they only pay 1k) and when you finally give up the ghost from the horror and loneliness of that old age home, the government gets it all back plus. (Could you now, sit around all day with a lot of 80-90 year old feeble people and have fun? Of course you'll croak early. And when you do, government charges your kids $233 a day for every horrific day you lived there

Wake up and smell the coffee. Imagine that you are much, much older. Imagine that you and your mate own a lovely home, have your bonds, mutual funds, your stock portfolio, but have the ESTATE PLANNED OUT, (file two paragraphs up..) and oh yes,a small vacation home in the mountains for a dozen families, it will have neighbors or 'agricultural worker villas.' Your group will learn to farm it.

You will then have everything that you've BOTH worked SO HARD to get and haven't. And you want to give more to your children when you pass on. And you should be able to, right? In a fair world, you would. But BIG BROTHER, the US FEDERAL government, the Federal Reserve and the Foreign Bankers behind it are not going to let you do any of that. The IRS has a contract with the USA to be allowed to take your entire estate, and give it to the FEDERAL RESERVE to pay the national debt. Only very smart planning can keep the grinding gears of the system from mincing you VERY FINE. It's no metaphor. You are literally a burger that the world banking system consumes. You and everyone else in the economy. Think of this: The average dollar changes hands 26 times a day and each person who DECLARES that dollar earning or has that DOLLAR on record as having gone thru their BANK ACCOUNT that day (that's all of you) will pay 35-40% income taxes on it! Worse, if you happen to die while that dollar is in your hands, the government gets almost 100% of it back even if it is entirely YOURS, even if you've paid taxes on all of it many times. Your kids won't see a dime. 

The Government tax and banking SYSTEM along with the Social Security system ---is the biggest PONZEI scheme on the planet. We are sheep being corralled and sheared by it for a government that chooses hock so they and their friends can steal from the system and they know you'll pay the debt. Sure, they tell you they're keeping you safe from wolves, that you need the fence, but wake up. It's no FENCE for safety! It's a fence to keep you locked up. Imagine the future that you could design for yourself so you won't need their bogus corral. Well-to-do people who can hire 300$ an hour tax lawyers have found a way to keep their money. Corporations which cost 80$ to create on paper. Your corporation owns everything; on paper, you own nothing but the trick I'm going to tell you here is WHAT TO KEEP in that corporation and where to keep it.

The super rich designed the plan I am going to give you. They (and their lawyers) figured out that the system is set up to take everything they've earned by dint of capitalist sweat, everything they've acquired, inherited, hoarded, banked and collected. So they and their lawyers found a way out. They create corporations, trusts and foundations to place their earnings and property where their heirs can get not some of it---all of it. And they are exempt from the pillage. The middle class, who can't afford advisors is the one most plundered by the system. They work for beans, pay taxes, pay huge interest when they struggle to buy homes. They think they buy a 200k home. With interest, it costs them 500K and they don't know it. The rich buy homes for cash on the barrelhead, no interest ---or, if they pay interest, they can deduct it from their huge earnings. But when the middle class man buys, the deductions do him almost no good. He pays twice what the house costs. Then, when he gets old, he and his wife lose it all. Invariably middle classers find city taxes to high; they sell the primary home, pay taxes on the profits, then, with what's left, purchase a more practical, smaller place to live: a landless crackerbox called 'a condo.' A condo isn't cheap; it's almost as much as the house but they feel guilty having all that yard when there are no kids around to play on the grass so they dump their hard-earned home which they really would have liked to have lived in 'til the end, telling themselves that grass was too hard to take care of. They had to live somewhere so the 'middle class' thing to do is take all their life earnings from the sale of the home with the grass, put it into this drab condo, live in the condo for a few years, then when you're 90 or so, you may become ill and suddenly, overnight, and without warning, the custom in this loony country is to put you in an old-age home which charges loony tunes amounts. 

The USA's plans for you are totally tragic. When you are born they pin a SS# on your nose; all your life, as you work, they can demand part of your lunch money and when you die they clean out your locker. Taking your estate is the final collusion between the planetary banking system and government. You were screwed, blued and, oh, we forgot to mention how you were tattooed. 

The third thief is the medical system. By making preventative holistic healing practically illegal, the USA has sold you down the river to doctors, HMO's and sawbones who only treat symptoms, who don't know how to spot disease before it appears and cure it with herbs. Such healers could prevent your getting infirm. In California, there are l00 year old healthfood eating semi-vegetarians who look 50. In Hunza, there are 180 year olds who look 70. Herbs and power foods could prevent aging, retard dying to 150 years but Med-I-Care doctors won't tell you how; they don't know how and they don't want to learn. The system needs you to croak early, as close to retirement as they can get it. The government and its medical system guarantees citizens will be a decrepit bunch of bones EARLY so as soon as this fleecing takes place and is over, you're off the planet. NO WAY the government wants you to live to 180 with all your six senses because it would go broke with that incremental gain in longevity multiplied by 220 million citizens. No, they want you dead QUICK for actuarial and fiscal reasons and they require that old age home for actuarial and fiscal reasons.

Yes, the Old Age Home is the last fleecing station for you, poor, tired out old toothless ram and there, you will be denied the privilege of hope for your children ever getting a head start on a good lamb's frolic in the meadow. They, poor lambs, will start with zero. If you trust in Uncle Sam, this is where you will end. With the horrific institution of the old age home, Uncle Sam absolutely assures that all will to live is drained out of you for after a few years, in that hellhole, guaranteed your MIND will be gone, but also, so will all your savings, stocks, the house, the money for the grandkids, the condo. Goodbye. Along with the will to live. Vaporized. It's all GONE. The government takes every last penny your old age cost them, plus interest, to pay itself back on that exaggerated Med-i-care bill. You know the ones, sixteen dollars for a band-aid? Five hundred dollars for the hammer? That one.

Having your pockets picked as you lie semi-comatose is a genuinely scary thing to have happen. You've worked all your life, you wanted to enjoy travel, exotic lands, beaches, pursue hobbies with vigor, maybe do your own business and make a bundle to give your heirs... and Uncle Sam sneaks into the hospital room and goes through your pockets and you have to helplessly watch him do it with no way to revenge yourself.

Actually, the super poor get revenge. They do inherit the earth. Blue collar working stiffs rent, pay reasonable amounts for rented home, the banks never make a dime on 'em. They can't afford meat, so they stay healthy. They have to grow vegies in vacant lots or steal fruit in alleys. They are the super healthy. True, they don't leave happy heirs but the damn government loses money on them so they are the vehicle of all our revenge. They get old, USA is forced to take care of them. Lately, Uncle Sam is getting wise to them. Ever notice how he's looking to help the poor man buy property? Why do you think the government is suddenly offering Fannie Mae's so the working poor can buy a house at 3% down? And they just started a Community Loan Program which has even fewer requirements. You need absolutely no credit, just prove how much rent you've been able to pay with cancelled checks and they'll let you buy a house with a payment in that bracket. 

The government is super-motivated to get you into owning land. That way, they can get you to save money "for your golden years," in a HOUSE. For Sam, your Golden years really are golden, because they come gunning for that house when you pass on and your death gives Sam his chance to lay hands on your gold.

If you want to buy a house, and think you can UTILIZE the government with its low-down payment Fannie Mae plan to buy it, first of all, use the banker's secret. Pay 13 payments a year instead of 12; you will end up paying much less interest. But the best way to buy a house is cash on the barrelhead. Do a BIZ get the old owner to assume your loan with 3% interest. Let him be the bank.

When you buy an $180,000 house from the bank at 7% interest, you really end up paying $452,000 for it. The interest alone costs $273,097. People say 'interest is deductible,' but what they're saying is that you can deduct that ten grand a year from whatever income taxes you pay. People in our lower class bracket don't pay all that much taxes. So only the rich get the 'interest break.' Poor people pay every cent of interest that the bank gets. The damn house costs you $452,000.00. OUCH.

Owning a house that you bought through a bank is not a good idea. Even on the back end, you don't come out with anything. Say that ten years later, or twenty, the house appreciates. You get to sell the house you bought for $452k but guess what, you can only sell it for 400K but the thieving IRS taxes you as if you'd paid 180k, and sold it for 400k ---hence had made 220k profit which you really didn't. Mind you, you risked your money in a home, saved and scrimped to pay it off, end up with minus 5 digit profits (what we call losses) yet you have to share those profits that you really didn't make anyway, with Uncle Sam who risked nothing. Go figure. That's just one of the many unfair shell games the government has going, so wise up. Start doing what the rich man does. Start a cash business, buy with cash; create family trusts, corporations, complete with stock you can stick where the sun don't shine. Barter and trade the rest of the time. Make it hard for the IRS to rummage through your pockets during every damn cash transaction you make, big or small. 

When estate planning, plan this: why should all your property just be hanging out there in the wind where Uncle Sam can get it? Why should your wealth disappear into a hole in the ground just because old age homes are OVER priced? That's like paying more for a room in Hell than you do for a room in Acapulco. If you do it, you have a BAAA-d travel agent! That's right. Sam's his name. Poverty's his game.

Wouldn't you love to find a way to buy a beautiful house to retire to your heirs can inherit, but which, somehow, Uncle Sam can't steal--where you and the other happy inhabitants of some rural village 50 miles away from the city have meadows, orchards, rivers, mountains and holistic health care at a reasonable rate? What you're asking for is a tribal community, complete with witchdoctor, which any person had in the year 4000 BC but which government has taken away from us. Your job is to re-find it.

PUT your hard earned MONEY into a piece of heaven --into a tribal village farming property that appears to be leased when you really own it. You can do this several ways: CONSIDER creating secret revenue streams and to do it, know what you need? I'm going to whisper this very low in your ear. You need a Societie hold your business, done as an LLC, in a state nearby that offers lower taxes or no revision by GOV at all. A UTAH SHELF CORPORATION. OR delaware. FOUND ONLINE: "If one wishes to form a corp in another state, one requires an agent licensed in that state to make the filing and take care of any issues that may arise with government agencies. For example: I live in NYC, but I needed an agent in Delaware to form my Delaware LLC. Why did I want to form a corp outside of the state in which I reside? One look at New York State Taxation documentation will tell you all you need to know. Since you're likely unfamiliar with NYS Taxation, I'll let you in on the fact that NYS requires payments of fairly high quarterly taxes -- whether or not you are operating at a profit or whether or not you have any income at all. A quick survey of many small-to-medium sized businesses located in New York or New Jersey will reveal that most of them are incorporated outside of the state in which they are doing business." GOOGLE your own state and see that for yourself if you don't believe me." READ: THE BLACK HAT WEBSITE if it is still up....GOOGLE it.  ANOTHER WAY: create the LAND HOLDING corporation as SHARES IN A LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, with 35 friends, buy the farm property and all slowly build on it, A GROUPING of cottages like this one below, or do the corporation alone, by yourself, build the first few homes then sell the other shares slowly. 

In either case, those who families which participate in the farm and its villas pay the corporation a monthly RENT CHECK as if they leased the villa from the corporation but in reality, EACH MEMBER REALLY OWNS THEIR VILLA or HOUSE. Itís an anonymous corporation with anonymous stockholders. STOCK SHARES are ownership. The government can't see that private property ownership is involved. If they can't see that you own it, they can't tax it or take it. Wouldn't you love to have a beautiful HOME you SEEM ---on paper----TO RENT, which you and your children can enjoy as a VACATION HOME now and during the twilight years of your life, which the government cannot possess, foreclose on, sell or put a lien on? Which the FED can't WREST AWAY FROM YOUR children who are counting on your help and their inheritance to make the way easier for them in this increasingly difficult world?

This method makes it simple. The IRS can find any property owned in your name but they can't find this. When you need to sell this property at a profit, you can. You simply sell the share of stock to a cash buyer. Keep banks and their exorbitant interest rates out of all your real estate transactions, where possible but don't throw the baby out with the bath water and forget to invest in property. Real property is the best way to invest and make money. 

Done this way, property can be hidden. People tell you that cash is the best thing to hide. True, it's hard to find invested in a cash-attracting business which a friend owns and runs for you and where earnings come to you regularly ---but if cash is held in a bank account, in amounts over l0k, it's easy for Uncle Sam to find. 

A Bank Signature Card is really a CONTRACT with the IRS and the US BANKING SYSTEM. The contents of a bank account can be found, judged against and taken from you at a moment's notice. CASH at home in a box is harder to find unless you've got kids, maids or burglars. Stock shares in NASDAQ or NYSE are registered, their profits (when and if there are any) monitored. They're no good if you're building a nest egg. Bonds are also registered and they fluctuate so horrifically that at times, everyone holding them is entirely wiped out so who needs 'em? 

Certain STOCK transactions can be very hard to find. Shares in a Limited Partnership are one such kind. They are not monitored or registered by the SEC. The corporation belongs to a 'small group of friends, who are in a limited partnership.' In the right state, that corporation can be completely anonymous. Nevada and Delaware used to be anonymous. Now, there's only Utah. You don't have to live there. You use an addressee; there are people in Utah who do that. You keep the actual stock shares at home in your drawer, or in a notebook, which your heirs can locate in a second, or in a relative's safe deposit box. But keep it safe for that little piece of paper is a contract giving you a 1/36th share in a corporation that owns a 'country cluster' parcel with houses on it. In this case, the corporation is not an industrial figment dependent on a factory selling merchandise in a changing marketplace but a stable-value house with villas for the agricultural Ďworkersí but these villas are fine enough to be considered a real good home! The central house Ď(ostensibly belonging to the owner, ergo fulfilling zoning regulations that only one HOME be on the property,) is a multi-family congregating MAIN HOUSE. 

Your group-owned corporation owns a large piece of developed, rural real estate that is being used for growing food, which means shareholders can live there. You have a 1/36th share of stock in this corporation's real estate. Your stock share entitles you to one of the home clusters. 36 shares of stock mean 36 shareholders have 36 pieces of property that are paid for. The bank payments, the property taxes, everything related to this property is done by the 36 owners of the 36 estates. Nobody is 'running the books,' for you. You can pick whomever you want to sign the checks. All someone must do is set up the SHELL CORPORATION for the other partners to enter into this handy method of legal acquisition of property. It is feasible, that the corporation could decide to do it again, develop another piece of property, elsewhere. But you must first create a shell corporation and get 36 people or less to link their minds and money. 

This is much easier than it sounds or than you would think. You xerox this article, share it with your pals, then as a group, fill out a few forms with the Utah secretary of state, pay $80 and use an address in the state of Utah where you open the corporation and you're in business.  You have a product, apples or nuts, and if you make a profit each year, you pay taxes on the profit. Itís a real corporation.

So imagine you have done this. You call your corporation Grow Nuts Corporation or maybe BLUE SHIELD  INVESTMENTS  *(in homage to the 5, famed MEYER brothers who started the Red Shield corporation back in the l6th century and ran it up into banks in every country of Europe, then ran it up into all the money in the world with the IMF and Federal Reserve as its legislative, POLITICO-interface, policing organization and Treasure chest, all to make sure every country played ball by the ROTHSCHILDS' rules. It was and continues to be the model of a well-run corporation.) Now you and your pals are going to have a similar one. Started by you. You will be the first shareholder, and your friends will own the other 35 shares. 

On paper, you will appear to be leasing a vacation home on a food growing farm, from a corporation in which you hold some stock but the home you appear to lease is really OWNED outright by you and your heirs for a tax-free, future infinity. One day, your great, great great grandchildren will be vacationing and farming your land, there. Your portrait will be over the fireplace and you will be loved and remembered by them. Or, if you believe in an afterlife, you can freely haunt the place and watch over your legions of descendants and talk to them over a ouija board.

So start now. Acquire some cash. Get a group of pals. Pool your money so you can create a corporation in Utah although the land will be in your state. Buy a beautiful piece of rural land, build a few cottages on it, then start leasing opulent VACATION HOMES in these "COUNTRY CLUSTERS" you carve out of some old farm. 

These will be 36 separate homes in a cluster that mimics a village in 'The Old Country.' These gorgeous villas (the Adobe Ranch style) or Rustic cottages (the Tyrolean Mountain style) are rural, agrarian homes in a group on a 20 acre parcel that was a once a big DAIRY farm and whichnow is smaller, (like the farm above, which is only a few acresÖ.and perhaps has 36 'tenant workers' on board. The farm above does not have worker cottages. One other thing it lacks is a big tank or POND for growing tilapia fish.But it easily could have all those features if your group is not VEGAN.

This farm was purchased outright for cash, from its former owner, say a DAIRY farmer or a CORN farmer, by (shall we call you ) the GROW MORE NUTS Corporation. Make certain that local zoning regulations allow sub-parceling before you buy.That farmer will know if he can cut his 100 acre farm into twenties. But verify before wasting time in confabs with him.

Each home on this piece of verdant land will be a posh vacation home and the perk owning such is that when you are old, your children and grand children will be begging to visit you, and there will be guest rooms to HOLD them. Not like the OLD AGE HOME where the relatives only go if they must, and then for a glum hour or two. Your family will be picking fruit in your orchard, milking the cow, making cheese, planting vegetables in the garden, and enjoying a real, country home for weeks on end. They will never want to leave.

                    coworked by all your family's chums

When you lease your home from a corporation that you control, on paper, to the government's eyes, you seem to be totally un-propertied. The IRS cannot lay a hand on you or your home. If you or any other shareholder is served in a lawsuit, if a judgment is gained, if foreclosure threatens, this home will not, cannot be attached. The IRS itself can come after you with a search warrant and will never find this piece of property if you keep your stock share in a relative's safe deposit box and not your own. 

Your rented farm, really a vacation property, appears to belong to a ANONYMOUS CORPORATION with anonymous stockholders. The name and address on record are in UTAH where laws protect its anonymity. This is such a good idea that you should protect all your assets this way. The smart money creates an anonymous corporation, then buys properties to RENT. 3 bedroom houses in family neighborhoods where payment is less than you can get in rent (positive cash flow). Real estate is a terrific investment; do it in the city to acquire wealth or in the country to have vacation retirement spots near friends who will live and retire in the same sunny valley where you do. You will not only know your neighbors, they will be in a corporative arrangement with you. The 36 of you are self-determining in every way. You hold elections. You lose a member, you acquire that member's child. It becomes a cherished circle, an extended family, a tribal group. A new force in the community and in your life. So keep the thought of leasing a villa in the mountains. Do it for your children. Do it for yourself. Do it because the autumn of your life should be paradisiacal. It should be just like a heaven on earth. And you know the one thing they have DON'T have in heaven that they have down here? Tax collectors. So let's get rid of them.

QUESTION: Is there some kind of fraud going on if you give this stock to your children?

ANSWER: Not last we heard. Stock in corporation is frequently handed down from generation to generation. Like all stock, this increases in value. As this stock share is just a little piece of hand-typed paper...which forces its owner to actually be an agrarian worker and go harvest peaches once a year, and play agrarian worker, who'd think to declare it?

QUESTION: Say that I have joined and ten years down the line, I've paid off my vacation home. Do I have to keep on paying rent on it, and do my kids?

ANSWER: No, when you've paid the cost of your home, all rent stops. There may be a small maintenance charge (which group votes on) so that we can all pitch in annually to take care of any county or state land taxes, divided 36 ways of course, and share costs of any gardeners' or pool services, which you decide /vote on as a group to have but that should be very little money when split 36 ways. Say you decide to build a barn or buy a tractor. Any ordinary farmer would have these expenses but your family will never have to pay more than 1/ 36th of it. Not too shabby.

QUESTION: What if my stock devalues?

ANSWER: How can it? The initial 36 stockholders own this single property. No matter what happens to the country or the world, the property maintains its value. Better than that, the value grows as the orchards grow tall, the soil grows in tilth, as the houses are added to, and as they appreciate with inflation. Villa owners can sublet their property, (more likely lend it to pals for weekending,) lease it to another, or transfer their stock entirely and assign any price to the stock they wish. And the last joyous touch; You will never pay income taxes on these stock earnings as it is just a piece of paper, not registered. The cash you get for that house if you sell it will be cash, UNDER THE TABLE, far from Uncle Sam's purview. 

QUESTION: Are there annual earnings on my stock?

ANSWER: If the 36 shareholder partners decide to do other investments, ensemble, yes. Such a group could use their brain-pooling energy and profits --even the equity they own in the land (if group votes to go to a bank for a loan) to 'do it again,' and create another, more luxe cluster, or city rentals but they'd all have to agree and co-invest equally. If there are no other investments, there is just the slow, steady gain in value that the property makes, but this gain is not in coin or specie, just in this new currency we've invented: comfortable living.

QUESTION: If the IRS scans my holdings, can they find any of this?

ANSWER:We suggest you buy your inexpensive initial participation with cash. No wire or electronic transfers. Later, if IRS monitors your checking accounts, all they will see is that you have regular payments of 'rent' to the Grow Nuts Corporation for 'rent on vacation farm home.' That will attract no notice or interest. If the IRS takes you to court and gets a judgement on you and comes looking for your safe deposit box, they might find this stock share and start nosing around. Or, if you died suddenly and your box were entered by probate they would find it. That's why we say, leave it in a relative's safe deposit box.

QUESTION: But is it a crime not to volunteer to the IRS that I own stock in the X Corporation? 

ANSWER: One, this isn't stock in the truest sense of the world. These are shares in a limited partnership. Second, nobody should ever volunteer anything to Big Brother because that's dumb. Three, the IRS will never ask you any such question because you're not going to come in contact with them for any reason. You are never going to fail to pay your tax on outside earnings that are visible to the system. Those earnings incur taxes; you pay them. If you do barter or moonlight for cash you don't report...well, that's your business. But as far as taxable income, you are going to avoid an audit by not doing any of the things that cause flags to go up which get people audits. To learn how not to be audited, simply read a few library books on the subject. It's that easy. Know the rule book before you get to the gate. 

QUESTION: What if one of the other 36 share holders turns me into the IRS?

ANSWER: And tell IRS that he owns real property with a share in a limited partnership that grows nuts, and all you guys just pretend to be agrarian workers on a farm? Why? To tumble his family's vacation home into dust? If anyone has weak knees, they wouldn't get into this from the get-go. This concept is for a piece of heaven on earth, free, given by God and Nature. It has nothing to do with the government that let the Fed bleed its people, that went to hock to spend a trillion on VietNam and is making you and your descendants pay for it.

The next class at THE LEGACY WEBSITE, will have the theme: EARNING SUB RASA CASH, called 'Mattress Money,' and quite accepted by gov't agencies like the Fannie Mae, when used to buy a home for cash. This fact was told me by the FANNIE MAE bank lender for the So Cal area, a very, high-up female exec. I was trying to buy a house. I told her I had no job. I read palms. How much money do you have? I said, you see from my bank statement, which I'd just faxed her, that I have about five thousand in my checking account. I pay a grand a month rent. (It's 1200$ now.)  My daughter and I want to buy the house together, save on rent. Your daughter works? Oh yes. For a Beverly Hills CPA as a bookkeeper. She pays taxes? Oh yes, she makes a good salary at a big corporation. And you? No, I show no income and never pay income taxes, I never report any income but I pay a grand a month rent. I wanted to tell her the truth. I said my father would lend me and my child twenty grand for a down. I'd throw in five grand. So would my daughter. And I asked her, with my profile, and my daughter's, could we buy a house thru the Fannie Mae. She is the Southern California REP for PNC which was the FANNIE MAE shortly after and she said "certainly, we base your qualifying just on how much rent you two payÖ$1800 between the two of you qualifies you as being able to come up with huge rent. (She'd wanted to see all my cancelled checks). As for income, we don't need to know where you get the money, not for our COMMUNITY program. But --- just file income tax ONCE. It's required. We see from your bank statement that you have enough savings, five grand, but as it's not savings from a job, what we do is call it "mattress money. " We never ask and are not interested where you got it. Where DID you get it? " I answered her: "I read palms, do horoscopes for movie stars." OK, Fine. I get the general idea. Yes, we'd lend you the money. But do file ONCE because it's kind of a regulation. " SO I plan, one of these days to declare a little income. But she told me about this mattress money moniker for money you just happen to have. This loan program is to get poor people to get property so when they get old, the state can take it. In other words, to get them to save. There are so many ethnics banking in their car trunks. 

There is one more possibility. Another way to buy land is buy it straight from the farmer and leave the bank entirely out of it. But that's a THIRD classroom. One day soon we'll cover that material. 

Now, quickly scan the PROSPECTUS form, which you will give your friends to get them to invest. It's a deal memo with a contract. I find that one in three people will say yes! So you need 100 copies to get 35 people to buy a pizza slice in your farm. It's best to have some properties in your mind. Farms you've seen. Photos, maps, that kind of thing. Then, it's easy to raise the money. 

35 small cabins and then a main house with
kitchen, dining room, play room, fireplace --also 
an orchard, RIVER, barn with tractor? Count me IN!      




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