WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH "SPOOKS" known here as M15 on PBS

Last Monday nite's "Spooks" show had the MI5 COMPUTER NERD getting HUNG from a London tree by the  MI6 fascists because he had 'eavesdropped' and 'broken' into details of their horrific, apocalypic FALSE FLAG
OPERATION (and they tied it in to 911 conspiracy in dialogue) a plot to dissect & cream London ergo giving Queen a reason to go to war.

Not only is this show full of such boldly anti-gov PLOTS and revelations but another unexpected quirk: We M15 addicts have watched all the stars of this show KILLED OFF one by ONE and cannot believe our EYES! The male HERO, TOM first SHOT his kindly elegant, macho boss HARRY PEARCE dead, in a mano a mano, then TOM waded into Atlantic  DROWNING himself!?? HUH? The star of the show killing himself after shooting his BOSS whom everybody ADORED?

They also hit Zoe the sexy female star, many sexual pecadillos but then she committed such a bad political judgement-boo boo that she had to leave London to escape prosecution. She went to South America. I wondered if maybe the actress left to do a feature but they kept doing this, as next, Fiona the great beauty and heroine got murdered --  shot in the back by terrorist while her husband stood near her. Then the token black agent got his head blown off and now pretty boy hero, Adam --Fiona's widowed husband --was shot dead (we think, his eyes were staring and he's on his back and blood coming out of lungs/ mouth. He looked dead to me!) How can the producers fire all their help? Their stars! What'sa matter them? These Brits are dangerous. Obviously they have too many beautiful actors they want to hire so they keep getting rid of participants!

Another amazing thing is the DEGREE of actual, accurate CONSPIRACY THEORY in the STORY LINES.

Ferinstance, they covered the American's 911 being a total CIA fake, a false flag op and Diana maybe being murdered by the QUEEN and M16, so by her own. As she chose a Muslim mate. They get very edgy on us. edgy and murderous and firing the help all the same thing??

British newspapers covered it well: A piece on JANE FEATHERSTONE, the creator.


How would I know about Spooks?
Ya gotta wonder about that, hmmmm?

You definitely want to  start checking this Spy show out on your INTERNET TV GUIDE, either TITANTV or ZAP2IT, -- personalized for your city...that's what I use, not newspaper, not TV GUIDE mag... Cuz they don't have all the channels that we get at DIGITAL CONVERTER BOX freebie TV ! We get more and better than folks who pay for CABLE! SEE "EUROPEAN TV SHOWS WITH SUBTITLES." Just seek it on PBS stations. Join us who already watch the SPOOKS or MI5 show -- on tenterhooks! I guess the first century of TV got too predictable. The microbe of entertainment HAD TO MUTATE! But a tip: Take your high blood pressure pill first.