HTM CHOICE IN YOUR BROWSER MUST GO! To get read and shared by EMAIL recipients, your readers require SIMPLE TEXT!!!

Dear Info Poster Chum! Tell me, WHY would you EVER send an EMAIL with important 'activist' information with BROKEN LINKS. Or a closed URL which won't travel in EMAILS. Or the actual article INSIDE the email itself, (as opposed to an attachment,) in HTM i.e. FORMATTED TEXT?

Be a smart poster. use simple text. It's right there in your EDIT, Preferences area of browser. GIVE us the simple text live link to a posted HTM ARTICLE or 'append' the article itself, as an attachment, maybe. Instead of closed URLS like that one, leave them OPEN URLS so if your pals send out an HTM ARTICLE it goes to viewers who READ IN TEXT ONLY (as I do, having a 1995 browser,) like this:

 I note that your email comes formatted into HYPERTEXT. If you're not sending me an entire PAGE you picked up ONLINE, why that choice? That's like a beautiful girl *(your information,) perming, frizzing & bleaching her hair and painting her face purple and red to be beautiful when she cannot say a single intelligent word. MANY BROWSERS LOSE the ability to read it! That's DUMB as far as we're concerned. Dumb as in MUTE!

EDIT preferences on your browser so that you send PLAIN TEXT. Any email you write shoots out in plain text. NOT FORMATTED htm text. You make that choice in your EMAIL BROWSER'S PREFERENCES MENU.

So many seniors are like me, (having an older pc) and we can't read the thing, nor can any person with an older browser/PC  and sometimes it jams my NETSCAPE BROWSER so the machine must be rebooted! Then I must go into DOS and erase your big ole EMAIL line by line. Can take an hour! Seniors don't have that many hours left!

You may not give a hoot but if I might have adored your scribblings or data collecting,  I cannot send it on to other people successfully --so that they in turn can do the same. Your words could have gone to 12 x 12 x 144 x 10,000 people in ten minutes. YOU FOILED THAT! If we even tried, our chums would be getting tons of addies thrown in by using the FORWARD button and then picking ATTACHED or INSIDE... NOBODY can profit from your info!

Please, stop painting your face. USE A LOW CODE WORD PROCESSING SOFTWARE, (*I recommend NETSCAPE BROWSER's own CoMPOSER) see. Meanwhile, I can read all mail coming in from folks who use text and cut and paste it into an EMAIL so that MY pals can read it also.

Choose your FORMAT . YOUR BROWSER has a place where you get to choose if you want text or htm for your email, for the letters that you send out. For me it's the EDIT then PREFERENCES button.

Pick txt. If you don't want to do that, erase my name from your email completely
get it totally out. get astrology out

REASON: You jam netscape so bad, only way is to
boot out. crash out.
then go into DOS and erase your letter line by
line tedious as say...using tweezers to get
a thousand splinters of cactus thorns from
a baby's butt.

SO ERASE ME TOTALLY meanwhile then reload me as calstarlady at which
is a MOZILLA browser and which MAYBE can read you. Let's test it today. I'll get right back to you as it may be that Mozilla combined GMAIL cannot even see your message.