A savvy pal wrote me all about getting rid of rats and mice. "If there are any rodents about ( perhaps you only have Unionized cats with a permanent entitlement attitude perhaps..) --to this date, the only effective rodent elimination method I've found is with the old fashioned Victor spring traps; make sure they are caged in/ barrier-ed enough to keep cats/ kittens from getting snapped in them! The rodent size in particular has a powerful spring action. Watch your fingers! they have a hairpin setting. I like the older all metal versions; the newer plastic ones are just ok. They say to install several in an area that is infested. The trick with the spring traps is to screw them onto a larger piece of plywood etc as ballast, as the spring can literally flip the trap through the air before doing what it is designed to do otherwise. Peanut butter is one standard bait, though lately I have found that using beef jerky is more reliable. You have to use a bit of wire like a paperclip to twist it into place or they can get away with it without triggering the trap. I spent a lot of money on the electronic zap version, only to find that the rodents are dirty enough to have just enough insulation on their paws to get the bait & escape without lethal shock.

This is really gross but necessary: keep an eye on these traps, check em during the day. (We had some in the attic, kind of a hassle. Made me think of installing a video cam up there to monitor.) uh, suffice to to say, you really need to empty the trap without missing a day. The rodents are infested internally with creepy crawlies, and when they die, it isn't pretty.... wear gloves, maybe a mask, plastic bag at the ready- & don't have lunch right before checking or touch food immediately AFTER.... Be ready to dispose of the whole mess if you aren't prepared to empty the trap.the glue traps are just awful, and not too effective for the same reason- if they are in a
real dirty area such as out attic, there's enough dirt on them to give them a chance to slip away with a small loss of dirty fur. It also doesn't kill them, not humane. Had to drown one. Also had to screw the glue traps down as they were getting dragged off by a rodent half in and half out! Never again.Best method for keeping rodents out is to seal up crevices with steel wool, stainless steel if you can get it or regular is ok though it will rust. They don't like to chew on steel wool; coarse is best. Also 1/4" wire screen, called "hardware cloth" every conceivable entry point. They are clever & determined. I found an amazingly difficult spot they came in under an eave where an electrical conduit went to the attic - & still haven't located the entry the last one took- up inside a wall perhaps
from the crawlspace below?

Last, if the trap route is chosen, care must be taken to use an enclosure that no kitten can get to yet just large enough.  We had really nasty rats here in the attic. I don't like killing things in general but their poop can be toxic, fleas they carry gave millions the plague and if your chums see one? They don't come back. "

I read that with a migraine starting from sheer stress. Told him as much then, he rsponded " you can always let your CATS catch and EAT THEM. I wrote back, MY CATS? TOO FAT. Too lazy, too well fed!

             RAT CAT POME
          A Man who has a gorgeous wife
          doesn't need a mistress too.
          a fat Cat with mom who cooks
          does not need a rat to chew.

          The lard ass felines that I feed
          have no need to chew on mice
          but put some cheese inside  a trap
          that spring hits fur paw in a thrice!

          A mashed cat foot can cost a deal!
          no vet about (with heart that feels)
          the pain as kitties' paw goes SLAP
          reaching toward a baited trap!

          So I think not, no traps for us
          to allure, enchant a little puss.
          & the more I live the more I find
          a rodent's face is sweet and kind

          The problem's cats I THINK I need--
          are furry vermin which I must feed!
          Cats not rats will cause you strife.
          A poulet a day for a their long life!