DARKNESS is endemic.  Look out upon the universe. It's MOST of what is there, it would seem. What's un-usual is LIGHT! Those little sparkles of the STARS against that immense darkness but they're THERE, brave little guys, sparkling away. The image is one we want to take to heart.

Anyone who knows how to create a spark of light should do it, because DARKNESS is pressing in on us, MORE AND MORE these days. It's what there's MORE OF and glimmering stars like YOU and me, or like YOU AND I COULD BE ..... are what there's less of.

ALL of us are treading a circular hamster wheel of dented relationships, houses we're stuck in, jobs we hate, clients who are horrors, work done so repetitively, that what once interested us, now bores us. So we're left drinking/ eating/spending for a little fun and THAT, plus the costly necessaries equals declining health and endless bills.

We may not see a way out of this rut. What has happened is that each of us becomes the effect of his habits and sees the world not only according to his own 'stuck' ideas but also from this worsening vantage point of eyes sinking lower and lower in a rut!

Getting free is not a matter of deciding which habit has to go, as many of these habits were chosen because they pay the rent. It is not a decision of deciding which habit is correct as none of them really are, proven by the rut they caused!

The getting out is achieved by how we look at all our prior decisions, choices, our life habits, and our opinions, even those arising in our own brain,  and what we choose to see.  Because once we SEE the truth about these life de-enhancing habits, routines, people, outlets --- change would be attracted automatically. Seeing is above all.

The important thing is to see the truth, tell the truth, about ourselves and about others. Tell it to ourselves and tell it to others. In a kind way of course.

We may feel that keeping the peace, keeping the silence, co-operating, working to keep everyone in the same stuck mode, doing that endless wage earning, servicing and enabling is the solid, safe American way. That to eat, sleep and die is all there is ---so paint a smile on your face and do it with resignation!

If that's what we believe, then, we're MORIBUND, headed straight toward the hospital, then the graveyard and we are taking our dear ones with us!

Very few of us make a personal life statement of any JOY or creative energy but ALL of us COULD (and be a model of it) if we could learn to tell the truth to ourselves and others, sweetly and gently, non-ostreperously, non-invasively, so that our own ears would hear it, learn from it and welcome hearing it again.

The trick is to learn to use the words that promise 'release' to the suffering monsters around us and to also say these words to ourselves. Say "you could be the most loved person if you'd stop griping," A truth about their bad habits delivered sweetly and hopefully sandwiched in good things. Say it to yourself at times, too!

Don't say to yourself, 'you're a fright, negative, cranky, complaining. I hate you. " No, promise freedom and excellence to yourself by speaking the truth sweetly. Affirming the fine things you can do to get away from that. Learn to identify the stuckness of all beings, their automatic mind, and help others to see it where they're stuck in nasty habits by promising they will find the path out.

To do it, you have to practice on yourself. DO NOT be afraid to see the truth about yourself. Don't be spooked by it and rush to judge yourself harshly. The truth isn't permanent. It's more like getting AN 'F' at half semester. A chance to see where your work or life is slipping! That will automatically prod you to do the second semester better.

You see some areas, I'm sure, where you get an F! Where you're slightly stuck right now. Where your eye is sinking beneath the rut level.  Very few of us can get just grab a skyhook and go flying out of that rut and get unstuck.

The doing so might mean we'd embrace friends who are probably nasty betrayers or abandon the family that has us clutched, send the clients packing, abandon the traffic, the city and job that has CLUTCHED US in its iron grip --- maybe to go live like maharajas in a third world land where a dollar can pay rent on a hut for a week. Where ten dollars can pay rent on a palace and l00$ a month can buy a staff of servants, an orchard of fruit trees full of nightingales and peacocks where we roam gardens with a gorgeous, exotic sweetheart.

But would you move to Mexico or Thailand where you could have an ecstatic life even if you knew you were certain to have it? No! We're afraid of untrod paths, success, luck, love. We're stuck, attached, FEARFUL. We tell ourselves we're saints feeding pets, taking care of mates, children, paying off property. So in effect, we have created an EITHER OR mobius loop that we can't get off. I can't leave the real so I can't have the dream. That is a sure formula for failure. I can't cure the monster near me so I have to suffer the monster. I can't stop my inner anger so I have to live with it.

RESIGNATION is the gate slamming in our face but that gate is not real; it is only inside of our eyelids, IN US.

THE SOUL and its dreams are pure light and have infinite possibilities. The excitement and energy of soul dreams could lead us to earning enough to pay for upkeep of the dull reality, by someone else, while we run off after the dream, living a miraculous life.

The soul and its dreams are ingenious enough in their mode of BEINGNESS which attracts HAVINGNESS to attract green energy.

We can combine the real with fantasy. We can become an import export tycoon, traveling to Thailand, Mexico Paris and Morocco and paying rent back in Dullsville Idaho. We were designed to be bi-coastal.

But no, the SOUL is stuck with this heavy HEAD, this MIND, this brain, the ultimate nay-sayer of the planet it is. The blocade before our feet is illusion. It is not really there. ANY two cent dream could finds its way around that blocade for that blocade is inside our own skull. Why don't we choose a dream that would map a few easy steps forward? RESIGNATION.

Physicians know that 99% of the physical diseases are caused by the mind. The "unconscious" mind (called in Sanskrit language "nirbhuddi") stores 25 mental picture images per second with ALL the details and subtle nuances of color, temperature, point of dimension, space, sounds, tactile textures, even your emotions ---- full on, what you any exact moment etc. IT IS STORED.

But why limit sense impressions and dreams to backwards in time. They can we know, be stretched, (rubber reality) to envision a future. The dreamed future that can possibly exist ... with the help of your higher self who swims with the angels.

I once saw a sign on the outside of a church. "Dream something so audacious that it's guaranteed to fail if God doesn't step in." And then wait patiently and in good humor, until God steps in. And oh yes, make efforts. Do the ground work.

Once I was regressed (non hypnotically, while awake) to a past life and with the help of the tekkie doing it, I HAD EMOTIONAL RECALL in technicolor and cinerama that I don't even have for events in this lifetime! The reason may be that the INHIBITING MIND that existed IN that lifetime, had long GONE. Those memories were unfettered!

When done for THIS lifetime, these remembrances are not strong, as we are in active denial. Cathected, Freud called it. Strong blocks, strong 'non-confronts' exist. So if we try to remember a powerful event of recent years, our inner eye is blocked! The BODY feels endangered, when it senses that memory or thought coming so it "BLOCKS" the powerful, inner eye, THE DREAMING eye that we're trying to use while awake.  Sleep sometimes loosens the memory, and boy do the emotions pour out on us when the ole brain is asleep!

So you see, some  important, needed messages never make it PAST our own brain. We are being held incommunicado in our own body. Brains hate outpourings of feelings. So they can block them. By blocking the precisions of thought, the FOCUS that would evoke feelings. People who are blocked become jumpity thought, unfocused, non sequiteurs show up in their speech. They are at effect of a MIND constrained NOT TO THINK OF HIPPOPOTAMUS!

My past life regression told me hugely important things about my compulsive tendencies. My soul life. My 'how I am from lifetime to lifetime'. In normal waking consciousness, I HADN'T A CLUE about this compulsion. It wasn't such a bad thing, but it had never dawned on me. I hadn't a clue. MY LIFE was running away from me like a waterfall. It would have been quite useful to see that compulsion but I hadn't the altitude to see it! (Don't die of suspense. My problem is I'm a compulsive mother. A baby machine. I like to kiss cheeks of babies so I have to keep creating them.)

Normally, we block any suspicion of our having a compulsion or a loony bent, right out. For instance, I say MOVE TO THAILAND to you, and you react with UGH, startled fear. Some message you  heard about revolution there. Dirty water. Bugs.

These fears, these sentences you heard somewhere on the road of life.....are THERE, lingering in your MIND, making all motion impossible, all freedom to travel, savor life, meet strange, exotic people....unlikely.

We don't blockages are there. There's simply a desire not to know or confront things that we experienced that are noxious, in the past. A story about a bug, a spider, a tarantula, a parasite in water in a third world country lingers in memory along with a recalled decision to never go to one.  So we live in our rut.
(A reason not to talk to your kids about such things, or show them t.v. shows with sharks and spiders.)

If I say 'Go live in Paradise, you instantly say 'oh the water there would kill me." That's an automatic reaction. We have all kinds of those. Some people hear a DOG BARK, they leap up in fear and pain as if they were bitten, --- what that is, their NERVOUS system is remembering a bite as a child, nothing more.

I can't tell you how many people have come to my living room for readings, seen my CATS, sweet little fat furry critters and reacted in total fear. They won't come in the door! Because of a childhood experience with a cat.

So --- memories are persuasive, potent, illusory and have us in a jail. Our distaste for the truth about ourselves, our compulsions is another kind of jail.

There's a t.v. ad now, where a family has built a house out of stone as they hate termites. That's a good metaphor. The urge to get the nasty out has given us a sterile, untenable existence.

If we had a tool to confront 'stuck views' and observe them and ourselves and our own compulsions with 'ease', we would not only lose the fear of many things that hold us in a strait jacket, but we could loosen up our dreams, enter states of being other things long enough to attain those other paths, as that is the rule. We magnetize to attract. We could achieve  happiness, relief and personal realization of increasing pleasure. We would easily be able to steer ourselves away from rigid, automatic or compulsive behavior when it came up. Recognize how frustration with ourselves is like a frozen sea. And being stuck in this Arctic frozen wilderness naturally makes us nasty.

All that would put us more in a mood to be CAUSE over the universe in which we live, observor of the causes of our nastier tendencies masters of our environment, achiever of our desires. Such knowledge would gives us control over beliefs which are not ours but which have been subtly installed or implanted by tweaked people, random events or deliberately engraved as negative programming by others in this life and in past lives which we have "forgotten". Once we can access that programming, thru focused memory on this life, past life regression, and Akashic record memories, we can devise a way out of the icebergs. Break up the ice and sail right out of it.

CLEANSED of these stuck paranoias, DOORS would open in our current life. We would flow into an ecstatic life, inside of a warm, protected forward flow. The immense magical universe has sent an ocean of crystalline beauty to you, and you won't get in the water!

When GOD ABOVE has an inspiration and moves men, people, events, synchronicity, events, offers, inspirations to us and we react with fear and say "NO!" automatically -- because of the specter of 'oh that isn't me. I'm this, not that." Snobishness, distaste or fear, we stand in the way of the Evolution of the universe and don't even know that we're doing it.

We hear an offer from a good soul "let's go, let's do" and we think, "No way! I'm prudent. I chose NOT to get involved,  because this person is probably flaky. Others have betrayed me. This event seems flakey, dangerous."

We move with our Republican MINDS, highly conditional, limited relationships and with minds that are storage dumps for old trash, heavy, cumbersome, -- unmoving really.

We don't move with Democratic hearts which absolutely see the God in the other person and are endlessly enjoying them, trusting, adventurous, zestful, admiring, explorational and fearless. That kind of heart wants to see everyone get enough and that's the only pay off.NO, we can't get to that altitude of living because we are too full of memories of past betrayals!

I am reminded of a saying of Mark Twain's. "A cat that leaps up on a hot stove will never jump on a hot stove again. The problem is, he will never leap up on a COLD one either." So he misses a lot of meals is the implication.

How can we understand our minds and the jail they keep us in, a jail of expectation of "EEK! THE HOT STOVE AGAIN!"

How can we really judge what is outside us, when we can barely realize that which goes on within our mind?. At the present moment. we are more EFFECT than CAUSE. As scarred people, we are fond of assigning blame and responsibility on other people or external things, 'fate', bad luck, blaming parents, judging mates, sitting in judgement of groups, fearing them, and even reacting with horrific jealousy and loathing. Blame, anger, paranoia, hate. Our daily diet.

On such a diet, we lose our powers to dream, become more and more at EFFECT. We no longer create. We are just reacting to what the environment, other people and our prejudices impose on us.

There are beliefs and habits embedded in the automatic mind which we have accepted without even being aware of how automatic and toxic those beliefs are. They aren't spectacular, hairy, purple people eater thougths. They are not 'ALIEN'. No, they are quiet, unassuming, banal, ordinary prejudices but toxic as arsenic.

We live in a world of hating certain qualities we see in others. Very important you identify what that thing is you hate so much and examine it as you would a tumor removed from your heart. What built this? Ask that question. Where did such hate come from, in me?

Guilt at our 'badness', anger at the badness of others still exist in you and you don't see that both are spectres of the mind that has forgotten to dream. Wherever dreaming isn't, the toxic tumor of hate IS.

The tumor grows weightier, if we don't work at getting it out. WEAKENED by this inner tumor sapping our strength, THE DEMONS WITHOUT can take over. Our rut, our mates, our jobs, our bosses, our political leaders can enslave us. This mechanism is 'as if' one were being tied up by an enemy that one can not see,
then the other forces do get more toxic too and press in and destroy us.

Without a technique to get above the mind, and see the tumor within and work on it, one can not defend oneself from the tumor without. ONE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW that one is tied up by an enemy worse than smog, oil lobby presidents bent on war with Arabs.

That is the enemy that has stolen from us the possibility of a swim in warm waters on far shores, third world countries for fear of dirty water, spiders, sharks, being hustled by take advantage friends and lovers. We are tied up BY TEDIUM. BY EMPTINESS. BY  HABIT.

The thing we have to do is get so mad at our airless lives that we can say the magic words: "Give me rape by a Turk rather than this tedium!"

Well, that's overkill. Dualistic mind is giving us the loony impression it's an either/or situation.  A DREAMING LIFE artfully lived is not tempting the fates to give us rape at the hands of a Turk fer gawdsake!

We have such fear of baby steps stuck in us. Clinging to the mother's breast is a habit that dies hard. Being able to scan the memory of childhood, both this one and that of lives past, with the powerful lens of  looking backwards, which you can learn to do from a five page file, free to you at this web site, we can look see and invite change. You want to know how simple it is? Inviting it causes it.

The technique of early life regression and past life regression can be learned in a single reading of a file. No guru required, no class. No dictionary. You can begin to do "Samskara" cleaning (that is the term used in INDIA to describe the impressions stored in our inner mind.) That's the only two dollar word I'll use. As you can see, I'm a straight shooter. Nickle words only.

There is NO LIMIT to the extent of experiences that you could remember -- by yourself --- but the amount you could remember with a buddy system is doubly infinite!

Achieve a solution for stuckness, these life quandaries, as well as achieve clear memories of past lives. And when you see those, you'll recognize the events that programmed you to be as you ARE! And maybe see that your deepest tendencies are AUTOMATIC 'reactions,' not logical and next time you get tempted to react that way automatically, you can catch yourself.

For example: you would be amazed if you would know the things you have listened to while you were in the womb of your mother, if you would learn that her emotions, problems, sensations, thoughts and OPINIONS, true or not -- are stored in your brain.  You did not need to understand the ENGLISH language as a fetus to get the 'supra thought'. The strange OPINIONS that MOM HAD during her pregnancy may also be controlling you TODAY. Can you imagine a puppet moved by invisible strings? Walking a life dictated by Mom's take on it? YOUR MOM, right?

Emotional release work, past life regression, neo-natal and pre-natal rebirthing can disclose stuck opinions, events, words, programming in you.

CLEARING the stuck junk hastens the connection with a lot of higher things. Maybe guardian angels. Maybe soul impulses to do great works. Live a life less ordinary.

Using the presence and help of disincarnate, angelic entities will open Akashic records so that you can 'enter' those events like walking into a movie. Read HOW TO REGRESS TO PAST LIVES

If you want to try this therapy system at home, read this file on it. Get a friend in your city to read same file and try doing it, (it's real easy) with a buddy system.

Yoga, high energy healthfoods and mind-stilling meditational practice will all  help you do do this kind of remembering, habit seeking, karma cleaning. Emotional release work. Rebirthing. Visiting, entering PAST LIVES, Neo-natal memories in this life. PRE-NATAL memories. The whole nine yards! 

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