Hmmmm. Wonder if this Angel Writer thing
would do. No. It won't insert images.Krikey!
Only Netscape Browser would do that!
I was desperate! An article writing senior with too much time on her hands, gifted with a brand new ASUS WIN8 PC which was totally empty of html article writing software. I can do 300 articles a year, have for years. ( MY own PORTAL to ANITA'S 7,000 SEMINARS on HOW TO GO FROM ZERO TO RICH IN ONE YEAR WEBPAGE cried out for new articles. I needed low byte coding, (brevity of byte AMOUNT, not the BYTE THICK "BILL GATES WORD"  Which eats up the webhost's size gift. I needed writing software that let me put in IMAGES. (I love cartoon images in things.)

So I was looking for a WORD PROCESSING SOFTWARE, hopefully as good as NETSCAPE's COMMUNICATOR which won't go on a WIN 8 they tell me. I needed minimal CODING, and  facility of image placement.

A tekkie who doesn't write articles but writes LONG naggy emails asked me "have you downloaded Open Office and tried to install that? It's better then MS Office and its free. They have all sorts of templates too. You can make web pages and sites like a pro. Just use the right tools. Then learn how to use PHP and Style sheets." HUH? I hate it when he talks Greek.

"You will have one page that tells what style sheet to display. This saves you from doing the same things over and over. So you load the main sheet which tells what style sheets to load. So simple to do. They even have programs like open office to help you do that. So you have a header style sheet, and you have a footers style sheet. Then you can have the content style sheets.
When you call all of those style sheets together it's a web page.
You could setup a menu style sheet which would be common to all your web pages. You could have it at the top or side or both. Wikipedia has a page on that.
You know you can setup a web site like Wikipedia? They give out the template style sheets. You could see how they are made and do your own also. Read the help on open office to make style sheet and PHP programming. Your really missing out and over doing it. working twice as hard as you need to.
HUH this guy is so over educated about webstuff but dumb as a ditch carp when it comes to what I need. I don't  need templates. Just a blank page.

SO I'm looking around...I hear that OpenOffice is a MS Office clone,  free (i.e. open source). Or I can download a dedicated web page designer such as Coffee Cup (free).
My friend says "Personally I'd go for SEA MONKEY or Coffee Cup. Forget Netscape.  It is long gone. ( I am still anxious to download a version in the 4.5, vintage 4.78 area and see if it works on WIN 8.1

I downloaded a program called WYSIWYG. It Couldn't replace mike word on Judgement Day. Totally useless. It cannot LOAD any htm file. Doesn't recognize the extension! How useless is that! supposedly does webpages and cannot load an already written htm file??   So I gotta have the tekkie hacker kid back to CRACK (he calls it) MICROSOFT WORD meaning pull the HTM COMPOSER OUT OF THE REST of its programs. I don't like WORD as you cannot insert graphics easily, it loads you with collateral files to have a graphic. Also, its byte load is cumbersome. TRIPLES size of any file! I can hear my webhost cracking his knuckled and cackling, 'more money, young lady.'

KOMPOZER is another htm software, free online.Tried it, nothing on it worked. NOTHING seemingly around for free that I could sample that ran with the ease with which NETSCAPE COMPOSER did all a writer's chores. You have an ancient pc around? WIN XP or below? Try netscape 4 or 4.79 on it SILKY! Just like the images slide into the FILE like a peach rolling on velvet and no weird coding. Mike Word coding overload shame on Gates. Shame. SOMEHOW we are going to find a 'work-alike' to net compose  or get a netscape that will work on win8 >

Again my pal says "SeaMonkey Composer is the latest incarnation of the Composer program found in the old Netscape Navigator which won't run on WIN l0.

     Here are some tutorials:

     Getting Started with SeaMonkey Composer

     SeaMonkey Composer Intro.

     Seamonkey Tutorial

By that time I'd asked PHIL the tekkie the secret of / and had figured out the MENU CLICK areas so I could use SEAMONKEY. So when you get rolling in it, phone me up to get the exact MENU click area that PHIL clued me to, the stuff on top allowing you to do your different chores. i.e. SUMMON UP an online article, summon up one in your pc's guts.

LAST, When you have your piece written, get FTP software free online from CORE. ONLY one that's free and works.

But always check to see IMAGE PROPERTIES in case it thinks the image is listed as being in some other place. It has to read http://www.WEBSITE.COM/GRAPHIC.JPG
not D:\MYWRITINGS\FILE.HTM  which is the inside of your own PC.

Also when you go to save file, it tends to DEFAULT-name files with an HTML. EXTENSION. I PREFER HTM. So You can't do that DEFAULT stuff to me! I am assigning a LIVE LINK to it in some index of mine, it's either htm or html so keep an eye pealed on EXTENSIONS! The devil is in the details and MONKEYS are not always reliable.  monkey graphic,
                  very small, useful. AND IT MOVES!

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