FORGET about those witches in Disney comedies who say 'hokuspokus dominoqus.' Primitive --for twelfth centuries witches. You want incantations that work? Well, update your mantra; clean the boards to do some real witchcraft. I feel like sharing some witchy sizzle ...affirmations to achieve things. Read them aloud.
TO NAIL SOME BLOKE, first we must utter THE AFFIRMATIONS that clear the way, create the HIGHEST ENVIRONMENT for love to take hold and grow. THE SAFEST environment. YOU CANNOT use witchcraft for anything that is not supportive of human integrity, that of you, your sweetheart and the children to come!
These affirmations first underscore your personal power and deservingness. They next show or affirm both your motivation and your intent to be SIMON PURE, clear headed and wise. And then last, they pertain to the relationship itself.

Re the first part, affirming personal power. It is hard to do spells and have them WORK if you haven't obtained your 'clearances' by doing this PURITY OF power and PURITY of intent first. It's kind of the I.D or driver’s license required to be on the spellbound highway of love and later, family life.

SO take this document in hand. Light a few candles, in front of a mirror, the rest of the room in darkness. SAY: 

1.) I AFFIRM that I am without sin. I forgive myself for my earlier errors or prior lacks or bad career moves as I have already vowed not to resume these bad habits. I will state it again. I will not do a. b. or c. again. The reason is that I hurt others or myself. So I am SIMON PURE! Thank you GOD. Thank you for showing me the way.

2.) I am not walking around in a perpetual bummer state without this man. Life turns me on. I am in a full state of acceptance of what is in my life. I am not disagreeing with what God sent me. I accept my LOT in gratitude and bliss. I practice being blissful many times a day, and when negative thoughts enter my head, I push them out to reaffirm gratitude. I stay busy with things I LOVE but more importantly, people and activities that I love!

3.) I affirm that my job or work gives me bliss. The work that I do, whether part of a paid job or my own moonlighting career, is important to me, I'm in bliss when I do it. If I didn't like it, I would quit. If the atmosphere at work were uncongenial, I would quit. I know that through my work I'm helping the world to improve. I am forwarding the action here on Earth with my work. 

4.) My life is so much fun that I DO NOT NEED to have a boyfriend, be in love or be married. I survive economically without help. I don't need to marry for a back up survival position as millions of years of my female ancestors did. Even though survival fears are bred into my genes, I cast out such worries by affirming, I WORK, I EARN, I AM AUTONOMOUS. I am brave about the future. 

5.) DEAR GOD MAKE ME SEE CLUES TO CHARACTER. If I met a man who had certain amazing qualities, say that he liked children, he liked ME a great deal; he was very truthful, honest, loyal, hard working, good at analyzing his motivations, very clear about himself and the world, a man who didn't have issues about intimacy, who didn't have issues about money, a man who was not a huge ego but knew he was good at what he did and wanted to do something for the planet. A man who was a GIVER, not a taker. And if he were X. Y. Z, (go on for as many virtues as you require, desire, wish for) then I might be interested but I would test any man to see if he had all of these basic virtues. And to make certain they were real virtues, not painted on for appearance sake, so that I would not be guilty of leading any children I had into a bad family life, I WOULD DO SOME TESTING! I AFFIRM I WILL TAKE TIME TO TEST and not leap into things.

6.) PUT THE MAN IN MY LIFE SO I CAN CHECK HIM OUT. I affirm that I am thinking of X as a fiancé and possible father to my children so in the interests of creating a good family and living space for my children, I ask the universe to put him with me enough that we get a chance to know all these things about one another.

7.) SEEING IS ABOVE ALL. During our dating, make me SEE the truth about him, his kinks, and passions. ALL kinks, quirks are deviations from truth. This deviation at the front end of the relationships is hardly visible, just a passing clue, very quick, very faint, as he's in a good mood, he's controlling himself. But I am certain that they will show up again, at the back end much worse, really dangerous to the affection, so help me to spot the clues and confront them in a gentle manner. (So that he can get some transformation out of our relationship, in case nothing else happens.) 

When you have finished your session, send your words to heaven by clearing the air over the candle, then blow the candle out. A telegram was just sent to GOD. When he has time, he can study your entire session, go over it, and then HE will send you the events that you need.