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The world needs  peaceful dreamy restful sleep. Everyone who tried this tea at Sta.  Barbara Guru Jon Paul's spiritual group had masterful colorful 3D experience. It even filters out cell phone towers microwaves.

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This site works but you need EXCEL software to read results. So I couldn't do it but the thing claims to find blasters near your HOME.

So, after you find out how bad it is in your nabe, here is "dreamers tea blend which provides a deep REM sleep with superb 3D color dreams that are easy to recall and apply to the times at hand.

Blend dried or preferably fresh herbs crushed (Macerated) to release
the phyto medicinals contained within. Fresh slightly wilted herbs work
well also. Dried herbs function with full effects. Bring water to a boil, turn off
fire, drop them in, cover and maybe towel wrap.

Rose petals/Hips -1 Part tbsp
Lavender - 1/2 part tsp (Lavendula)
Mugwort - 1/2 to 1 part (Artemesia ludoviciana) is OK but (Artemesia
vulgaris) has the higher amount of (moxa) / (Variegata) ( (the more the
better the effects of color in dream state) very bitter herb
Chamomile - 3 parts tsp's Note: German Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita) is preferred over Roman Chamomile (Anthemis or Chamaemelum)
Chrysanthumum blossoms or (Pyrethreum Rosea) - 2 Parts Tsp (Pyrethreum Rosea) is red petals with
yellow center) having Mugwort shaped leaves
Peppermint - 2 parts tsp (Pepierta Mentha)
Rosemary - 1/2 part tsp (Rosemarinus officinalis) short needles with Blue violet flowers
Lemon balm - 1/2 part tsp (Mellissa officinalis)
Catnip - 1 part tsp (Nepeta Cataria)
Valerian Leaf or root - 1/4 part eg: (Cypripedium Parviflorum)
Ladies slipper , If leaf 2 small fresh leaves / if roots only a pinch

Blend together the fresh herbs preferably into a container which might
hold two cups of boiling water. Pour water ( Infuse) over mixture. Let
stand for 10 - 20 Minutes and pour off thru a screen. Save the herbs for
the next evening tea

Allow the blend to dry in a breeze or air flow environment during the
day after usage. Continue to add only catnip, mugwort, lemon balm and
fresh lavender for the following day's dreamer tea. This blend is usually
good for five days if you add to it daily. Mugwort is the main catalyst
for the deep dream state.

We have added a pinch of Royal Sage or Stinging Nettles on the days when
detoxification was desired during restful deep REM sleep.

Questions on the Dreamers Tea Blend

The tea infusion is specifically used to induce a deep dream state, hence the name I gave it, is Dreamers Tea Blend. 95% of the people who tried it so far have commented on partial LUCID dreaming with total  recall and full alertness while waking up refreshed and rested. I would prefer that you use only the (Artemesia  Vulgaris) form of the artemesia family although (Artemesia Ludoviciana) Western mugwort, white prarie
sage, cudweed having lanceolate leaves might work as the only substitute. The (Artemesia Vulgaris) has  white undersides that many people rub on to prevent Poison Oak from creating problems. It (Artemesia Vulgaris) also has tiny red brown flowers. It is NOT quite as bitter as the Absinthium form of the Artemesia family.

If it (Plant you have) is an (Artemisia Absinthium) then it might be a lamb brook silver or commonly known as Wormwood. It works OK to remove intestinal parasites and is part of the Artemisia family of Bitter herbs. It  will not work well to induce a DREAM state in the same manner as will (Artemisia Vulgaris) mugwort grey leaf
or silver leaf. The ASATURU group planted Wormwood at the entry to the Wicca Gardens at Camp Taft and  burned it in a similar manner as one would use Sage to purify a space or as incense. It definitely worked to repel pesky flies, fleas and other bugs.

If you have a common (Artemesia Abrotanum) also known as southernwood, Lads love, and Old Man it would  be a bitter that improves digestion and liver function while destroying and driving out intestinal parasites.  Parasites can't tolerate the bitters well. This one does NOT induce the Dream State

The extracts of cineole and santonin found in wormwood are subject to legal restrictions in some countries  due to extensive use in witchcraft fertility rites. You don't plan on becoming both hallucinatory and fertile any time soon ????? :)so you?

Tha Native Americans who helped me to perfect the Dreamers Tea formula insisted on the Vulgaris form of  the Artemesia.

We did use (Artemesia draculanus) Tarragon and (Artemesia Annua) Sweet Annie to add to Marjoram,  Thyme, and Oregano as a pizza and spaghetti sauce seasoning. The Tarragon flavor of sweetness  overpowered the Italian taste of the Marjoram, Thyme, Oregano blend. Spent the last two years perfecting the blends by experimenting for the best flavor.

We all (22 of us) used the Dreamers Tea Formula on the days after a sweat lodge ceremony. I participated in  52 sweat lodge ceremonies so far. Very humbling experience. Right after the Sweat Lodge Ceremony (4 hours in the steam room tent,) we  poured the boiling water over the Dreamers TEA Blend.  Rest and Regeneration came to us, with that deep REM sleep essential to discover your purpose here at this time of planetary transformation. Post this formula at your web site --for others to find. In fact, put every one of the 1,001  LIFE SEMINAR files on your website and charge money. Monetize the info. Here the  1,001 articles are:  Save to cache at directory you entitle C:\NEWAGE