I loved your story on DAWN WILSON, gal in Ensenada prison caught buying epilepsy pills. Cops were waiting outside T.J. pharmacy and nabbed her on street. Story didn't mention she's been in prison for 1 year already out of 5 yr term, was there 10-14-03  when prisoners rioted, raped their way thru woman's section. But, finally, PUBLICITY for the DAWN WILSON CAUSE!

I'm an L.A mom who just "bailed" my kid out of same, Ojos Negros PRISON, (C.E.R.E.SO. standing for center of rehabilitation, HAH!) 

I MORDIDA-ed him out to be exact. My son is schizophrenic, had a history of mental problems, had walked from LA to Ensenada, a feat in itself, drank water off highway to make it, stole a sailboat, was riding around in it. Mex gov wanted $2,000 to release him, threatened 3 yrs imprisionment. They called it bail but it was "MORDIDA". 
Authorities hunkered down in their ferocious, "outraged Government" act, always useful for a family shake down. NOT LAW at all. EXTORTION.

To facilitate this maneuver, I e-mailed Consulate Embassy in Tijuana where two vice consuls, Kristi and Elisa, run the jailed Americans detail, saying: "Gee, 2k seems extreme, kid joyriding. Talk to them.'

Having lived 7 yrs in Mexico in the sixties, I DID NOT GO TO A LAWYER. You go to a lawyer -- twenty thousand dollars later, the kid is still being squeezed like a milk cow cuz lawyers are intermediaries in the graft system, holding family down, explaining why HUGE SUMS of money are 'THE ONLY WAY.'

In my case, the U.S. EMBASSY went to MEX JUDGES, said "Hey  are you practicing extortion again? THIS sailboat joyride KID is nuts. Long psychiatric history. You have him in prison trying to squeeze 2k out of mother? You know how you're going to look to AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS? You know what you are doing to the real cash cow, the MEXICAN TOURISM industry? EVERYONE who's visited TJ/ ENSENADA has had COPS shake them down on street corners. Americans KNOW about you.

MEX Judge said, abashedly, "well Just GIVE US 400$" This momma ran down there and handed the $ over. Mex handed him to American cops at border as he'd run away from his half way house in L.A. and now he's in his 2nd term at Patton Mental Hospital.

The LAWYER "helping" Dawn may just be the problem. I know from her website (now defunct) that he's made twenty grand from her relatives. The MEX COPS who arrested her used Dawn's credit card, emptying 4k out of her VISA while she was asleep her first night.

Her family posted the VISA bills at website, proving 'twas done first week post arrest. Mex won't release this woman to come back on COPS/JUDGES/ GOV for COP misdeeds. SOME 'LAW' they have DOWN there.

 PITY MEXICO! SO FAR FROM GOD AND SO CLOSE to rich tourists. Mex lawyers/ judges will CONTINUE SHAKING Dawn Wilson down 'til it's just skeleton bones rattling in a cell. Every Calif politico including AHNOLD was apprised, (see Dawn's website) but all refused to get involved being so ignorant as not to know about the BRILIANT TIJUANA U.S. CONSULATE amazon maidens Kristi and Elisa who get what they want from the thieving Mex legal system by just going in and facing the judges and spitting in their lying stealing eye. Trouble with CALIF is, we ain't got no steenking politicos! signed

Anita Sands Hernandez, Mother of 4, the other 3 of which MEXICO will not be squeezing.