Scary thing happened to me first week I was online back in the 90's.  I had one particular spammer hit me with three ads a minute, all day and all night. Their machine had jammed, so the emails never stopped. TWO or three every minute of the day! What a nightmare! I write a pal, 'HELP, what do I do? I have  netscape 4.7." (That is the key to the resources I had, the type of browser. Because you fight with your browser and its capabilities.) It has no spam arrest facilities.
Today a pal told me, I SHOULD HAVE WRITTEN these guys: and or
  1. the Federal Trade Commission -- Be sure to include the complete spam email.
  2. INCLUDE your email provider. At the top of the message, state that you're complaining about being spammed. ...
  3. INCLUDE the sender's email provider, if you can tell who it is.

My pal told me many OTHER devious things to do to spammers. You can get them thrown off their SERVER for one thing. Use a DNS numbers SEARCH on their email, it's easy to spot, looks like is a typical set of numbers, and you can see them if you view the EMAIL thru your own VIEW PAGE SOURCE option at top of your browser.  I am so glad I know at TEKKIE. This is why we all need to identify our superior tekkie pals, superior to us I mean. I know about ten gifted fellows who have shown up as knowledgeable so I keep their names on a special emergency list called 'tekkies'. I'd written about ten of 'em but Randall in Idaho answered." EASY! set your email filter to auto DELETE all msgs containing the word for the product that spam was advertising, a cable de-scrambler. He said set it to catch the word "Descrambler". You will still get the msgs but you will never see them 'cause they auto DELETE. 

I HAVE no descrambler and no filters. At that time I used netscape version 4.7. an oldie but a goodie as I had windows 98SE and had to use antique software, browsers. Like NETSCAPE, The modern one then was MOZILLA 3. I can't download it. Kills the PC DEAD.
So I have another browser for surfing the web, MOZILLA FIRE FOX2 And twenty yeras later, MOZILLA CHROME. Best of all. Well, except NETSCAPE 4.7 was better.

"OK", he said, "another thing to do. Why not use an anonomous PC (like the one at the public library) to reply to the email (and to ask to be removed from email list) using their email address but fill in YOUR ADDRESS as that of the CIA, the COPS, the state of CALIFORNIA or somebody, then the CIA or California will be placed on the list to receive all the spam. Maybe THAT will get them to put the spammers out of business.

I don't have a nearby library or a tagged, legal car, so that was out.

Well don't ever reply to an  email and ask to be removed from their list? This normally encourages REAL SPAMMERS to spam 'at ya' even more and sell your address as a 'good' or 'proven' address, so is not a good idea. But if the company is legit they will simply remove your name from their list.

You may have to open another email account, like free GMAIL, or "Hotmail" from MSN, or free Yahoo email. They both have spam filters which can divert SPAM to a DELETE folder.

I did what he said. I'm now ten different addresses at GMAIL. And the spam stopped. thank gawd. I'd like to say that I edited preferences in NETSCAPE to create a filter and that my browser sends spamail to some other box,  but I don't know how.

Another pal said "it's easy. Create a junk box, put the 'descrambler' there, then it would fill up. It will make it easier to erase. He said that I'd use my file manager, a DOS kind of tree with directories, ZTREE it's called, go to program files/user/default/mail/junk and erase all of them in one fell swoop. I wrote him "thanks for advice! I'm sure that if I'd done it, hundreds would have stopped, but I'm not that good. I pass the info on to you, however, as you may be more tekkie than I.

Here is my dummies' method on HOW TO AVOID GETTING ON SPAMMER LISTS: NEVER SIGN SOMETHING AND PASS IT ON! NOW, here is the main thing to do to avoid spam. It's a NOT DO. Never sign a petition on line. Tell your pals who send you or forward you that PETITION to stop being a dupe. And when they even send you a news article they found, stop showing open addies. They must do BCC on all addies on that "list" email. But most important, never ever forward a petition that is going to IMPLORE the gov to DO SOMETHING. THE GOV SENATE, CONGRESS etc do not change laws because of emails or even read petitions. Those are spammer generated letters, ostensibly about world problems, issues, but really just a way of getting a huge list of 'good emails, ' fresh meat for spammers. Stop helping these brigands! Every time a pal does it, send them this article. Create a directory WEBMATTERS. Save this file as HTM to that directory. KILL SPAM it is called, but we always join it together to make finding it easy, KILLSPAM.HTM. Formatted files are HTM.

LAST, bone up on spam. MY FRIEND in IDAHO sent me some very fine SpamKiller LINKS. I pass them on.  They are not going to be in LIVE LINKS. They are just URLS. You just throw 'em in your browser. Now, if any of these URLS doesn't crank up, Send me notice as 'bad addies,' please. Meaning if it doesn't boot up, I wanna know. And mention "in your kill spam article, x url doesn't work.'' It's a dead link. I am anita sands found at astrology at earthlink. net  Cuz I can rewrite this article,  FTP it in a flash.