When you start to assume your role as a God or goddess, (of being mother or father to the planet, i.e. "being God,') -- your work is for the needy, suffering or ignorant. You go about fixing their difficulties. First result, seams of happiness open in the thread of the planet. As matters repair , your heart becomes as big as the planet earth. Everyone on it is your child. SECOND, you are never bored, always BUSY. THIRD, your luck starts to happen. Everything you touch will work. The POWER people come to you, are kind and serving to you.

Great people will be 'accidentally' thrown in your path and they will love you, network with you, even FUND YOU.....MARRY YOU....PARTNER with you.....and RECREATE with you and your family. And then do the work with you. And working with a chumcluster is super FUN!

I invite you to consider the CONCEPT of MOTHERing or FATHERing THE PLANET.  It needs it!
THE LEGACY YOU LEAVE THE PLANET will be SUFFICIENCY given by TRADE routes To places where people now starve to death. Yes, the United Nations tells us that 29,000 babies die daily of starvation. These people need seed and water. Nothing more. They could keep goats if they had that, and occasionally eat meat.

Think, isn't it true that, today, you ate three pounds of protein, fruits, vegetables and grains. You downed tasty and nutritional drinks also some very clean, good water. The same diet went for all your family and friends. Yet this moment, today, that many babies die, starving or with food insufficiency related illness. And no death is more painful than HUNGER.

So, if you were intending to start a moonlighting business, do one that will feed, through trade, it would seriously AID the villages where these babies now starve.

The hand made artisanry trade will alleviate and end the utter penury in countries where folks have recently been bombed or earthquaked out of their homes into refugee camps. In isolated places where Where BECHTEL went in and started charging the peasants for water. A German company just bought the Stockton California Water supply. Heart of the beef region for the Western United states. Target areas where drought, famine, joblessness, global warming, have ended the food supply and created riots and genocide by despot rulers places where the U.S> MARINES came in and shot all the men in the village. These trends have been going on all over the planet since the day JFK got assassinated. That's when the OCTOPUS took over. (Fascism, corporate run New World Order.)

The big corporations are on the move. It is time to develop the little man, whether in Stockton or Ecuador. Whether it's a big USA city hippie with art design talent or an Indian in a village who has the time to create your artistic vision and get to the capital to ship it to you.

I once had an import biz on the Sunset Strip in W. Hollywood. I know how it's done. As a kid of twenty-two, I  was able to go out into isolated villages, buy gorgeous folk art and leave a standing order so more merchandise would come by railroad to the door of my shop. I remember these curious little wooden branch cages they were sent in. So unique, we sold them as patio coffee table bases. Anyway, recently when I started to use CRAIGS list, it hit me, CRAIGS LIST? WOW. If I'd had that resource back in 1964 when I started importing, designing, wholesaling and retailing, I could have deputized teams, in every city, made an internat'l  DESIGN COMMUNE, and we'd have gone to the four winds, not just Mexico, where I was. We'd have picked up hand made beautiful textiles, jewelry, design goods in Africa, Haiti, the Middle East, exactly where starvation is now, and sold it in London, Paris, Switzerland.

Such a plan would be a good model of action today. The travel/ design part. Not shop sitting unless you have pals who would welcome doing it, storesitting is not where this business attains levels of grandeur.. Sitting in a shop is drab, uncreative. CHATTY but drab. The lively end is touring the villages and getting natives to understand that all that their primitive handiwork is thrilling to big city folks.

So lately I'm reading about ROBERT REDFORD's NEW HEROES group, how they'll send you a kit so you can have a Heroes living room group, organize your own cottage industries. They send you the entire TV SERIES as watching it you can see how charity and business combine. His HEROES also made money, but they helped the third world, too.

Ponder the concept of a wholesale Communal network of teams, one wholesaling to the big city, the other traveling the third world, and linking third world villages with USA? UK and EUROPE. Your being the leader of it. I will not be. I am too old and I have too many cats to care for.. This requires youth. So I'll be team mascot and sit on the benches.

With this FEED THE PLANET THOUGHT IN MIND, I've been putting ads up at Craigs list all over Indonesia, (BALI is there,) ALL OVER India, Peru, Brazil and every exotic spot  Craigs offers....to find people who know where the artisanry comes from over there. Then I put ads in  NORTHERN  hemisphere cities, London, Paris, NYC, seeking artists, designers who might like to go out to the villages and buy arts and crafts, design for the natives (as the villagers just don't get the DESIGN CONCEPT for stuff that sells at Barney's,) and my plan was to email this very article to people on my own email list who might want to wholesale art/decor/clothing/jewels to local boutiques.

Even if you're only thinking about it, get on my international trade list by answering me at astrology@earthilnk.net.....MAYBE, right now. Shoot an E-letter back to me. Then you get on a list where you get articles and graphics on interna'l design/ trade. See, I can't fix the war, you can't,but we can provide income/food to starving villages with trade.

I once had the Bazaar Folklorico on the sunset strip in LA. W. Hollywood. My employee was the man I now serve via his website, the late master Jules, http://www.masterjules.net. I gave him as an outright gift, half of everything. Profits, whatever. My husband and I, (Luis Felix Hernandez,) lived in Mexico. I supplied the shop. Jules and his wife, my best friend as a kid, Suzi, worked the shop. I allowed him to put his own merchandise in there, whatever he could find and he drew a salary. So I know folklore/artisanry/ fashion design, jewel design from doing it for a few years there, until babies got to be the main commitment, back in Mexico.

I invite you to create your own wholesale biz, there. Call it VASCO De GAMA shops, or PRIMITVE LTD. or BAZAAR FOLKLORICO and use Craigs list to scout down people who go into Guatemalan highlands for embroideries and weavings. I invite you to right now go to GOOGLE.com and HIT THE "IMAGE" button. Then in the box, put in words like ARTISANRY, FOLKLORE, HANDMADE, MEXICO, BALI, AFRICA, ASIA & Look at all those purveyors. The type of designs that are 'homemade by native artisans, mostly women who are at home all day with babies, and would use the earnings to put children in school..

NEXT, to see the luxe version, CHECK OUT the DECORATOR DISTRICT ENTERPRISE that one heroic Atlanta woman did, it made her a multi-millionaire, a STAR in ATLANTA DECORATING WORLD, but also a satisfied artist http://www.marlamallett.com and do hit every link on the site, every page. It is like being inside of an extraordinary museum. One embroidered vest can be a thousand dollars.

That is what you want to turn YOU yourself into. A cottage industry. MERCANTILISM, to start, from OUT OF YOUR HOME, collecting and wholesaling. Getting other artisans in your neighborhood with a CRAIGS LIST ad. Some suggested text:

"Would you belong to a group that works with the impoverished natives? Would you or your church members or relatives have ole fashioned ARTS & CRAFTS TALENT? The plan is a group to inspire/motivate, give native people links, networking possibilities and then each of us starts a chumcluster biz based on gorgeous merchandise that we make, sell to the RITZY BOUTIQUES in EUROPE & USA. A dollar in your country in merchandise can bring 20 to 50$ in these NORTHERN CITIES.

Our FREE classroom is starting up on HOW 2-DO COTTAGE INDUSTRIES, and then how to wholesale them via CRAIGS LIST, finding girls with charitable hearts in their pages, so your artisanry goes to PALM BEACH, MIAMI, NYC, HOUSTON, Even Denver, or Hollywood, PARIS & LONDON. Switzerland. Germany. Do you and your pals (we're talking ole grannies) know Old time Country crafts? SHOW it to the locals! Drive out to rural villages and teach them BARNEYS/ SAKS level DESIGN! All you need is one SMART SAVVY KID to do the driving, and take Granny along to give the crochet/ knit lesson, the beading, embroidery, and between these two, let natives' upgrade all their designs to TRENDY. Then you or a pal take merchandise from village to local HARBOR or AIR FREIGHT to  SHIP the finished merchandise to CRAIG LIST PALS in Denver or Houston once a month so they can  wholesale it to DECORATORS' AREA...or boutiques, hand knits, crochet, weavings, pillow covers, boxes, baskets to posh boutiques or FOODs go to the FARMERS MARKETS. NYC pays 8$ a jar of jam. ONE JAR. GUAVAS grow there, no? They will in most tropical countries. A SMALL JAR  of it is valuable in USA. Or, large frozen pcgks go to bakers in ALL CUBAN BAKERIES across USA; THEY NEED a GUAVA SUPPLY. This tangy fruit costs 4$ an lb here in CALIF. IN USA we tell our readers to wholesale to/ or retail AT the STREET FARMERS MARKET on weekends? GREAT way for you to make links with the USA, PARIS, ENGLAND SWITZERLAND, HOUSTON, etc  is CRAIGS LIST. Ultimately your smart, Eenglish speaking young people can get out.. can MARRY UP and /or marry NORTH and start a charity biz like UNESCO BAZAARS, to bring cash back to your country. DOLLARS & EUROS. Imagine someone THERE, learning the art of wholesaling to LORD & TAYLOR in NYC, NEIMAN MARCUS in DALLAS/HOUSTON. Or to your agents, who'd be energetic KIDS HERE who would retail at street fairs in Los Angeles, CALIF or NYC!

THIS WHOLE enterprise depends on LIASON via craigs list and friendships and linkage and networking It will be profitable above all but FUN. EASY! FUN, FRIEND-FULL and AMUSING and hey, LOTS OF TRAVEL!  Even to the boondocks. A million dollars worth of BIZ can be created out of FARM PRODUCTS: also native crafts, baskets, textiles, hammocks, honey bees, syrup, any darn thing you have goin' for you. The job RECESSION DEMANDS we have a backup career ready. Our group wants folks who are BRIGHT, who KNOW PC's, in the capital city there, who isn't afraid to go into villages, scout down artisanry, talents, painting. Ask me for articles on native painting and textiles. I save this stuff. I was BazaarFolklorico on Sunset Strip in
Hollywood once. My partner then was the MASTER JULES who teaches the metaphysics of prosperity at  MASTER JULES SITE.

YOU are READY for a COTTAGE INDUSTRY, Ready for a cash only job, where where you are the CEO. The native villagers are the recipients.You already have all the tools, PC, DESK, OFFICE, COFFEE POT and TELEPHONE. AND those pals, those village grannies who do arts'n' crafts!You are ready to use your imagination in a career and do something artistic and VIVID. Our tast is built on the teachings of multi-millionaire PROSPERITY GURU, THE MASTER JULES, and there we describe dozens of GUERILLA CAPITALISM IDEAS that our L.A. Calif group has seen make millions. We wrote it up. EMAIL This ad to yourself right now, and JUST check our FRUGAL PEOPLE PROSPER WEBSITE http://home.earthlink.net/~anitaastrologer/frugprosp.htm

Would you want to create or join a 'living room group' (could be held monthly in a church basement) where folks discuss DOING COTTAGE INDUSTRIES. Take our free ARTISANRY/ TRADE seminars, online, right now, all of them. No charge ever. We want to create a tidal wave of MOONLIGHTING CEO's building fresh CAPITALISM in our own recessionary country with ties to STARVING NATIONS abroad. A group where members share experiences of their new age businesses. To see what I'm talking about, just go to our website where hundreds of free, inspiring articles are posted and learn about many, new age, different, quirky independent (not tied to THE TRAINERS at all,) MONEY MAKING ideas that have worked in Paris/ London LA/ NYC. This SEMINAR is online. TOTALLY FREE! Hundreds of articles on this field. But you might want to visit the actual GROUP for lectures. That's your choice. The concept of starting a group is, not only NETWORKING to find new pals but hey, groups IN PERSON are always more inspiring and this concept is NO TICKETS, registering, l00% free. Read the training seminars by clicking on the URL http://home.earthlink.net/~anitaastrologer/ ...

There's nothing to buy. It's a total freebie. THE TRAINING was written by a student of California PROSPERITY GURU, the MASTER JULES, self made MULTI millionaire, free prosperity coach who LECTURED (we transcribed) dozens of files on HOW TO ACHIEVE WEALTH. (His students built him a website, posthumously. MASTER JULES NET 

 Read his words on MONEY and how to get it metaphysically, MEANING That there is a HEADTRIP which creates wealth.....

you can bone up on how one CAN BECOME a MERCHANT PRINCE, a SUPER
TYCOON.....the path has been mapped! The teachings on GETTING FIRE IN
THE BELLY levels of AMBITION is http://home.earthlink.net/~loveguru/CHAP5.htm and the article on being a SUPER TYCOON is SECRETS OF MERCANTILISM

CREATE A LOCAL GROUP "FRUGAL LIFESTYLE 101 --Get members on bulletin boards nearby. Post "GROUPS FORMING" ads at Craigs List and POST MEETINGS (POTLUCKS TO ENCOURAGE VISITORS to come to a FEAST--almost a FREE SINGLES party! Send to your pals who maybe could use an INSPIRING,MOTIVATING impetus toward a lucrative cottage industry or something to add a little CASH to all your lives! AND COMMUNITY is created by the living room group, Put flyers up around the neighborhood.

USE THE FILE (BELOW) ON WRITING A PROSPECTUS so that 1 in every 3 people you give the DEAL MEMO to --will buy in, fund your business idea!





NEXT: Beautiful girls, read THE HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE website. (teaches girls how beauty can become Marriage and then become philanthropy.)

Any questions at all, Write.  astrology@earthlink.net  signed Anita Sands Hernandez