that we no Longer Need to FEAR THE TRUTH
            TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

THE CLOCK is at midnight for AMERICA to wake up.

You and I -- your friends and mine, --- all prefer to believe our leaders are JUST and FAIR, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. The economy has utterly been destroyed by tycoons and politicos, oligarchs and CEOs. The GASOLINE INDUSTRY CORPS made 5-10 BILLION EACH, their highest profits ever, that's AFTER RESEARCH AND DRILLING COSTS.

OUR BELIEF that the COUNTRY is running smoothly  allows us to run around blithely, doing no original thinking. We can be busy little bees. We can clutter our lives with stuff 'n people, activities, fun even like the lobster in the warm swimming pool on top of the stove, we are ignorant of what the match in the cook's hand is about to do. We love or cooks, our leaders who salt us with savory pellets of amusement and occasional sweet lies, little rebates here and there so that we don't have to worry or THINK, because we fear it. We fear the truth.

A  journalist whom you should look up (on a search engine) Michael Rivero, said that ONCE A CITIZEN stops lying to himself and ACKNOWLEDGES that the government under which he lives is PRACTICING war for profit, war for resources because transnational corps want them to... and once you realize that CONGRESS and the WHITE HOUSE are LYING to John Q. Public about that fact, (as money and power and SERVING the OLIGARCHS for Campaign $ are his prime activities, their only loyalty) -- and once a citizen truly tunes into what's going on and once that citizen who is YOU sees that 99% of the politicians are really working for the transnational corporations or military industrial complex and once we see that the transnational is interested in getting resources and cheap labor abroad, and creating markets for their death toys, the citizen will see the obvious thing is that our politicians are too bloody CORRUPT to stop. THEY ARE ADDICTED to MONEY! Addicts don't quit without an intervention!

Well, when you see all that, the CITIZEN might have to CHOOSE WHAT kind of INTERVENTION he can stage, where and how and what he/she WILL DO ABOUT their addiction and crimes you will start to form LIVING ROOM GROUPS and that's when the power starts. HIVE activity gives a surge. Church choirs, meetings, movies, wherever folks congregate they get a buzz.  Today's citizens don’t want to do ANYTHING except watch t.v. and eat candies in Hell so they just turn the page to a new PEOPLE MAG story on Britany Spears and zone out. They stay "busy". They watch Celeb TV, reality shows that ARE NOT... and ignore the quiet, inner, sentient part of their mind. This country is in the throes of  ADDICTS RUNNING THE SHIP INTO THE GROUND, A SHIPWRECK event and NOBODY reacts. They have HOPE, the most toxic thing of all in Pandora's box of woes. If we considered that 60 yrs ago, one man could work and earn a living for his family, buy a home, and today two parents working two jobs cannot....we'd get a chill of terror and create a LIVING ROOM POTLUCK PARTY with all chums on board, once a week to discuss this.

I GREW UP IN THE 1950's. Famlilies then supported themselves with one worker, one job working 40 hours a week. Bought homes easily. Your generation  can't do that nor will your children do that. They will have to have two wage earners, one has to have 2 jobs and they're still trying to squeak by. If ordinary working stiffs got the same % of the wealth that they created (like we almost got in the 50's)  we  could support our families with one worker, one job working 2 days a week. Do you know an economist figure out that a just economy today to be like the one we had in the fifties would translate to Dad the Worker earning 170$ an hour.  That's how good it was in the fifties. WE ARE LIKE  hamsters today in a spinning treadmill, frazzled trying to keep up, but this kind of stress tweaks immune systems so we're dying early like flies --a  short brutal life. How did this happen? Since the early fifties, we have been like lobsters in a pot, coming to a gentle simmer, but so slow that we didn't notice until the boil started & presto, we were cooked! Their aim was clear, to cook us, to assure our workers were paid very little compared to their true value to corporations that employed them.  The government knew --they can read stats, but we have lost our servants in Congress and along with it, the country. Legislators today don't represent their constituents. They serve the lobbyists  who hold the stick of butter, say bend over and oh yes, here are our campaign donations. That butter money comes from the transnationals. Does it suit the big corps to have humanity over a barrel?  I don't think so. Their strategy is skewed and doesn't even serve THEM! We can no longer buy their TV's and SUVS

SO sit quietly and take in those statistics. Feel what's going on with your heart. Feel what terror your children will have to bear when they inherit this world that you allowed to go mad.

If you do feel that you might like to make a difference, you would perhaps research, READ "HOW YOUR FAMILY CAN HAVE FUN WITH SIMPLE ACTIVIST ACTIVITIES.." GOOGLE the keywords you read in this article. READ The BEST WEBSITES OUT THERE.  Maybe you'd also distribute those URLS (highlight top box, hit edit, copy, then paste into email.) Save articles to cache, email to pals as attachments.

E-mail entails minimal risk of harm to life and loved ones. ( I've been doing this kind of work for the four years I'm on the net with a PC and not once has anything happened that perhaps wasn't the usual PC static, Netscape shaky address book chaos. True, I didn't always interpret it as such, but once I learned NETSCAPE ADDRESS BOOKS self erase when too many names are loaded onto a list, I stopped alleging it was the NSA or CIA! And I admit I was a foolish hysteric at times, right after 911. I now realize that no one was shadowing me. But even when I THOUGHT CIA was after me, I kept churning out these articles.)

Cuz which risk is greater? To know and do nothing is to surrender one's self-image and endanger your grandkids and great grandkids as the planet will get so on TILT soon. BAD KARMA Permanently. Or get a file built on you at the NSA? Like it matters.

But here’s the deal. THE TRUTH IS VISIBLE and if you’ve caught a glimpse, and didn't at least research info and share it, you’re in either denial or irresponsibility, and you then are part of the problem.

There’s spiritual complicity in letting your government kill 5,000 civilians babies a day in carpet bombing Kabul Afghanistan. You are going to have bad karma for that. Like Germans did for electing Hitler. They all rot in Hell and their children too. Everyone who admired Adolph in 33 had to eat their hat until they got to be 90 and got senile.

To change your karma, your luck in life, and get those Godly assists from ‘fate’, and have an old age full of happy thoughts, you want to investigate where there is allegation on genocide and then, put your shoulder to the work of shouting about carnage. Where it's citizens mistreated domestically, put that same shoulder to moving the PYRAMID STONE off broken, bleeding backs.

You, for instance, might want to find out what BUSH Sr. Is really about. This is the guy who really runs this gov (with Cheney) Our pres is not the cretin IQ 80 kid who can’t read a teleprompter without putting the EmFASIS on the WRONG SYL-LABBLE) Bush Sr has for sixty years WORKED for all the European Bilderburger type Oligarch clubs, for the 13 families, for the CIA, the military and OIL INDUSTRY and the military industrial complex. These people have affable George on an assignment. Procure the planet’s oil rich sod for the SUPER RICH TEXANS and SUPER Rich FOURTEEN FAMILIES of the USA and EUROPE who run the Seven Sisters (oil companies.) Thirty years before, the orders were 'go get Vietnam,' as it has the world's biggest oil deposit right in the sea to the south.

Afghanistan is an oil and minerals piracy war. And if you ‘fer instance, found out that this were true, and wars in VietNam, KUWAIT, IRAQ AFGHANISTAN and SOON, the rest of Arabia, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, were and will be ---all ABOUT the piracy of OIL, --- the petroleum resources that these super rich Texas villains want, --- you’d be obliged to say ANITA ole girl, you have four dozen files on Bush Cheney Texas oil?? Bush ties with the Nazis, etc. Send them to me by return email. And then, you’d have to read for a minute each night. Not a problem unless you love RT NEWS at midnight which I get with my cable channel.

Then you’d be forced to look at how many millions are dying because a few men found a way to make billions each with resource wars? Well, then you will start to stand for principles of let THE PEOPLE of these other countries benefit from the resources that GOD PUT there and let us all benefit from the lack of KILLING going on.

Killing third worlders begets third world terrorists.BEGETS BLOWBACK. We’ve seen that a terrorist is just a deprived kid who grew up angry in a sand ghetto, loved being trained to shoot by a pal who also bought a Mafioski A-bomb after the Fall of Russia and maybe the two of them snuck it in the Canadian border. And maybe that Arab ghetto kid saw something you didn't. That oligarchs, gadzillionaires, had stolen the resources of his country, ergo he was diapered with sand and had blisters on both his tush and his feet. And he grew up tough. And angry about it. Especially when he had to watch American TV and see where we lived as children and how we lived.

I know your heart is good and I know you really want the whole world to have a good life. You want the poorest of POOR, in Afghanistan, to benefit from oil, coal, mines, gold, gems that God put in the ground NOT JUST A FEW WAR SHIEKS who are selling the oil pipeline to Russia and  the USA. Why? You know the oil comes from Ukraine must cross Afghanistan to get to the seacoast and to tankers. That oil enriches Russia and the flow of oil comes to the USA and Europe. So Afghans have really been in a catbird seat. These wars benefit the American military who live off death, only get ribbons and promotions out of it so the Generals don't care if they kill civilians. They make their careers on war, and they collude with the local corrupt presidents, the drug dealing Karzai family or the country's welath stealing MARCOS, MOBUTU types..  You want poor people in all the foreign countries where we buy up all the resources to have a house of their own, no landlord, no evictions. To have sewage, light,  heat, minimal health/dental care, public schools, college scholarships for A+ students, And maybe B+ students. We all need some higher education... and then, what about a permanent food source, some chickens, an orchard, a vegie garden? A WELL and water for each village. Who in the third world has ALL OF that? 20% of Americans have all this, maybe but abroad? NONE!

MOST of us good Americans and Europeans DO NOT HAVE THE COURAGE TO wonder why the super rich have trillions banked, money rotting in vaults, and order ten pastries per man off the dessert cart at the Ritz Hotel while 45% of the planet cannot buy beans as inflation has made them too dear. 45% of the planet couldn’t live a week if they lost their job and the last l0% of the planet actually wonders if food can be found before bedtime or if their stomach will be rumbling so bad they can't sleep and wil be cold all night. And at least a whole percent of our planet wonders if their infant will wake up dead.

99% of us have little, are in total vulnerability. A bare 1% have survival locked up. The l% only worry about status. Enough cashmere? Enough summer homes and Rolls Royces, tennis clubs? That's their headache.

The reality is one you know already. But... did you ever investigate the roots of that unfair system? No, you didn't. FACE THAT fact. Face the VISION that this planet is killing one infant a second with the sloth and stupidity of the 99% of us and the venality, hard-heartedness of the l% who they allow to be in power. That buck stops at your desk. Look down at the palm of your hand. That hand kills one infant a second all day and all night.

Your blind patriotism and waving flag implies a choice you made, to support oligarchs, flunky politicos and war and inequities. We are brainwashed. ALL propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker (it wouldn’t fool you if you read to the end of this file, you’d know the truth instantly.) MOST propaganda only works to give true, MORAL COWARDS an excuse not to think at all. That isn’t YOU. You’re brave enough to want to correct any oversights you made or you wouldn’t be here reading this far, now!

MOST of your thinking has been done for you by your government and the gov's 'captured' flunkies (the nat'l press --the best press money can buy) and those gorgeous, talking heads, the Jennings/ Brokaw, Blitzers, the Kronkites, the well adored news anchors.

There's another article on this site, on the actual CIA OPERATION called OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD,  the actual plan by which the CIA would acquire the top journalists in the USA. Get them into their back pockets and have them maintain a desired slant to news: FILE DISAPPEARED last seen at MY WEBSITE called OPERATION mockingbird.htmGONE NOW. CIA AT WORK. But no problema, just GOOGLE those two words

This project was called "MOCKINGBIRD" with great slyness and humor by the CIA because this is a real odd little bird that can fake any other voice and make it sound totally real. The bird is actually a practiced LIAR. AND the good ole spooks at the CIA knew what it was doing when it named journalists and themselves, 'mockingbirds.'

They knew they were creating an organ of OFFICIAL SPEAK like Brit, George Orwell wrote about in "1948", which the US publisher deemed SO true to life that they turned it into "1984" for the book’s release here.

If you let continue to let yourself swallow a steady diet of official speak and be 'played like a lute' and allow your hormones of patriotism and jingoism to be 'fanned' and enflamed and your urge to "GET THEM BACK, SHOOT THEM for the WTC terrorist attack!" –let that blood surge of adrenalin happily be exploited for its orgasmic pop, and adorn your vehicles and homes with flags that mean ‘shoot those bastards up’ when the terrorists were Saudis, not Afghanis, and nobody knows for sure if Osama is in a cave and if he were, why kill 5,000 civilians a day? If you hang that flag, want that 'gitback' then you know what your children and grandchildren will get? A thirty year resource war, lethal for our descendents. Complete with Atomic bombs in every US city.

And what for? THIS AFGHANISTAN HIT is just the EVIL EMPIRE of the USA's oligarch trained politicians, military industrials, brass-seeking armies out conquering more of the world's precious resources --which in truth, BELONG TO the people who live in that country, like the oil in Russia belongs to them and they can sell it, that’s fine, but why is RUSSIA helping us? Why is TURKEY? Why is CHINA, JAPAN on our side? The whole world wants that gasoline. Perish the thought. Give all those countries gas run vehicles, there will be no air left!

The PIPELINE rental money should be for the poor people of Afghanistan. That land, that sand thru which OUR PIPELINE will pass belongs to them. That country should get paid for the resources, or for watching over the pipe so no one shoots holes in it. Those people should be paid so that each third world person benefits, with their government fairly alotting profit-money for schools, teachers, textbooks, libraries, doctors, hospitals, roads, sanitation, houses built to withstand quakes. Wells for water, to grow crops like ISRAEL did in a desert. None of which the Arabs have now!

ALL THESE OTHER COUNTRIES...that we went into, bombed, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, surrender their resources to our transnational corporations. We went in, plundered, killed, civilian death squads, we destroyed them. We took what we wanted and left our puppet PRESIDENTS in power, and OUR TRANSNATIONALS got to RAPE their marketplace, invade it, no tariffs on 'em, and dominate the trade. There is a FIRESTONE tire factory in every city in Latin America. NO LOCAL tire makers! There is OUR OIL drilling, OUR COPPER mining and the foreign republic’s resources are not profiting people there! America raped the world while you mindlessly porked out  and watched TV.

The resources crossed the ocean, came to you, unpaid for, yet you pay full price for Firestone tires. Firestone may make’em cheaper! The goodies come up here. You pay high. And nobody down there got cash either. IT IS RAPE at both ends. And the CIA  and STATE DEPT pay those puppet tyrant murderous presidents abroad to be ‘our plantation slave foreman’ and to HOLD DOWN the ethnic workers for that rape.

Again, you never profited. USA citizens don’t get cheap rubber tires. No. BUT THE FIRESTONE COMPANY DOES get tires made cheapy when it steals the rubber and steals the labor of those foreign men. They get to pay bottom dollar everywhere as our State Dept/CIA bought and own the asses of all those Idi Amin's, Marcos, Pinochets!

THE USA created then funded Tyrant GENOCIDAL Presidents in lands full of bananas, or jungles full of rubber trees. Or red hills full of copper. Or as in the case of VIETNAM, biggest oilfield in the world is off their southern beaches. We wanted it and stuck our knives into its heart to kill it, to steal the oil and we rightfully failed. Six million North Vietnamese dead, almost as many SOUTH VIETNAMESE SOLDIERS working for us. And the chaos created the Khymer Rouge who went on killing to eliminate anyone who sympathized with us. A quarter million G.I's dead. A million family members grieving on our shore.

IF WE don't persecute the American Nazis who did that, if we LET OUR GOVERNMENT go free on all those accounts, if we let our rich men go free, (when they should be tried in the HAGUE WORLD COURT for theft, genocide, lying to us, ) then we who LET THEM GO FREE are guilty of abetting the spirit of the devil, the genocidal spirit of Adolph Hitler the next time it comes down the pike strutting a war.

HITLERISM is sooooo chillingly alive. The Germany that conquered all the little nations around it, Poland, France, Holland, in that goose-stepping spirit finally lost the war but the Nazis, themselves, won it! After the War, THE RANK AND FILE of the Gestapo and SS were brought over to Washington in OPERATION PAPERCLIP, to work for the OSS. Which became the CIA.

The SS and GESTAPO became our employees after the war. We needed them to continue to spy on Russia, hold it in check. The CIA was taught German techniques by the GESTAPO/ SS. TO WIT: KILL all liberals. Execute them in ways that it looks like a heart attack killed them. Like Olaf Palme died. Kill any gov functionary INSIDER that’s about to blab but in ways that seem like he dropped of a heart attack in the street or had a tumor or had a plane or canoe accident. Like ex CIA guys, William Casey (about to go on trial) and William Colby (about to publish his book and always a fink on Agency matters,) died.

We older people know where all the bones are buried and we try to teach the younger. Look up OPERATION PAPERCLIP at any search engine. Look up OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD too. Look up PHOENIX PROGRAM the CIA's plan to kill all teachers, leftists, socialists, civilians who sided with labor, unionism, Liberation Theology, socialism who maybe wanted to deter the power of corporatism, FASCISM, OLIGARCHS and get real servants of the people into the government process. That was a GERMAN technique. They murdered journalists who wrote the truth and didn't side with Hitler. In every country. They had gestapo squads travelling everywhere. GO SEE CASABLANCA for gawds' sakes. Paul Henreid was one of those liberal lecturers. The Nazis came to Casablance to KILL HIM. These liberals in every case spoke against/ or felt that the super rich would gain control of the gov and slant all its biz so that the poor man became a slave, and the rich plundered across borders, so the rich could take anything they wanted AND GIVE NOTHING back to the nation it stole from! Just as workers here have lost their unions. They even lost the factories as the transnationals sent them to Guatemala where workers earn a buck a day.

Look up all the Spook banks, the BCCI bank, the NUGAN HAND bank, see that they were ALL CIA owned banks where drug receipts were held for secret Ops far from Congressional oversight. They were collapsed at will, taking life savings from thousands of duped legit depositors! See how Mueller, our CURRENT HEAD OF FBI didn't persecute Bush for his part in BCCI when Mueller was a Federal Judge. He let BUSH SENIOR OFF! He was paid off by being given the FBI to run. DO A SEARCH ON THE WORDS BCCI, NUGAN HAND.

They go on taking away our life style so they can be rich and you can't, yet you don’t notice. A generation ago, a man worked and could buy a home. Today both parents work and they rent an apartment. YOU ARE LIKE a lobster in a pot, slowly being don't notice that in your childhood, a father could work a forty hour week and give his kids a back yard with trees. NOW a husband, wife both work fulltime jobs, send their kids to daycare, and can only afford an apartment! Don't you see the change? The lobster doesn’t feel the water starting to boil as it’s warm, then warmer, then when he’s dead, well, he’s too dead to notice. HE WAS BOILED ROYAL! Same with our planet’s air, the air you breathe, which your grandkids will (ha!) one day breathe! (cough!) The things they let you put in your body, flouride, city air, dead foods, chemicalized foods, medicines with more side-effects than benefits.

The big planetary corporations want 7% expansion per annum or more. That’s what they require. 4% is stasis. 3% doesn’t pay their interest debt on their own accounts. These oligarchs MUST have 7% or else!

Well, the net effect is that they must control every country in the world to get that growth rate. How do they do that, you think? Well, "CHANGING THE MONKEY" is when our gov puts a puppet ruler in a country so we can plunder its resources without nationalists objecting. The people starve when that happens. The tyrant invariably kills his own lower classes off. In INDONESIA, some crumbbum whom we installed killed 2 million people a few years back, 'cuz maybe they were suspected leftists' (Ha!) and the President/ Gov and American corporations took the dead people’s land, --an entire state! And put in oil wells.

In all the countries of the world, this fairy tale goes down. Our State Department approaches the rich men who own resources, and soon the Rich men and the LOCAL KING start needing some new province. They kill the villagers there, and/or move them off the land and they take the land. Always, it’s oil or minerals underneath. Or fertile land which means our burgers and rubber gets grown there.

LOOK UP THE Word "QUICHE PROVINCE" in Guatemala. Gov deathsquads killed every man, woman child in an entire PROVINCE, several dozen villages, in a few days time. They macheted the babies when they ran out of bullets. They took the land. They killed the dogs too so they wouldn't run elsewhere and alert other villages. Several dozen villages got flattened. Land taken by US OIL COMPANY and by the gov and its employees, the very death squads. The valuable land around it got owned by the death squad guys.

Think not? MY landlord's worker PABLO worked for Mexican gov. dumping hundreds of students' bodies. Ask him. He is doing dry wall on my bathroom as we speak, after my landlord repiped house. He was a body dumper for the president DIAZ ORDAZ who killed a thousand students in 1968 at the student dorms, due to an assemblage at a lecture in MEXICO CITY a few weeks before Olympics. A FAMOUS disappearance of a thousand students in one night. I can give you the phone number of an actual man who participated in a massacre of a thousand students.

We cannot let our gov make our gig-izillionaires so needlessly rich at the cost of babies starving in every third world remote resource pit of land. OUR karma becomes impoverished when we don't fight for the right of the emerging nationalismand self-determination of other countries.

Do you remember SALVADOR ALLENDE. He wanted Chile's mines to enrich CHILE instead of ANACONDA COPPER, our USA based transnational. He threw Anaconda out. Kissinger/Nixon had him killed and put in PINOCHET who the planet is still trying to prosecute for killing 30 thousand Chileans in a week in a football stadium. RENT MOVIE "MISSING" with Lemmon and Spacek. Based on THE book, The EDUCATION OF CHARLES HORMAN (get it at for a buck. Flick won all the Oscars that year.

See, we older people have the big picture. Don't resent me cuz I tried to share it with you. I'm just a mother of four babies, three of them draftable sons, who cares a lot for all those other mothers in all those third world lands. I don’t want babies there macheted or carpet bombed. I object to the oil or copper being given to USA and the despot /tyrant president of the Republica getting cash from USA to hand it over. HOW DOES THAT country ever get rich? How do those babies live? Eat? A few men work as slaves in the mines but everyone else has no roads, no food, no livelihood, no emerging capitalist marketplace, no sanitation, no schools. Please, please, see the big picture.

Remember, the man who stands by and does nothing is guilty of complicity. Once you know the facts of mayhem, you're complicit, you're in. YOU KNOW THE TRUTH but don't want to hear it, yet you are screaming 'shoot the bastards in the desert who bombed WTC.' Hey, get real. If Columbine Colorado created two school shootings, why didn't we carpet bomb COLORADO?

The 5,000 babies which USA kills each single week had nothing to do with that WTC thing. Did we go into COLUMBINE COLORADO and kill all the villages cuz a kid named Dwiebold Kleinst shot up a school? Did we flatten all of Denver? Much less all of Colorado?

NO. So why are we flattening Afghanistan. Those terrorists were SAUDIS, who’d lived in GERMANY. We hit AFGHANISTAN because RUSSIA wants to sell us all its oil. My boss worked writing films in hollywood, nailed two oscars, he also worked for OSS and US gov in the forties. His job post WWII was to write papers on OIL for the CIA. He said it was well known at that time, that Russia had the then biggest oil field on planet. Now it's supposedly CANADA....but in the 60's,  oil was discovered in ocean off Nam. Now Russian oil is finally OURS. We dumped the Commies, got rulers we could control, now we're going for the oil. AND we need sand to get oil from South Russia to the Ocean. That means AFGHANISTAN has to become a big oil pipe. TALIBAN won't let us do that. That’s the real reason USA says OSAMA is AFGHANI. He’s SAUDI!

Don't give yourself bad luck by ignoring truth and reason and by continuing to want people to die. That is great in the theatre when you go to see a Schwarzeneggar movie, but this is real life. Whoever wrote this Earthly screenplay wants to see what you will choose. KILL or share FAIR.

This is not OIL and pipeline space THAT WE CANNOT GET ANOTHER WAY. Wall Street and Texas oil men and the BUSH Gang and their bosses the Rocks/Morgans and their bought flunkie media will put a spin on this, implying that war is necessary so people here can have the oil to heat their homes and drive their cars to work. But that is a lie. A.) Non polluting fuels and energy systems for cars exist and are ignored. (ask for file.) B.) Whenever the oil companies have tried to gouge even greater profits from working people in the U.S., the media have collaborated with oligarchs by inciting mass anger against the Arab OPEC countries, claiming they are "holding the West hostage" and want to deny the west oil.

This is false. The exchange of goods on a world basis is not dependent on domination, oppression and super-exploitation. The countries of the Middle East are glad to sell their oil, their main exportable resource, to countries that need it. They don't have to be beaten up for that.

This is not a war simply about oil. It is about SOUTHERN PORTS FOR RUSSIA. And of course, RUSSIA wants to have a pipeline thru Afghanistan so she can get her merchandise (you can't bottle it like COCA COLA. ) Oil requires a huge ship that is an OIL TANKER to get to the west. Or to Japan or Europe. And that allows RUSSIA to join the other hogs at the trough so the NEW HEADS OF RUSSIA are in on this.

OPEC or no OPEC, from the pumping of the oil out of the ground to its marketing at gas station pumps, the lucrative profits have been controlled by a cartel that used to be called the "Seven Sisters," or more accurately the Seven Brothers--Exxon, Shell, Gulf, Texaco, Mobil, Chevron and British Petroleum--before a number of mergers.

Yes, the oil produces great wealth, and a small part of it goes to governments that collaborate with the imperialists, like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. But the imperialist banks ultimately control the petrodollars in their own vaults.

The Middle East, now so impoverished, was not always that way. It was sumptuous, gorgeous once. BAGDAD was the cradle of all Mediterranean civilization. The early Iraquis had art, architecture, gothic arches, science, math, medicine when we didn't. THEY INVENTED NUMBERS. We only had the WHEEL at that time. That’s it. We were far behind them in culture. Arabs are a polite, kindly and hospitable, super gracious, cultured people. Kind of the PARISIANS of the desert without the rabid venal snide jealousy of the French. They are hosts in the way Italians are. Sit, eat. Be happy. (just no WINE!) They are if you want the truth, LIGHTYEARS in front of any of us spiritually. That's why l9 of their most criminal, lowbrow men could do a low-tech WWIII and beat us in 2 hours flat.

Now, it's true, ONE SOCIOPATH Arab KING back in the year 1000 did burn down the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. He was bonkers. No one else felt that way but Western Europe retaliated, and (probably at the behest of the Merchant Kings) sent in the Crusades. Our direct ancestors, the white European crusaders, rode in and killed everybody in Jerusalem. Man woman and child. WAAAAAY into over reaction, wouldn't you say?

Turn the clock forward to our time when the richest men on the planet are a handful of Arabs with oil wells, and they live in the white napperied perfection of their Bagdad ancestors in their ancient palaces but they have learned from the capitalists of the west. LEARNED THE WRONG THING. To shop at Harrods and dine at the Ritz while the middle eastern people who didn't own oil wells (99 and 44/100ths of them) have become poorer than dirt, even as fabulous wealth in the form of oil has fueled the development of a huge plutocrat population. Five thousand men who are multi millionaires have driven their own countries into massive inflation. So that a pound of lentils costs a day's wages for an Arab worker. YOU TRY TO EAT LENTILS all day and night, seven days a week. Go on. Do it.

The problem is those Kings don't invest in their country. They buy French duds, Milanese suits, homes in L.A. Miami. Ten pastries at the Ritz And the land they call home is still a barren desert. It needn't be. The Jews of Israel built fabulous farms in a total desert. They dug wells, irrigated, and found that sand could be made quite fertile if you added compost, water and co-operative labor. But no oil rich local gadzillionaire has ever helped these desert areas support human life. Not the wealthy of their own country. I think we should see to it, as the US people are in danger of being bombed by disenfranchised desert dwellers with their suitcase nukes, who watch Beverly Hills 90210 reruns that our oil companies create wells, irrigation etc.for these areas. We cannot let areas lag.

The poor of the Middle East are perhaps this poor because U.S. and British oil magnates and bankers are rolling in petrol-profits and cause double digit inflation locally, so the poor can't find water, grow or buy food, own a hut. NOBODY gives any of it back to the locals. IF GOD stored any wealth in their area, for them to use, they should get some of the benefit. Not just a few kings. There are 23 million people in AFghanistan. Like the population of CALIFORNIA stuck in a country the size of TEXAS....with a few men are stealing the resources. STEALING THEM BLIND. They put it in Swiss banks and none of it goes back to the peons!

Imperialism isn't just a policy of greedy belligerence, invasion at the drop of a hat, military aggression and pandemic bombings by big states against small ones. IT IS ALSO a habit of not sharing. Britain is small compared to India, but it controlled the economy of the Indian subcontinent for two centuries. It didn't share the wealth. It drained it. The French took the tilth out of the soil of Morocco and Algeria, growing peanuts for their peanut oil, and left the GOBI DESERT in its place. In and out burger. Slam bam, thank you ma’am.

This kind of Rogue Imperialism is the end result of capitalist development in places where huge banks and transnational corporations dominate the economy. ROGUE CAPITALISM becomes a far-flung economic empire --- octopus tentacles that stretch to strangle faraway villages. It is like a tumor. It has its own internal laws of development and it must continuously plunder, expand or die. You know, it’s more like a RETRO-VIRUS as it kills off even its host. The plunder will procede so far that the host will die and the virus will be up a river without a canoe. It's an economic form of AIDS. When that capitalist cannot sell you a new car and he makes l000 cars an hour, he's dead in the water.

CAPITALISM becomes ROGUE due to the careless nature of the actual social, economic relationship that goes on between exploiters (UNOCAL, SHELL, etc.) and the exploited (you and your kids) which in every case, starts with class exploitation at home (where’s your steel factory, your union?) and grows into oppression of whole nations everywhere.

We have to study the whole phenomena. Brando made a film BURN which dealt with a Caribbean colony of sugar slaves. He played the rich oppressor. It's kind of a history book turned cinema. Rent it. Brando was selective, and made another film where he was a soldier who’d befriended the OSAMA of his day, a Vietnamese rebel general. Rent that one.

The Middle East should be studied again in light of what GEORGE BUSH SR. and DICK CHENEY were doing thru W who hadn't a clue. Don’t believe that OSAMA is a lone gunman. Rent a film on Arabia, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. Try not to see what a villain the TURK JOSE FERRER is made out to be. Try to see us as the imperialist with ARABY in its crosshairs when you watch it. Back in 1927 when LAWRENCE lived, Brits knew about the profits to be derived from oil. To maintain an iron grip on those lucrative profits, U.S. and British imperialism need force, violence and terror --- they need war. So they NEVER worried about mistreating the natives. They would wait until a few downtrodden brownskins acted up. Maybe let a few white women and children get burnt! Then, they can justify anything.

Rent that TEDDY ROOSEVELT MOVIE "The WIND AND THE LION" with Candice Bergman getting kidnapped by an Arab? Sean Connery. Well, that kidnapping incident was a WAR justification then. God knows what Roosevelt wanted. Pre oil I think. SO TAKE A COURSE in the MIDDLE EAST at your local MOVIE CHANNEL. A palatable course. HERE IS A LIST of BEST, MOST  DELICIOUS TITLES!

What history requires now is not a Democrat in the Oval office or a "kinder, gentler" imperialist policy (which OBAMA NEVER DELIVERED, ) but a struggle to win a new economic and social system based on justice for all the peoples of the world. Awareness of that goal in you ... and your not forgetting it when you send your kids off to study history ... is required.

The resources of the planet are not limitless, but with planning they can be shared equitably. The vast expenditures on destruction, like the hundreds of billions now demanded for war, can be redirected to solve humanity's most pressing problems --- health, food, housing, education, the environment. All of humanity will profit from overturning the so called "7% solution", the usury of the banks, the current, transnational profit system. Let's hurry the day.

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