A Pal asked me today, what's new? I said well one GOOD THING: morninglories covered everything. My rented, ancient tract house is covered, its rusted windows, its cracked asphalt roof, the earthquake damage the landlord patched, didn't fix. Also so are my gardening errors. The mistakes don't show. It looks like a quaint cottage in BRAZIL out there. Before my friend could congratulate me, I told her the BAD NEWS: When freeze hits, the morninglories will turn brown and dry like a pile of CHEETOS! I will have to scissor them off entire garden front and back like lifting fur off a thousand square foot sheep!
GOOD NEWS: Those frozen glories will make alotta compost this winter. I thought about that and realized my whole LIFE was like that. Zebra striped.

Like ok, here's some BAD NEWS:  I got really _old_ these last few years. Couldn't give up the hobo brewed, black Columbian coffee.

GOOD NEWS: Soon, my tacchycardia will be so bad I can apply for WELFARE doles, public aid, stipends! Ludicrous piles of State MONEY. I know that more money would be youthening! I could afford the really hard to grow Spinach which costs 69c a bunch even at the ghetto market. Less of a grind to make the rent and catfood for the cats -- typing 25$ natal horoscopes. (THIS JUST IN: Took early retirement, 285$ a month instead of the 333$ I would have recd had I waited til I was 65.

BAD NEWS- Stipends and public aid and SOCIAL SECURITY AID TO THE CRIPPLED MONEY  makes you feel like a real loser. GOOD NEWS. I don't give a (^&$)#&

Recently I had some BAD NEWS- My Car needed a head/gasket --nearly 400$. 83 Hondas do not travel happily on hottest day of summer when your thermostat goes out and needle's in the red zone and the woman driving it is going 'huh? what's that about?' You blow the entire motor. GOODNEWS- 400$'s a helluva lot cheaper than a new car. Car runs damn well after doing this head thing. BAD NEWS- The stupid mechanic did not put in a new thermostat. He just gave it to me with a new motor gasket head. So I'm driving and I'm noticing NO TEMP whatsoever! GOOD NEWS- My car oriented chum Krell was able to tell me that thermostats cost 4$ and I should go back to mechanic with one in a bag and demand he stick it in there for free. He also told me which brand to buy. I felt as if I'd graduated Harvard after that. PREENING. Quelle Self IMAGE!

BAD NEWS- No cookies or cake in the house. can't afford it. GOOD NEWS- I'm a plump goose already and who needs more starch? Every tree in the valley is loaded with figs. If I want carbs, no tastier way. The valley trees are also loaded w. guavas, avocados, grapefruit, as is the soft lawn beneath them. I know trees in alleys that have avocados and pomegranates littering the ivy below. And as for the front of the homes, every home owner when asked, 'can I pick up your grapefruit only the stuff on ground?' sez "TAKE IT ALL AWAY, PUHLEEEZE ALL OF IT, STUFF ON TREE TOO"GOOD NEWS is Valley home owners with that truly ripe fruit on the ground don't realize how delicious grapefruit- ade is. Add sugar, water, mint leaves, that's the real trick, and WOW!!!!!!The juice tastes like pineapple juice. ALL FRUIT that falls off tree is dead ripe. Extremely delicious. They prob tried to pick and eat a grapefruit while it was still on tree. Pucker your mouth for a week. NO. Tree lets you know when it's ripe. WHY SHOULD I SUFFER FOR OTHERS' ignorance or struggle to train them or bring cuttings of mint for them to root so they make my brew. IGNORANCE is a bad thing but the YIN to the YANG is that  I PROFIT from it. I am in grapefruit heaven and the stuff is addictive in hot weather. I have a garage sale pitcher filled with highly slurpable julep in fridge. Am IN HEAVEN

BAD NEWS- My 91 yr old father is getting frail, he has no insurance in my name, no property, no cash. GOOD NEWS- His fifth wife a young alky, gave him a few kids before she died, fell on her head, half comatose on whiskey and on cement both, and gave herself a hematoma. A yr later the thing exploded inside and she visited St Peter and finagled a way for my old Pop to raise the kids solo and learn to change diapers. Now they are changing his diapers! I don't have to! I blew my gasket going to visit him that hot summer day --now I don't have to do that either! WHOPEEE!

So life is a miserable ebb flow of tides, an exchange if you will. Of evil and good. Reminding me of the chinaman. He finds a gorgeous horse. Neighbors say, 'oh lucky WANG,' Chinaman Wang say 'mebbe WANG lucky,  mebbe not.' Well that gorgeous HORSE throws his son. Just like my stepmother. Hits the cement HARD! Son's leg is totally broken and crippled for life. Neighbors say 'poor WANG.' Chinaman Wang says Mebbe yes, mebbe no." Then the king of this province declares a war, takes all the boys in the region, not the crippled kid. This time the chinaman Wangjust smiles. Doesn't say mebbe yes or mebbe no. His neighbors get it. WANG understands the universe. And he smiles his inscrutable Chinese smile.

As for our having sorrows that defy description. A story is told of a DONKEY who fell in a well. The FARMER saw him down there and ran away. The donkey wept.My master does not care.The farmer came back with his friends, all had shovels. They started digging up soil around the well and throwing it down upon the donkey. OH my GOD the Donkey brayed. Hes burying me! Im too far down for him to get me out so hes just going to bury me. The farmer and his friends shoveled all day and all night. Each time a ton of earth fell on his head, the donkey climbed up on top of it with his nimble hooves, but all the time weeping, Woe is me, my master doesnt love me, hes burying me, But all the time, getting closer to the mouth of the well. Finally lo and behold, the DONKEY was at the top and staring over the rim. His master embraced him and kissed his big muzzle. Although the farmer had lost his beautiful well, he had his beloved donkey back. The donkey suddenly realized that his master really loved him very much and had not thrown more dirt upon him than would be of use. Moral. At least have the faith of a donkey. YOUR MASTER loves you very much and hes throwin this stuff at you to save you! SO lose the attitude, grow up! BE GRATEFUL for all of it.

Well, here is the photo that proves all.On the right hand side is the beautiful twin. Rose White. On the left, sulky little Rose Red. Take a look. Guess what! Rose White was born outside the womb, no bag to protect her and she was born with Cerebral Palsy. Her sister Rose Red got the whole Uterus to herself and is stunningly healthy but she's mistrustful, a pout a minute while  Rose White is spiritual, gentle, always happy, an utter saint and radiates holiness. Look at her face. It is as if a LIGHT WERE LEFT ON INSIDE while the little girl on the left has a permanent attitude of 'I got a lousy deal'  and the darkness radiates out of her. So, got a tragedy? Got a sorrow? Maybe it's a good thing!