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EVIDENCE: The Crash: a malevolent theory in ruins, needing exploration!

            by RALPH SURETTE 

AS ONE of that small band of grumblers who has been saying for decades that the whole thing doesn’t add up – either economically or environmentally – allow me my little rant now that, in fact, it didn’t add up and that it all came crashing down. In addition to the FBI being on a hunt for criminal wrongdoing in the wreckage of Wall Street’s financial titans, raising the cheering possibility that MEDIA BARON/CONVICTED THIEF Conrad Black will have some more company of his own ilk in jail, we’re getting some big confessions that underline the enormity of what has transpired.

The #1 main clue has been delivered by Alan Greenspan, former maestro of the U.S. Federal Reserve, promoter of financial deregulation and lower taxes for the rich, and disciple of greed-is-good diva Ayn Rand. In words that will no doubt live on, he said last week: "I made a mistake in presuming that the self-interest of organizations, specifically banks and others, was such that they were best capable of protecting their own shareholders and their equity in the firms." Well, duh. Or as Aristotle said: "The avarice of mankind is insatiable."

CLUE #2 Not all have repented, mind you. President George W. Bush, after he invaded Iraq, exhorted Americans to "keep spending, otherwise the terrorists win." (and Halliburton, Blackwater and Kellogg Root Brown lose, right?) Now that pigging-out on credit has crashed the economy, how long will we have to wait before he ’fesses up that, according to his definition, the terrorists have won?

The peculiar notion that greed, uncompromising self-interest, beggaring one’s neighbour, and letting the devil take the hindmost, not to mention promoting rampant waste, is somehow a positive vision for society is what has imploded (again). Or, as economist John Maynard Keynes, architect of the post-Depression economic order, put it: "Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of reasons, will somehow work for the benefit of us all."

It becomes even more strange when you consider that one of the pillars of all this is the North American Christian fundamentalist movement, which is the background of, among others, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Bush. How greed, the fourth deadly sin in the Judeo-Christian order, could be considered such a good thing by the Christian right is something else I’m waiting to have explained. (Maybe they're hypocrites? Wolves in sheep's clothing?)

BUT ---There’s a deeper dimension still. Keynes and his ideas of government regulating financial institutions, more public spending to stimulate the economy during times of recession or depression, and picking up the poor with welfare state measures, were overturned some 30 years ago in the seats of power by the hyper-free- enterprise theories of Milton Friedman of the University of Chicago. It’s his prescriptions, and largely his disciples, that cut regulations for financial institutions and cut taxes for the rich --- which have largely precipitated the present crisis.

But beneath the KRUMMY KENYSIAN LAWS & Poverty cuts was a dimension that was actively malevolent. In the book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, FREE FOR YOU TO READ ONLINE, which made a splash across EATH, author Naomi Klein outlines the way the Chicago School operated, and explains the theory it spread: Take advantage of disasters and crises --false flag shocks --– economic, social or natural disasters, attacks,– when people are confused and hurting to strike and impose the new privatized order. (note, kind of Pearl Harbor- Reichtag Fire- Sinking of the Bismarck adaptation. THE BIRTH OF HOMELAND SECURITY was this. ) This is NAZI GAMEPLAY MODALITY to shape MOB OPINION which appeared in USA after we took the GEHLEN ORG into the CIA to be trainers.  (ALSO A FREE BOOK)

GEHLEN TERROR --(Swaying Public Opinion by orchestrating horrors, justifying martial law, abrogation of Constitution,)  was the script followed when 9-11 gave Bush the green light to invade Iraq, a pre-planned action, and the "creative chaos" that followed the invasion to the immense profit of military contractors. It was the script followed throughout Latin America during the Reagan-Thatcher years, when hyperinflation (in third world countries,) created by the (IMF in cahoots with banana dictators,) so that the debts of the dictators led to (famine) crises in which newly elected governments were destroyed by counter-coups, with the "Chicago boys" directing policies of destroying public services, selling off government assets to cronies, grinding the poor into the dirt; and for those who disagreed, there was the torture chamber. This has been the dominant theory in most of the world, applied by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, until the bubble burst.

Now it’s in ruins. Ironically, we now have the biggest crisis of all – thanks to the construct of this very theory collapsing, leaving the uncertain question: What now? Meanwhile, at the University of Chicago, there was a large public demonstration recently against naming a new building after Friedman.

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Ralph Surette is the ultimate WESTERN SLEUTH but We can't claim him! He's CANADIAN! A  veteran freelance journalist living in Yarmouth County,  Province not indicated. ( is his email addie. Send plaudits. Beg him to do more and merrier! I'll post his stuff at THE CONSPIRACY INDEX PAGE   or the AMERICAN MELTDOWN WEBPAGE! CAUSES and CEOS/ POLS TO BLAME.

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