Anita Sands,
      actress, astrologer, mother of 4, grandmother of 7
Anita Sands Hernandez, Actress, Astrologer,
                      Mother, Cat ladyFAMED ASTROLOGER, PALMIST, PSYCHIC READER, has hadcover stories published at DELL HOROSCOPE magazine, offers the 12 illustrated lessons “EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT PALMISTRY” free at her website, print it out on parchment and give it to people as a gift! It looks RENAISSANCE, go take a look!

Sands is the greatest stargazer in the USA. She has read the horoscopes and done the monthly predictions for Hollywood's most famed mystics, including mystical author, Carlos Castaneda, famed GURU Yogi Bhajan, (for 35 years,) In Fact, Yogi Bhajan gave a lecture on HOW MUCH HE LOVES her readings, HOW GOOD SHE IS and at what specialty, gave that info to his class & his praise was recorded at THIS SITE. She read for Courtney Love for seven years, (who thanks Anita in the album jacket of her latest CD, AMERICA’S SWEETHEART!) She reads for Sally Kirkland, worked for Dyan Cannon, Cheryl Ladd, the ex president of India, Dyal Singh, Liza Minelli and her Stepmother Mrs. Vincent Minelli, Mrs. Robert Stack, and for many other gurus, teachers, New Age personalities, writers, psychologists and filmstars, directors and producers.

She has often been called the "FIRST LADY of Astrology", "Stargazer to the STARS" "Guru to the Gurus" "Star Reader to the Stars" but what many of you don't know is that she is also an ace at Palm Reading and has actually been reading palms since she was 13 years old ---having been a precocious, troubled teen with WA-AAY too much time on her hands and absentee parents. In the interest of serving her many fans on the INTERNET and her throngs of web students and clients, Anita has developed new services that ALL CAN BE DONE  by telephone today, right now!


The HILLARY-Natal chartcomplete,  involved ---hence it's gonna cost ya, buddy! For one thing, you gotta LISTEN to The Hillary go on and on for about 60 minutes of yakkity yak about all this heavy stuff. YOUR LIFE, YOUR ISSUES, defects, your character, your real talents, your current reality, well, the past, present and future, your karmic role receptors, for boyfriends, husbands, the archetypes that make you pick who you picked!  How you snafu your own potential. Your true mission, your social and karmic obligations. It's a real snore, a HORROR-scope, but elegantly carried off. All I need is your accurate truthful DOB ---no xerox of palms necessary ---It's 50$ But it's over an hour long. Take notes while we talk. researched and created these astrological concepts. Certainly, I deserve to be treated better than a measly 50$ but... whatever! If it's my lot. I'll accept it with dignity. FOR THE TIME BEING until I take over the State of NEW YORK!!! AND THEN THE WHITE HOUSE! With Bill riding Shotgun! Serve him right.

THE MAMIE EISENHOWER -FAMILY HOROSCOPE . This is for the extremely relationship oriented, family oriented, professional MOTHER. We cast the horoscopes of your children and analyze them with you and Pop, all together. We compare YOU to those other relations, hubby or kids.  How that trait links to that kid, or that mate. And we do all the character traits of all of you and all the transit action to them with predictions on events, trends, in next year for both of you. If typed it would be 200$ but Parkinsons hands can no longer type fast. So it's only 50$

The MONICAA refreshing quickie service for the busy executive (with limited time,) interested in a simple palm job. We take both your palms, (PLEASE give them to me now) and set them face down on the surface of a totally warmed up xerox machine. We unzip, we zap. You male this paper to us, you big male hunk you...You enclose 25$ check cash or M.O. and guess what YOU get. After four hours of torturous thrill and longing, by return Email, you will get a ten page document telling you who and what you really are and WHAT YOU REALLY WANT and WHAT THE LIMITS ARE, THE DANGERS ARE, and what unpredictable, temptestuous DESTINY is going to DO to you, you naughty person, you. There will be NO secrets! Nothing held back! The MONICA can see and realize all your deepest buried potential, every fantasy you ever had ---because all you've ever done or ever will DO has left its trace on your hairy palm! 25$ and I am on my knees, your slave, doing the work which you get by return E-MALE. (breathe breathe) The cigar's on me. $25.00 as a mere affair should not take MORE than an HOUR.

The BARBARA BUSH -Not a natal, just the year ahead. We SCOPE OUT all THE secret ACTION headed your way in the next YEAR, stuff you don't know about, so that you can BE ON TOP, BE #1 in the world and totally stomp everyone else and get ahead. We study this coming year from all angles. We warn you of every danger, every potential takeover, anywhere you could lose. You give us the relevant DOB data on any FOE. We help you plot the way to knock their ass to Cuba. Or if it's Al Gore, show you how to send him back to the cotton plantation. Tell us what you want, who you want put away--- we do it for you. WE forsee the POWER PERIODS, the DIAMOND DAYS ahead so you win every election. Puts your HANDS on the HANDLES, gives you Complete CONTROL. $108

THE JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS -We pick the HOT DATES for your social EVENTS. (i explain the concept in my Cover Story for DELL HOROSCOPE MAG, "YOUR POWER HOURS" We pick the best dates for you to give that party so that everybody you meet either likes you, marries you, gives you money, jewelry or a neat new last name. Give just one party with MOON conjunct JUPITER and your festive occasions will get written up in the newspapers and your relatives can get high profile cabinet appointments, get elected to office and so you can go off and marry foreign men with yachts. When there are DOOM dates, we see that you're not out in the street head foolishly bared to the entire CIA and their Cuban-exile snipers. We see to your survival for the next thirty days and do that every month, a week at a time, it comes Monday mornings to your email box as an URL or html file. We scrutinize those 7 days, hour by hour, make predictions, suggest 'best use.' This one wraps you like a bullet proof vest, forty pages a month but 4 small chapters come weekly so you can adapt your DAY RUNNER to it. Ask for the Jackie and it comes automatically once a week on your EMAIL. I have been charging 30$ a month for the generic version, which just has the planets, and 60$ to 90$ to have it customized to your natal chart but --for an experimental length of time, -- it's no longer free at my website,  as nobody tipped and I did it for 2 1/2 hrs every night for a decade! So here are the custom natal charts that I do now: LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM! .

THE ROSALYN CARTER – Is something you download free online. Click on: PALM LESSON, palmistry lore handed down from generations of church going women. The first, best and ONLY palmistry lesson you are going to need in your life. BOOK ONE of the Roslyn Bible of Palmistry costs you peanuts. I used to print it out on paper, back in the 70's, charge a genteel, southern 5$. But now as it's on my web page, it's totally free. The Palmistry Bible has clear, easy-to-learn from illustrations that come EMBEDDED in the text of your email, or you can get it hard copy but with today's xerox/ mail costs 10$. If you had the Bible on your e-mail, you could print it out and have a book. Share it if you like. It's the Christian thing to do. As Jimmy is into charitable habitat this is a freebie. No sucking you in and in and into deeper waters each time. Nossir. we are talking middle American generosity and morality. If a palmist sins in her heart it IS a sin! The most the most fairly priced, best and certainly the cheapest (being FREE), most democratic palmistry book anywhere at any price. And everything in it is TRUE. TRUE, you hear? Will all this learning be VALUABLE to you in the future? You won't believe how much this knowledge will uplift your family life. You will not only amaze, amuse and astound your family and friends as you read their palms, you will also be empowered to read palms the way you now read words on a page. You will learn people's deepest darkest secrets without their even knowing you did so. Because The Rosalyn is without guile, sweet. She just takes your hand and says 'mah I see your hand, sir???' Sweet as sugar. And bingo, the whole CIA has your number cuz sure as shit she's working for the Trilateral Commission and Rockefellers and they ARE the CIA! 

THE PAT NIXON- So many lovely women never do a damn thing with their life. Yes, we've all seen it, famous, beautiful, important and rich women who are absolutely a BLANK PAGE. These poor boobies missed exploring their true talents, possibly because they never saw them. There's no reason for that NOW! For Only 30$, Anita will cast your natal horoscope and give you a CAREER ANALYSIS and a TRUE MISSION analysis, which is analyzing your ruler, your tenth house (true mission in life) and your sixth house (job), and come up with at least twenty interesting things you were karmically meant to do. NOT MARRIAGE. Not rug rats. ANY female can do THAT! No, we're talking jobs, careers, hobbies. Done from your chart alone, an hour on the phone $30.00

THE BETTY FORD-Tell me, if you had met GERALD FORD when he was 25, would you have married him?? Maybe not but what a GOOD MAN HE WAS. What if you could be given a magic lantern, and in it, see what a decent guy he was, or what his true place in history would be and see what the TWO of you would add up to? That this schlepper might one day be better for you than Say--- Nicholas Cage in PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED? You'd like to know which guy was really going to end up being BILL GATES even though now he was just a gnarly, jerky computer nerd, right? So we do a chart comparison. And this doesn't have to be sweethearts. We can compare you and any new beaux. Give me both your DOB's and we do a compatibility analysis that will predict if he can get you to the White House or bore the pants off you and drive you to drink! REMEMBER Poor BETTY and order this one,$40.00 as it goes over an hour on the phone.

THE CHELSEA CLINTON -What if you just needed to quick make up your mind, to know which direction you are SUPPOSED to go in. Study business? Get hired by a big corporation or just sit home and daytrade, invest your piggie bank's contents? Or hit a local college? Get a PH.D? Get a law degree and follow your parents to the  White House? Which study discipline? Pre-Med or LAW? Or maybe you're meant to stop cracking books, have a beauty fashion makeover, hang out with society in London and find some bloke with a good job and a title and get married. If you're pondering that many doors, you really need the MISSION POSSIBLE REPORT. This is a quick look at your horoscope's main features, especially the sixth house (job) and the l0th house (true mission, what you promised God you'd do in this incarnation.)15$.

The BUSH TWINS READING- Most of us, left to our own devices, do everything right and slowly move uphill toward goals. What sinks SOME of us is the things we do in an ill thought out flash of a moment that twist our lives thereafter so that OUR LIFE neverquite recovers. We can go over your natal HOROSCOPE and predict your quickie tendencies to self destruct, ruin your reputation, harm body, mind and soul…AND shame your parents and nearly lose them the election ..15$ half hour on phone.

THE LAURA BUSH –For wives who are asking WHY DID I MARRY THIS BOOZY PUTZ and is there ANOTHER GUY in my FUTURE? The comparison of You and your mate is first, and then a future reading on chances of a great divorce and a better remarriage accessed. 40$ On phone, as this 2 chart analysis goes over an hour.

THE MICHELLE OBAMA READING – You probably know that you’re going to give up your high flying career to marry him, and have the children and give them full attention only two things worry you. Is HE worth it? Will he add up to something in life? Will he always care for you and the babies? Or is he a love ya and leave ya kind of guy. We look at any man’s horoscope, compare it with your own, analyze his chances of success, generosity, wealth and the ability to take care of you and the offspring. And last, his will to stick around, cuz You are going to give up a lot to be MRS. HIM. $60.00

THE NANCY KISSINGER –Are you married to a great man? Want his palm read so you can hear all about the real him? 20$. You send clear xeroxes of his hands which he can do at WORK FREE. Your Baby's palms can also be done on a Xerox machine! Make sure Papillae ridges on fingerprints are visible. Some machines can't do fine lines. MARK "RT HAND DOMINANT this IS rt hand"

The MELANIA TRUMP - Are you tied to a wack  job? Did You REGRET the marriage that very night? Are you looking for a DAY AND A WAY to make a safe EXIT? We need to do HIS HOROSCOPE and find out when he's a.) going to jail,b.) breaking your jaw c.) Sending you back to your family in Lower Schizophrenia and then, I tell you what date to PRE-EMPT his eruption with a good Divorce Lawyer.  55$ Over the Phone --- tip me when divorce is final.

THE DOCTOR BIDEN READING- We can't make out the details of what this will entail yet.

PAYPAL sends me your money --- ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK NET IS MY PAYPAL NAME  --- your order letter with the recipient’s EMAIL ADDRESS in it, in the text of letter, and PAYPAL is enough for me to see the fact that you did pay, PAYPAL only needs to know my EMAIL ADDIE and they know how to send that cash to my bank. astrology @ earthlink. net is me.

If you’re not in a hurry and you actually want work, byme, actual thoughtful research, write Anita Sands 7900 Zelzah, Reseda CA 91335 and order the FIRST LADY you want! Don't send money. Checks are fine. Might as well throw in a good xerox of your palm. PHONE READING ON ANY OF THESE  30$ the hr.  818 774-1939