Remember how gung ho you were on the idea of all your older family members combining forces to wprk, save and buy real estate? How all of you would work a job or two, pool your money and buy a Four Unit building? Yes, you were thinking of that late last July -- beginning of August. You forgot all ready?

See,how can you keep up on a project, keep working in the elements that you attract with such intent... when you FORGOT YOUR INTENT?

What did you ever do with the dreams you were working on a week ago, A month ago? What were they? How would you remember two months ago? The point is you can't and don't.

We all need a MISSION JOURNAL. A MEMORY JOGGING DIARY. The only way to recall what was important to you when SUN WAS IN MOONCHILD, or when SUN was in to have laid down a jot in a diary, reading perhaps "My BIG DEAL TODAY was this, to hand out more baskets of sandwiches to the homeless." or "My SENSE of MISSION today is that the older kids can start savings accounts with cookie making sales and a fresh caught fish subscription service on our block." Or "My 'to-do's today' are to learn to make my own soap out of all the cooking fat I am fridging. " And sooner or later you will see that you intended to do stuff that you never DID. You flutter. There was no continuity. You don't FINISH stuff.

TO REALLY SEE YOURSELF as you are is the start of changing.