United Nations says that drought may strike 70% of world by 2025!

The UN says there can't be global security without food security in dry

The United Nations says drought could strike 70 percent of the planet by
2025, unless countries take due measure to stop or slow the global

"If we cannot find a solution to this problem... in 2025, close to 70 percent
could be affected," said Luc Gnacadja, executive secretary of the United
Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, quoted by AFP Friday.

Presently, at least 41 percent of the globe suffers from a malignant drought,
and the environmental degradation has bode for its growth pace of around 15
to 25 percent since 1990, reveals a global climate report.

"There will not be global security without food security" in dry regions,
Gnacadja said at the start of the ninth UN conference on the convention in the
Argentine capital.

"A green deal is necessary" for developing countries working to combat
drought, he stressed.

The world's richest countries with high carbon dioxide emissions are mainly
responsible for the global warming.

While the industrialized nations spend billions each year to limit their own risks
from the dire consequences of the environmental degradation, including
drought and rising seas, they do little to help poor nations counter the grim
consequences of environmental change.

The question is, what does food security mean? Emotional security? Or
food cops of some kind? A bigger budget for U.N. COPS?