DREAM STALKERS -- SPIRITS WHO HANG AROUND MAKING TROUBLE - I had a boyfriend whom I absolutely adored, whom I had a real 'thing' for and that infatuation lasted for three decades --- but a guy who, in death, wouldn't leave me alone. My shrink would say that this non-corporeal case of the hots had only to do with my healthy senior body -- that there WAS no ghost, ---but I was certain the cravings  had to do with my dear, departed BF who had been a sexfiend when alive --in spite of being 90 years old at passing. Worse, he was a guy who simply knew how to get my mind going on certain subjects.

Now, in life, usually arousal involved a full seafood dinner and a movie beforehand but in death he just cut to the chase: my mind's torrid G spot. The bother of it came to the point where I had to order this too friendly spook permanently banished to get rid of this phenomena.  I worked out a method, I didn't have to give him a reason and it worked. Did it with my mind beam, a projection from the third eye that I reserve for very bad things. I can apparently make HIROSHIMA come out of my third eye if I need it. Don't know if it would work on a burglar in the night...but it works on spooks.

So, today, I get an email right up my alley. An astrology client wrote me: " Anita, I've been going through some CRAZY Shit with a spirit, a relative who is weirdly  incestuous in tone just as he was in life. He comes over at night. I have slept for only 4hrs in 48hrs. A Poltergeist  is what I got!!!!!  Please any info you can give me to help me so I can protect myself! REALLY DEEPLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!! signed D.

Dear D., Well that poltergeist has an insane fix on your very sweet, successful and happy, creative energy, alright, buzzing around the world doing international trade and spreading dollars, you are the Mother Teresa of import/export. You are a gal who can make wonderful changes in the world and that's real dangerous to the dark side. So they enable him to bother you. Tell you what. You can shield all your energy inside a rim, create a steel rim with your imagination and borrowing the powers of your angelic guardians. It's all done with third eye mind power,  it's not imaginary you do have a laser beam stored in there. You can try out an aluminum rim or a GOLDEN rim or a PLATINUM rim. Create it around you in your mind, day and night. Replace shield as you go to sleep, and give the angels his name and address so they can hold him back.

NOW, insomnia is also exactly a feature of your age group. I got mine same age but I fixed mine putting a half glass of near beer next to the bed, every time I wake, I drink one big slug, two swallows then wi water also next to bed, rinse my teeth. Take CALM powder at bedtime in water, magnesium 3 parts, calcium 2, very soporific. Best formula as it's the right type of cal/mag.

Then, I can stay down for almost eight hours. Not doing so, I tend to sleep 3 hrs. Hops, prime ingred in good near beer, is a soporific.

OTHER ways, smudge your house by walking around with a stick of sandalwood incense, saying 'all spirits are invited to leave before we close all doors and windows. I am going to put a spell on these rooms. you had better get out for your own safety, for when we put the spell on these rooms, you will begin to feel all your lifelong guilts in triple speed. You don't want that, believe me, it hurts."

THEN first night, you do the punishment, PUT all their guilts in the room, hang it around the offender. Say 'you know you did terrible things to some people, and you failed to do the WONDERFUL GOOD things to others because you were engrossed in your ego needs.  You deserve to suffer. God knows he wants to make you suffer and come awake on these deeds or undone deeds...etc so I am encharging the ANGELS tonight to take you on a Charles Dickens tour of your tragic, puny life, your ridiculous choices.' Then close down the house at bedtime with usual platinum ring of pure energy.

I'd learned to do these third eye blasts when on various occasions, I have been awakened by a non corporeal soul touching me,  laying me flat.  I was in paralysis too, couldn't even move a finger or toe and I tried, but my brain and third eye were left 'on' as a power center so I threw a solid lightning bolt at them saying get out, get out. I should have added some harm but I didn't. Just a laser blast worked. I went right back into sludgiest sleep. remembered it next morning. See if that helps.