Do you have a FACEBOOK page??? Do you know how to 'work' that thing? I don't. My page just is used for hurling URLS. I'll use a sentence that makes you want to click, like "FIND OUT HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR INCOME, and then I write out the URL That's all I'm able to do cuz I'm simple but a smarter girl did use the thing! her name, Kristen Christian, a smartie living here in L.A. She did a 'move your money ' website to get folks to quit BOA/ CHASE banks and soon had 45,000 readers who quit the big banks, forced them to change their policy! So do a facebook page, best would be an ISSUE which you research, hurl urls, update regularly and promote. Or, do a personal one.

PG&E corporation quit their l0 million dollar advertising campaign with a big AD AGENCY,  fired 1600 people doing their ads when the CEO found out he was able to do just as much advertising on FACEBOOK!

 Put one up as a FAN PAGE for your bailiwick, for me that would be How to get Lucky in Love, or the great GURU whose lectures I transcribed from audio tapes -- the MASTER Jules,  Or maybe you come up with the next great MONNIKER, The REAL News View or just call it DOOCE. That's a girl who wrote a witty Mommy Blog and suddenly attracted 40 thousand bucks of advertising per month!

You may not want forty thousand dollars. You may simply seek to awaken intellect and further activism. You want to have unlimited amounts of readers or fans, rather than the cut off number that having a personal page for friends gives you. Check it out. You can over time, post each of your pages, a day at a time, and you'll have people responding to you from all over the world. All of your current readers and friends can become your fans. It is all up in the software at facebook, you just have to find it. maybe google facebook fan page set up. It is quite something for writers. I am going to set one up for myself for the MASTER JULES. For LUCK IN LOVE, HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE AND CHANGE THE WORLD, and for my own livelihood, doing natal horoscopes.

How does one DO A SOCIAL NETWORKING page and identify the fans who read you avidly and how do you calculate the hits on your facebook or twitter page, Or at your web site? I mean HOW DO YOU KNOW it's more read than a GLOBALIST.ORG page? If you could prove the number, that fact  would be useful, to doing what gets you read, to attracting ad revenues. To being the locus of a group as maybe your pals who have opinions and could break into writing would contribute stuff. That's probably how Ariana Huffington started. pals threw in their lot with her. A few years later, she sold the magazine for seven figures. So let's start at the beginning