So when Mexico arrested my child, I went online and visited the Mex gov site, RELATIONES EXTERIORES -- their state dept (gobernacion.) The wonderful group that murdered 1000 students in 1968, trapping them in an intersection of a remote urban location near the cheap university where the students demonstrated before the upcoming 1968 Olympics. Killed a thousand in a few minutes. Lot of them had their children with them. The same  government group that killed 40 students in CHILPANCINGO GUERROR in 2014...

The same group you face if you want to retire to Mexico. That Gov decides how much BRIBE you'll pay to become an immigrante when you retire from USA and want to live in San Miguel, Oaxaca, Cuernevaca, Puebla or GUADALAJARA. The same  group whose MINISTER was caught with billions, his own in-home, full size race track.. I spend hours daily going to visit honorable men at sites like that to  complain about the Mex gov taking my son and wanting many  thousands of bucks to get him back.

Take a good book with you when you go to load that site. You could go from Scarlett at the ball meeting Rhett to the Burning of  Atlanta by the time their website loads.

MYSTICS warn us that time is an illusion. The impatient mind only  makes us THINK we live in some sludgey material called TIME. The reason  for that is entirely PHYSICS. You see, two things cannot occupy the same  space at once. Where the mind IS --- God isn't. If we were with  GOD, we'd be transported to timeless ecstasies and you know that illusion   that time passes fast when you're having fun! Proof that THINKING is the  anathema of joy! BEING MINDLESS is ecstasy and ecstasy can only  take place in a vacuum like timelessness.

But see, I am nothing if not thinkey! My mind goes back to all the things I could be doing as the clock slowly ticks and the website is slowly loading, while this momma is knocking on the huge steel doors of the MEX  AUTHORITIES and begging them to let my crazy son out of their cruel prison. Some Ensenada cop didn't note this kid is schizoid permanently in the timeless zone and gave him three years in a dung heap concrete prison, with no trial. THREE YEARS unless I show up with two grand. Otherwise, on that cement floor with that flour tortilla he stays!

I'm still waiting for exterior relations page to load. But I know this webpage has a record of that child and all foreigners who come near them who does anything strange cuz there are big US dollars in it. My kid's sin? He'd walked 45 days from L.A. (2 hrs in car but when you're slowed down by schizophrenia, it takes  longer,) then he fell asleep in their quay not on just any old boat, HAD TO BE THE MEXICAN ARMY's motorboat, and they got him for stealing the  boat. Asleep. Maybe dreaming he was stealing it.

I asked Our  HEAD AMERICAN EMBASSY CONSULATE  CHIEF (his office nearby my ex in state of Guanajuato,) to talk to the boy's mexican father, gave him my ex's address, a few blocks from  consulate. Chief came back a day later, 'Mr Hernandez says he doesn't know you, has no four children with you,' I read that, went to sleep and realized he was an okay guy also saw scenes from his next lifetime. So I woke up next day and wrote the consul this:


Esteemed Consul Maher, A  simple  'NO' would suffice. Your personal thinking seems to have been reflected not only in the answer you delivered an Embassy petitioner but your handling of the potential solution, i.e. the Spanish ex hubby getting the kid out!

As Chief Consul facing women with problems, be careful that your thinking reflect that of United States Law.

Law is a nation's greatest wealth. Piled up in it, the collected gems of consciousness.  U.S. Law recognizes that 7 years habitation and four children constitute common-law  marriage. Even if that union were 7 months or seven minutes, the children are recognized legally as belonging to that man and from age 1 to 18, it's pay up Charlie Cheapskate or visit the Pen. Luis Sr.got let off the hook on that account. He is officially
a dead beat dad. Yet you treated him like he was President Vicente Fox himself.

Yep! You sided with him. 'Four kids, nahhh, it's no biggie'. Which is
NOT American law. But Hey, I admire people who think outside the box.

You are an independent thinker, a free spirit, like me. I couldn't have
fed my kids for twenty years had I not thought outside the box
occasionally at the A&P so I'm not going to let that anachronistic
machismo of yours stand in the way of my being your new best friend.

Just don't let your personal biased low opinion of women, mothers
and especially OLD WOMEN with sons in prison for being nuts
(kids who got kicked as a fetus by Dad ) prevail over the USA's written
law cuz you and I may just meet (don't jump out of that chair in terror,
in a future life, I was referring to.)

If you do continue to act out on the ladies, I worry about OUR
global future. Will men in power always hit female petitioners with
their own caveman take? Will your personal feelings about women
supervene every time in the future that an American Gringa who hit a
wall and is knocked up and kids dripping from her in bleeding pieces
comes weeping into her hankie to you? Every single time? Jeez, that
makes me wince. While a real fun guy, you're a dangerous employee for
the USA to have around. Like putting O.J. Simpson in charge of the
entire LATIN DIVISION so he can interview beat up, weeping girls.

The fact that I never, in my disaspora years away from my ex
--asked him for a dime to FEED OR RAISE those kids is not proof of
shamed alley-skulking guilt. It's not proof that I didn't NEED cash aid
for food, school shoes, (textbooks when college came). It's certainly
not proof that I didn't know Mr. Hernandez in the Biblical sense.
Men may think, the woman fled, ergo she's guilty. She never got
a lawyer so she's guilty. I did shoot word back to him, once I thought
he'd cooled down from breaking my ribs in a do it yourself abortion
attempt. I said 'write your children'. He refused. l00%, so for 365 days
x 40 years he kept his vow to never write them a hello. I kept mine to
never ask for money. cuz I knew how some rich men get so rich? Being
habitual cheapskates.

My never reaching out to him or never being aggravating and
threatening him with child support lawyers had three roots. First:
"Sliding scale" are two words that never got translated into Spanish so
Alimony in Mexico ends up being 32$ a month per child. Second, as a
humor writer, I could make that with one magazine article to a start up
mag or a palm reading. Third, I was seriously into staying alive. He is
very rich. MULTIMILLIONAIRE. And he has murdered men before I knew him  for much less. With a gun. I knew when I gave his Gun to the Police  after he put it to my brow and threatened to shoot if me and the bastard didn't get out. L (This bastard is registered in his name by the man, at MEx hall of records) I knew it when I left in a Ford Galaxie convertible with a pair of Cowhide chairs roped on top -- knew that the leaving had to be surgical.

I had to leave the house in central Mexico and get to the Texas border driving  an old car in 12 hrs flat (back windows wired closed so kids couldn't get out,) while Don Luis Felix %@)* %* Hernandez thought I was somewhere in  the little quaint village San Miguel de Allende which you and I call home.

My friend Dolores led him to believe for 24 hrs that I was in her house with  my kids and wouldn't come to the phone. I crossed our border in those 24 hrs. Hell,  I did it in 12 looking in rear view mirror all the way.

Being a Spanish colonizer in a third world Indian land, an aristocrat, and a major Hijo de Cortes, Luis Sr. had way too much of the NICOLE /OJ thing going on in him. There was no restaurant we ate in where he didn't accuse me of causing the waiter to look down my dress, and rage and fulminate over a wrist maybe brushing me in an untoward manner. My way of solving it was 'let' s not eat out, I'm a cook.'. My Pork loin en salsa verde is still pretty kill.

I learned the good harem girl smile-at-sheik-routine cuz I knew the Nicole/OJ syndrome forty years early! (I'm using the forty now as you've got me trained to recognize my place in time.). I was one of the first ladies outside of Afghanistan (where a jealous nutcase can just kill any wife suspected of adultery and get away with it) to know what an atavistic guy was capable of. I sensed the currents in the fist that cut into my pork en salsa verde and only put dull knives on the table.

My galpal in SMA, PRISCILLA BENSON RAMIREZ had her firstborn son taken from her at 11 months of age. Go look at that file in your Embassy,  circa. 1968/69. An American girl piteously weeping, hollaring at any who'd hear her, firstborn son taken by the man. She was wandering our town like a ghost. She was my best friend in the American colony.. You Embassy chest thumpers never did bupkes for her either and she was a PILGRIM who'd never had a drink. College educated. Nothing at all wrong with her except sleeping with and  living with and loving a Mex taxi driver for a few yrs. Pedro Ramirez did a 'hit' on her without the gun. HE HIT HER THRU THE HEART. Killed her dead. Metaphorically. What was left wasn't worth sweeping up.

My ex was twice as nasty as Pedro Ramirez. Luis Sr. was an
arrogant Celaya steel factory tycoon with a brother very nearly governor
of the state. A hired hit on me and he'd have had those kids, and he
wanted them. He told me by letter a few months after I left, "give me
the kids I'll support you for life anywhere you want to live". I still
have that letter and live in fear my kids will learn enuf spanish to
realize their dad's no sweeter than road kill. My point is, a hit on a
lady costs 100$ with TJ junkies today. Forty years ago, a lot less.
The "Welfare Agency" of California, (Dept of Social Services and
its aid, Aid to Families with Dependent Children), considered me to be a
waaay waaay LEGAL case of 'seduced and abandoned' and went looking for  Mr. Hernandez with the express purpose of getting some gelt. I was called in to the W.L.A. office on numerous occasions, had
photos of men spread before me, little Mex, Salvadoran guys who'd gotten a driver's license, a taxi application, a college I.D., City job
applications, a whole poker hand of different Latino LUIS HERNANDEZ's --  who had shown up in the state of California -- so I could finger the man who'd impregnanted me, whose name I'd mentioned in passing on my Welfare Application. WHY? Because the STATE was going to DEMAND payback. Payback from poppa or penitenciary! Dems da rules and California is in the trenches and knows those rules. And I was down there with 'em and learned 'em.

You know them too Mr. USA EMBASY MAN. Yet you wrote 'this man denies knowing you, denies having had your four kids." And in a second letter. "Well, he admits knowing you forty years ago. Once upon a time."

Maybe you believe only in 'DNA tests, not in a woman saying "Please TELL the boy's father to use some of his immense wealth get his son out of prison where those Baja Cop-roaches are doing their usual flesh eating
scam on our baby. Your son needs antipsychotic meds now, he's been 45 days without them. Get the doctors to heel to NOW, Mr. Tycoon. Mr
Guanajuato POWER broker behind the throne. Try a little of your clout in BAJA.

He'd have done it had he felt any spine in you. But no, you kowtowed.
Are you there to be a CIA emissary for our STATE DEPARTMENT and kiss Mexican tycoons or to serve Americans like LUIS Sendrey who are in hell  holes held for ransom? Which is it? Cuz you can't have it both ways.

A DNA test to prove paternity is diametrically far from things I AM CAPABLE OF CONCEIVING OF, crippled peasant maiden that I am. A girl who let herself be gifted to the Sheik for the price of a toaster, I am cursed with some kind of inferiority complex thing goin' on we haven't even  DUG into yet......like 'mistreat me mister.' The male is given a fertile, magic great animator wand by the Gods, and the male touches the wand to our thighs and we cower and whimper like Afghani wives and Old wives, at  that, not even saucy brides. Cowering, serving tea, Taking guff. Birthing babes. Until I get too old, then I'm taken out on the prairie and shot. No chance to grow old together.

On West wing tonight, an issue got raised, We arm Arab nations which allow their males to MURDER any wife he has suspicions  about, with impunity; nobody even questions it there. Bombers for Madmen. That West Wing show is issue driven. Never saw a fiction show like it.

ISSUEs and the attention we give them are the unseen flowing corpuscles that feed the muscle in the arm of the LAW. Any hope of possible government legislative action that heralds evolution starts with paying attention to ISSUES. They are the precursor of evolution. Issues like chauvinistic abuse of women live down through time, and are endemic to an age, like a dye coloring the minds and hearts of men. You two, Maher and Luis Macho-man, are dyed like twin, ancient, rotting Arabic rugs.

From issue driven fictional t.v. to rug design, now to your letter. Back
to the job of re-educating the OJ streak in Citizen MAHER! Another
precursor of evolution is that all machos with an outdated male
supremacist streak masquerading as blue blood conservative zeitgeist
should start to shake and quake that progress is going to make them
OBSOLETE! That the nouvelle vague will put the KKK seriously outta
style. Another dose of corpuscles to prevent that? Next lifetime, you
are going to be a major Mossad spy. Did you know that? You will be
reborn in ISRAEL and you will be one of the main men keeping that place  afloat. Now, in this century, those who did that made a lot of mistakes  along the way. And every time they let a mistake get past them, it cost them more than the mistake thought it was achieving.

The Old Lady's Poem

What do you see, young man, when you're looking at me?
An impoverished lady who wants her son free?

A crabby old woman, not very wise,
Uncertain of habit, with faraway eyes?

Who weeps in her hankie, makes no demand of you?
When you say loudly " lady, I can't help you sue"!"

Who seems not to notice that she is despised --
And forever is looking so very unwise. ...

Who, resisting you not, lets you off the hook
Supercilious official, citing the book.

Is that what you're thinking? Is that what you see?
Then open your eyes, statesman, you're not looking at me.

I tell you who I am when I sit here still,
and refuse to abandon my son at your will.

When I write and phone Embassies, theirs and ours
writing letters for dozens of hours.

I once was a toddler with a father and mother,
Brothers and sisters, who loved one another.

A girl of sixteen, with wings on her feet,
Dreaming that soon a lover she'll meet.

A bride at twenty -- my heart gives a leap,
Living out vows that I promised to keep.

At twenty-five I had young of my own,
who needed a Dad to create happy home.

Instead he would send me out to abort
and beat me if I wouldn't this life cut short.

A woman of thirty, my young growing fast,
Bound to each other with ties that should last.

At forty, my sons finally grown, motherhood ended
Mom should be alone but one son is dented.

At fifty while most couples have grandkids risen,
I'm attempting to get my schizy son out of prison

Dark days  upon me, my husband re-wed
I see my child's pain and shudder with dread.

For my son is dying, his mind sick and confused
the father's final kick a soul has bruised.

I think of your life and the family you're in
why can't you look at mine seeing you could step in

You see an old woman ... how nature is cruel;
To make women who care so look the fool.

The body crumbles, grace and vigor depart,
But a blood red rose blooms inside my heart.

Inside this old carcass a young soldier dwells,
And now for my son, the soldier's wrath swells.

I remember the joys, I remember the pain,
And I'm fighting for life all over again.

I think of the years ... all too few, gone too fast,
And accept the stark fact that nothing can last.

but open your eyes, stateman, open and see,
Not a crabby old woman; look closer ... see ME!!

^*^*^* Bad Poetry class over. No more PURPLE prose.

ANOTHER file which should be required reading for you professional embassy Titans,  shows what the Mex system is capable of, how low they've fallen, to grab teen girls on their streets, jail and rape them, to
grab women and empty their VISA cards, which you may have missed. --- Surf google to the name DAWN WILSON-- find those tales, or how about  this story of a Salvadoran held for absolutely nothing by cops, held for  13 mos. Wonder if his momma died of grief in that term? Or if she even knew where he was seeing as the cops don't let you have a pencil!
No wait, the last word should be of cosmic viewpoint. Some higher frame of reference that lifts its head to see the next century's ideals.

"Philosophers, writers, and artists as well as legislators and those who
work in the field of law, have a duty to reflect on the effects their
actions, judgements, words, and works may have on others, because --
hey, even if human justice does not hold them accountable, --- divine
justice will."

"Every nation gets the government it deserves" Joseph De Maistre

One day, when we arrive in the next world, you will be shown the damage  you have done. However such men as you protest their innocence, the reply will be: 'No, people have suffered because of you: You espoused antiquated views; you accused without knowing; you introduced confusion into someone's mind and heart, you encouraged criminals to do evil without chiding or warning them of the spiritual dangers of their acts.

You who permit heartless acts by rich men or teach or legislate outdated
modes of thinking are guilty of a crime. Each legislator, servant of the
law, each opinion maker must take care to use his gifts to enlighten
others, to awaken in them respect for life, love, confidence in life,
and the desire to improve the lives of themselves and their families.
Not to close the shutters and ignore them. Otherwise, know that not only
will you be punished, but that in your next incarnation you will be
deprived of your gifts. signed Los Angeles mother.

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