THE POWER MIND! ADVICE from the famed,

THE GREAT COLIN WILSON, read him, you will
                        NEVER BE BORED: LIST OF HIS BEST BOOKS"Mankind is free to and should explore his own inner vistas of consciousness to repudiate not only boredom per se ... but to aim far higher for an evolutionally re-attuned consciousness ...‘

    Boredom, (says Wilson,) involves a frustrated longing for meaning, and a tension due to that frustration. He suggests humans will never evolve further unless they can generate a sense of purpose so deep that they are incapable of boredom. And here is the key: ‘The life of the mind is the opposite of futility,’ he writes in the second essay, ‘And the more I develop my mind, the richer the possibilities for future development appear.’

    On a personal note, I can say with all honesty that I have never experienced boredom. I recognise that others suffer from it, but I have no knowledge of it myself. I am sure that having a vibrant inner life nullifies it. As Jung said, ‘who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes‘ – I have found that one can be as alert in one’s inner life as in one’s outer, sometimes maybe more so. It is there that one can see the evolutionary potential beckoning.

    Wilson writes that humans are ready to take the next step in evolution, but are ‘marking time’. We cannot go further unless old habits are let go. Many more people would share this view today than in the mid-1970s. As Wilson has always shown, whether one meets life with a belief in the possibility of mastering its difficulties or with the expectation of defeat is an extremely important existential issue.

    ‘The next problem that faces human consciousness is of consciousness itself,’ adds Wilson – how right and ahead of his time he was 40 years ago! Only in the last decade or so has the nature of consciousness become a serious topic of study among psychologists, philosophers and neuroscientists, as well as systems theorists and physicists.

 It is being found that, as readers of Wilson’s works will have long inferred, the mysteries of consciousness
 and existence might not be separable from one another. . READ a few from this LIST BELOW, you will
never be bored again. HE AWAKENS THE FEET TO THE JOURNEY.