Would you believe that it could be possible to prophesize the future lives of close ties, potential sweethearts and new friends? What's more you can do so after as little as an HOUR of conversation with them. The techniques to probe and locate their psychologically based trends will be yours by the time you finish this article.

Unknown to you, people wear a Rosetta stone on their foreheads. Queried at the right angle, they will summon up and share all the clues you need to decode them and foretell their futures. 

Every one of us is walking around with a self styled scenario of beliefs. We are all authors of our future. Half of us need to be stopped in our tracks as we have authored a real painful soap opera for ourselves, if only in foundational stages. By practicing on other people's self-defeating mind trip, you will learn to change your own loser mentality into a winner destiny.

In studying winner vs loser behavior, what's certain is that 99% of us are walking around on some kind of unconscious auto pilot. We are being 'guided' by semi-conscious, often non-rational programming. Like computer software, these maps come in different shapes. Some are destructive, self sorry, the result of choosing to collect injustices. Some are paranoid, wary while some walk right into and choose abusive, betraying people. Some programming noble, idealistic, quasi-mystical. I'm on a mission to save the planet. That can be loser programming. Lot of those blow themselves up with bombs lately.

The basic bricks of one's life-actuating programming is made up of symbolic beliefs, unconscious choices and totemistic identification. Like identifying with a family lineage, a grandfather's position or a father's profession. His amazing reputation or lack of it. Or childhood beliefs that you were destined to be a rock star or great film star. Out of 100 people who have that fantasy .0005% make it. But out of all the famous stars, 100% had that fantasy.

These fantasies might be called, variously, a sense of mission, identification with larger groups, beliefs but they are all some kind of programming.  Could be from others. Suggestions given by family members in childhood, long forgotten, external programming that still is trapped on our 'hard drive' may contribute to your life parabola. We can be driven by various factors: Guilt, lack of self-image, hatred for some prototypical enemy and other negative thought forms. WIth these added in, the basic program gets muscle, a more vigorous dark flowering, a hastening of  'the dismal end' or 'tragic denouement.' 

Art creations like fragrant flowers can have toxic roots. Self-hatred-inspired "blind ambition" can result from ill treatment when we were young. Scars, never healed, can cause over reacting to rejection in some of these more unlikely and risky career choices. Childhood rejection can as easily give the anger that makes for furious, scrimmaging --blind ambition. And a good part of the time, blind ambition works.

All these trends are a simple-to-spot, uncomplicated software program that guides and even controls the rational mind of the person sitting before you. Getting out your spoon and digging them out, even an uneducated listener or mentor can predict the life and drama to come.

*For instance, a strange looking, working-class teen from Northern England feels himself an outsider. His father is a brutal drunk but luckily, his mother constantly tells her son that he's very smart and very lucky so he begins to read at the public library. He stumbles on philosophy books written by  or about outsiders like him. He  identifies with them. He searches out  their biographies, the novels they wrote, even classic hard-to-read novels. He talks about literature so much in class that teachers start telling him he's a genius. He keeps a lucid journal & uses it to focus thoughts and improve his writing style. Reading that journal, he starts to consider himself the most brilliant kid in England. This isn't overkill as he's really brilliant.

At that time, a series of girls' bodies are found on the moors, ---serial killings. He reads everything about them. His area of expertise gets odder. He starts to research serial killers, even slaps a child, trying to find out what brutality feels like. He starts a collection of chapters on the famous outsiders of literature and at the same time starts a novel, a Dostoevskyan "CRIME AND PUNISHMENT"  drama about a young killer, called RITUAL IN THE DARK which he shows around, unfinished. It attracts the attention of the literary set in London, including a few publishers who are frightened by the novelized 'inside of a serial killer's head' and tell him to pursue the safer, non-fiction study on "The OUTSIDER". 

Believing himself lucky, he quits his job, comes to London and researches morning to night in London's best public library, sleeping in the park to avoid rent. When he finishes, he has two publishers bidding for the book. His belief in his own brilliance and his oddball interests were guaranteed to interest publishers. His luck kept snowballing. His book "THE OUTSIDER" became a literary sensation in the very blasť, hard-to-impress UK when he was 24 yars old and he quickly went on to write dozens of non-fiction book on crime, metaphysics, great writers, literature, psychology and the Occult. I think he's an example of  the POWER of  BELIEF. I've read everything he's written except his crime theme books. Nobody writes better.  COLIN WILSON.

Another tale of belief, programming. A chunky trailer trash blonde from hicksville identifies intensely with Marilyn Monroe, who had died of an overdose 5 years before her birth. She starts to live out the Marilyn mythology, actually achieves pin-up stardom but then like her idol, gets addicted to the same types of tranquilizers as Monroe and dies of an overdose.

*A fine high school athlete is told she can do anything. She goes into the Naval Academy graduates with honors with a master's degree in aeronautical engineering, trains for NASA, becomes an Astronaut, flies into outer space. Then one day, she dabbles in adultery, becomes fixated on a man and all her powers and beliefs convince her that she can and should murder her rival for the man's love and that she will not be caught. THE POWER OF BELIEF run amok! That's the woman who packed diapers so she could drive hundreds of miles fast after the murder.

*A well known writer, naturalist and park ranger has a two year affair, gets divorced by his wife, then dumped by his mistress. He feels guilty, views this as punishment, believes he is doomed so he walks out into the wilderness to suicide himself like a brave, old Eskimo Hunter who walked out onto the ice. He had just read such a book and given it to his wife the day he walked off into the wilderness, never to be found. The power of death wish, rejection, guilt, religion, mythology and identification combined with sexual guilt.

The brain is sponge-like in more than one way. It has a great facility to identify with what positive programming but junk can get stuck in it, the sense that the 13th fairy predicted it all would fall in. A destiny of loserism, failure, betrayal and death. 

Identification with the BIOS of other people, their dramas causes brain to  suggest to itself repeatedly, "I am that."  Or "I might be that." The brain can identify with things without the subject even realizing that these lurid beliefs have seeped into the guiding consciousness.  People can absorb the colorations of mythology, belief, programming, suggestion to an incredible extent.

A poet once said "first I despise it, then I tolerate it, finally I become it." The brain does this 'trick' so much that one must make efforts to detect one's 'scenario' of identifications and fight getting some strange mind picture laid into one as they will affect our life choices if even on a symbolic, semi-conscious level.

So, let's start probing. What's inside your skull or her skull or his or hers? Where and how do you dig? If your subject is a child, psychologists use a table covered with toys that resemble the family, teacher, daily environment. Or a sketch pad with markers. If it's an adult, and you're playing shrink, a quiet restaurant, a glass of wine and the two of you talking only you're doing the Q&A in a subtle way knowing that In vino veritas.

What are the questions you might ask? Well, you'd have to convince them you're playing a fortune telling, future-reading game, which would not be a lie, so they don't start self-editing  and that in the spirit of total candor, like a Cosmo magazine quiz, they must answer the first thing off the top of their head. Simple questions like:

1.) "Bottom line, who are you?" (If they answer, "a mother", ask 'what else are you? then they say a seamstress, Keep going. A few dozen answers before you are digging at the lowest layers. "A goddess on earth," "a kindly soul."

2.) What did your parents believe about you? What did they tell you about yourself? Any other programmers in the family? Siblings?

3.)What are you going to do in this life?" Every time they give an answer, say 'what else?"

4.) What do you dream of doing? What do you fear you might do? What do you fear you cannot ever do?

5.) Who or what are your Enemies?  What life habits, junk foods, junk friends, lovers, family members use up your time so that no work gets done? Why did you choose them?

6.) How low could you fall in this life? What have you done that contributes to this view of yourself and your own possibilities

7) What is wrong in your life now?

8). Who or what causes that?

9.) What have you tried to fix that?

10) What new thing could you try?

*         *           *           *           *           *           *        *            *                    *

NOTE: This is a work in progress and your suggestions will be incorporated. Astrology at earthlink dot net is where Anita Sands hangs out. Write! Someone else did! See Below.

Q. Can we become more of the person we were meant to be?
A: YES if you recognize your passions, interests, hobbies as little budding sprouts that God created  & second, if you know the secrets of SUPERB MENTAL MANTRA, which is programming your unconscious by every thought, not just affirmations, though THEM TOO! You gotta watch the habitual thoughts: I'm getting old, they don't like me, I'm never gonna make it, etc. Every time one pops up, hit the ANTIDOTE pedal, say 'I'm going to eat an orange as it will rejuvenate me. Or I'm going to charm them today. It'll come to me how. Or I'm going to work on my novel now.

Q. Can we become more than we want to be?
A: We usually level off at just what we want to be. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Jesus and Bill Gates are possible exceptions. I'm sure they surprised even themselves.

Q. Can we become viewed as wonderful in the eyes of those who programmed us badly?

A. If your teachers and relatives have eyes, they will see you changed and did them one better. You may surprise and embarass them. Very likely when they were busy negatively programming you,
they judged you for having all their own faults. They were talking to themselves. As they were neurotic, they "acted out on you" --out of their own inner rage. So when they told you what YOU could never do, they were talking about themselves. When they told you what you could do, they certainly didn't aim high enough. Rarely does a parent program you to become what they tried to do and failed to do. They're usually too heart sick but there is no better teacher than someone who failed, sees his/her time running out and educates a kid to do it.

Q. Is what we want to be the same as what we are meant to be?
A. MEANT TO BE is entering a realm of philosophic quicksand. "MEANT" implies external will meaning some GOD OUT THERE had plans for us. I feel more comfortable saying "each person has potential, a lot of it. Miles of it. "  But if you want to grapple with the metaphysical question, we have to ask ourselves, do we believe GOD controls it all? That His eye is on the sparrow? Or do you find it easier to believe that maybe we each are God --, a miniature spark of the big bonfire, a tiny version and if we're also humble enough to always ask the Big Bonfire God to help fire us up and give us strength for each weary step up the laddier, and if he does help us, maybe our faith in His Presence increases and we ask for more audacious moves to be offered as opportunities.

Once, on the marquee of a Venice California church I saw the words, 'ask God for things so audacious that you wouldn't have a chance to attain them if God weren't helping you."

But there's a basement level to this question. Let's open that door and study what's in there. The Contemporary Pop Diversion Marketplace programs many of us to want to be race car drivers, Lotharios, models, rock stars, actresses and automatic billionaires. That marketplace doesn't program us to be Schweitzer or Gandhi. At least not many of us.  The current susceptibility to TinselTown professions is akin to a dark force that sucks the weaker among us downwards. Half the universe is made up of that dark magnetism. All food is nourishing but half the food around is 'hot fudge sundae addictions' that will kill us. Junk people. Banal pursuits, celeb fascination. Lives of the rich and famous.

Q: I get sidetracked, daily. I neglect the chores that would launch my beautiful career and juggle a dozen or two pursuits that waste my money and take over my life, including stupid, bad sweethearts. I fight with them, lose time there. I space out. I leave chores undone, important ones. Months on end, I fail to get anything done on my most important project. Am I going crazy? Why don't I have will power?

A. You're not going crazy. Run a motor poorly, it stalls. But your past track record has no bearing on the future. Your earlier failure is not a problem if you learn from it. Increase energy with sleep and nourishing food, maybe in the past you didn't know the tricks of energy! Then, early in the day, before you're tired or spacey, pray to God with a lit candle, 'Dear God give me the focus to handle my creative work, my project, related chores like clubs, groups, networking, now, today, this minute, please. Thank you for assistance" You'll find you immediately achieve break through. Writer's block falls to the side.

Q: My pals rain on my  parade. They laugh at my dreams, jeer my greatest hopes, tell me I will not only fail, they warn me how much that life I aspire will hurt me and how wrecked I'll be, trying this hard for something that is so impossible. The horrible thing is, I see their point!

A: We are frequently backed off our ambitions by our gang. Sometimes it is just the pain of rejection which in a way tells us our persona and our work are nothing. We can be paralyzed like anyone stung by a toxic unseen spider or snake would be.

Speaking of unseen critters, it may be that there are dark forces of karma or demons or ghosts who are jealous of us, hate us stand in our way. Maybe some unseen, occult forces place strange chums, pals & beloveds before us for the exact purpose of daunting us just enough so we feel blue, or so that we feel that we are ineffectual, or not up to par.

If you believe that, you have a mythology going. Mostly we see people choosing those bad friends themselves! No demon needed to send anyone to shoot you down! Outer influences can take up time, waste time and steal our destiny from us.

Quit your addictions before you start our reprogramming and prayer to blast away obstacles.

Q: Would church help me?
A: Some preachers have the gift of inspiring. Chorale singing is like meditation or mantra, it sooths and focuses the mind. Unfocused minds, leaping about, do shoot us down but you have more magic knowledge and spiritual wisdom in the tip of your pinkie than most preachers get in their entire life. Seek out your own, inner preacher, that place in your meditative mind that liberates after you affirm, with a sentence,  your faith, bliss and knowledge.

Affirming is not going to work with the dark soldier ideas, beliefs, mythologies and bad pals sent to shoot you down. You've created too many prior causes to 'BLUE'  up your mood. Focusing the mind and saying 'thought, go away.' along with not answering the phone are two ways to not bother with them. When seductive, bad pals call, maybe go see a movie and have a burger but don't let any big romantic ties get started up because weeds root just like apple trees.

Learn to distinguish the people whom you were meant to know, whom you were fated to help. Treat their problems, their deficiencies, their powerlessness with the distillations of your battle, your experience, your magic, -- the way a doctor would give a freebie, half hour work session. In other words, pay it forward.

This session can be given in a supermarket aisle, on a park bench. I'm not saying work it like a career. I'm saying, let the God of serendipity guide you to talk with and listen to strangers.

Q: Will prayer help?
A: I have a friend who insists she can pray for me. I laugh at her presumption that her prayer can reach across to my life. I secretly think she's a bit deluded and has used the standard party line of religion, swallowed it hook line and sinker. I tell her that six million of my people prayed for themselves and their children and mates & grannies and it didn't do a bit of good. Adolph Hitler gassed them all. I tell her that descendents of these poor religious prayerful people...don't pray, or I guess we are not descendents as they didn't descend.' The holocaust was a cul de sac biological event. But we who identify with and/or remember them choose not to pray at all. Not for ourselves and rarely for others. So there is no greater pooh-pooh-er on PRAYER than I WAS ALL OF MY LIFE! (15 of my relatives died in the camps)

But......recently I was really stuck, like encased in cement, creative block. I hadn't been able to get beyond 7 chapters of a novel I had been working on. A half year of total paralysis. So one day, I thought I'd admit the feat was beyond me. I lit a candle and prayed to God for writer's block to be taken away so I could work on the novel.  BINGO, within seconds I was working on the novel. ONE MINUTE of prayer translated into a day of work. I thought "HMMMMM. That's some serious MOJO there in praying. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?? "

I know that you are the Master of Mojo par excellence or you wouldn't be here reading this, now so,  next time you are stuck or about to space out and not handle your creative work, light a candle. Pray. And as you go through life, be a healer vacuum cleaner; picking up people's dumb dust, their 'nutty beliefs.' Dumping them in the trash. Query your pals, relatives. Listen to their mythologies, intuit their chosen cosmos, improve on their choices. Intercede. Teach others. Open your mouth and share your vision. Teach these ignorant pals of yours in a polite, kind way. Put out your view. You've studied, you've read. When we take in more than we put out we are called 'constipated'. Dare to share. And if there seem to be a lot of bad friends, envious small minded people around...turn around. Generally the other half of the room won't be negative. Make friends with THEM!

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