"Messages From The Pleiadians"
GUESS WHAT, Chicken Little Earth people. Your Sky is falling
I was driving thru the HOLLYWOOD hills to get back to my low rent San Fernando Valley home, after a few luxurious hours in the city of L.A passing the last few milllion dollar homes, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I got this message! MEGA INFLATION IS COMING. I knew this information was from aliens as it sure wasn't in my own brain I know it came from galactic visitors, from outside our solar system or possibly, from another dimension, or how were these ideas even in my head? I was driving by homes all worth 6 million bottom dollar. Homes that were only $189,000 a decade ago and they seemed mega-expensive THEN.

Here's the rest of the message I received: the price of a 50 x100 lot will double in two years time. That TV dinner you bought for 99c at the 99c store will cost $2.00 at the $2.00 store within the decade. 2 oz of chicken at that price is ridiculous so spend the 2$ on a chicken, problem is, they'll be 4$ by then. My Grandpa went thru that in Germany in the 20's and wrote it up in his diary. MEGA INFLATION.

But here's what I predict: somehow you'll make the money and somehow you'll keep Uncle Sam from taking most of your money. (If you read the SECRETS OF MONEY page, you'll be fine. There won't be any jobs left then but if you read the   GUERILLA CAPITALISM WEBSITE, start a cottage industry, you'll be fine. If you study the "CONFESSIONS  OF A BOTTOM FEEDER" page you'll learn some frugal living tips and dozens MORE at the FRUGAL LIFESTYLE WEBSITE and you'll survive like a cork on a tsunmai tide. If the Oligarchs don't recall all the buckolas and make us use nothing but PLASTIC which is traceable, you'll be fine.

I use my VISA ATM card for the 99c store and one day I'll use it at the $2.00 store. I'll start to worry the day that dollar bills are NOT around (cuz gov is converting to plastic credits only) as when you're underground and they have no record of your having any earnings and your bank account is alive and kicking out VISA charges to one market a day, one gas station a week, they might suspect something like where's that money supply coming from. That's how they track folks in the Underground.

However, there are legitimate ways to be underground. Fish the seacoast, sell your fish to private subscribers, (markets and cafes are not allowed to buy guerilla-caught fish! but it can be done...) you can allege you live on that money and pay taxes on it. Won't be much tax but the idea is, you explain how you have rent and food money if IRS comes poking around.

See, I'm underground now and have been for forty years. I get enough paper dollar bills doing witchcraft once a week to hide a li'l something from the IRS and I get 340$ social security (that's all --as I've never worked in my life. I was a stay at home single mom.) Granted it ain't much but my W-2's on Soc Security got me that rebate from Bush Spring 2008. So I am a real card carrying citizen.

Anyway, the IRS can't see any of where my real rent money comes from as I hand all astrology reading cash to the landlord the second I EARN IT, and if there is a buck left over, I spend it on cat food, shampoo, toilet paper and when I spend it, I look up into the sky where the IRS GODS look down at me and I say "see? Mine,  my shampoo, not yours. Take THAT! I.R.S!' UP YOURS, IRS! (cuz you cannot wash hair with hand soap).

No sooner do I think that then I get another message from the Pleiadeans. It said this: 'Anita, you  have authority issues. If you'd gone to music school and worked at studios doing notation of film scores, you could have a serious pension by now". Yes, I sigh, I was anti-establishment. I reported my music teacher's foul mouth to my parents and they took me out of music school and I knew what I was doing when I done it! Clarence Bridenstein if you can hear me, forgive me. I'm the only one who's suffering from that scummy trick.

And it's true. All of us who write anti-tax websites and send covert messages of hatred to the IRS/ Prexy/ their foreign policy and their fascism are anti-authoritarian and had Father issues, (I'm not going into the sins of my father as there's no space.) especially if we're also praying that the world is going to turn on its axis and volcanoes and earthquakes continue their billion year habit of making the Earth ride rough and Inflation and Fascist governments and the IMF and FEDERAL RESERVE  continue to afflict and enslave us SERFS with their EMPIRE.  And their endless taxes. But then that's why they call it Earth. It's an E ticket ride.