well fed cats have MOM cooking. SEE HOW
                                                                                                                                                                            I entirely approve!

Rule number one of feeding a cat is to KEEP an ARSENAL of ingredients in the fridge, freezer and PANTRY! You don't want to run out to the market at midnight just for the cats, so your fridge should always contain:

GREENS FROM THE GARDEN , collards, swiss chard, chicory and kale. These are very expensive lately if bought.  Grow them, unless you can shop at those lower cost ‘barrio’ markets. We have Korean, Persian, Chinese markets scattered across the city of L.A. However, also in California, greens grow year round and are free if you grow them. Spinach has too much oxalic acid for both animals and us. Humans can eat spinach raw, I understand, and it doesn't bother us, cooked the spinach can cause excretion of calcium.  Carrots are also good. I simmer them in crock pot with a whole chicken, then blend them to mush, add to the meats.

FROZEN TURKEY BURGER- In California, the 'plastic pound weight bullet' was  $1.29. less on sale but that was Years ago. Now it's 3$. Used to Keep a freezer full. NOT NOW. CHURCH GIVEAWAY has expired date turkey and it's always fine. I even eat it.

EGGS- At 99c store, we pay .99c a box of a dozen eggs. (I am updating this article in 2018. PRICES not that way now.) Now it's 3$, so it's not cheap. But we extend it with vegies so it ends up being . Less. Ten yrs of diabetes, my sis has to give me egg yolks eat only whites so I have plenty frozen. Sometimes you find sales, 20 large eggs for $2.59 at Kroger store, on sale.   Generally 3$ a dozen. Which is great for chicken farmers.

The famed .99c store used to have canned dog food for 33c for a 13 oz can, 44c for the 26 oz can. IT said DOG FOOD on it but meat is meat. I add steamed vegies to it, anyway. That not only makes it more nutritional it makes it more high mineralized and reduces per ounce cost! I quit when I heard about Chinese adding melamine to canned petfood. Today I buy American made dogfood, avoiding the varieties that have lumps of soy meat in meaty aroma gravy. I noted cats would eat the gravy and not the lumps. I carefully look at label to exclude gravy brands. I may only feed canned meats once a month when they are found on BENT CAN RACK half price. I save them for ferals who come around. Reason I give canned meat so rarely is this:

Anita:  “pet owners feed canned food as it’s easy and they’re thinking ‘meat is meat’. NOT SO.  Canned dog and cat food contains dead diseased dogs, cats, and road killCarnivores, which is what dogs and cats are, were designed to eat vegetarian animals.  They need organ meat with every meal.  Don't cook your veggies, pulverize them into raw fresh meat, and add about 30% organ meat also raw and chopped up.  You don't have to worry about salmonella, they are not omnivore like us. Also FYI, any food that is labeled dog or cat food, by federal law must contain diseased animals, and there are no laws to prevent the manufacturers from adding additive drugs, so you pet will crave certain brand names.  This is a multi million/billion dollar business, and they will try to squash people like you who advocate not using their products.  BE CAREFUL who you send this to.  The show Hard Copy a few years ago, did a special on how it is the pet food industry that picks up the animals at the vets and animal shelters to put into the pet food.  So what ever meds they were on, or the Phenobarbital that was used to put them down, is in you pet food.  You can learn more about this from my friend Pat McKay.  She used to be here in Pasadena, but now has sort of retired in NV.  Her daughter is selling her vitamins and other products.  Her recipe for home made food is on her web site You can also learn more from other sites. Google search terms like pet diet, recipes.

THE VEGAN “BUDWIG” PET DIET: I found this online: “Many dogs and cats have regained their health by having blended flax seed oil and  cottage cheese in their diet. Dogs & cats also will benefit from eating RAW cancer-fighting vegetables but do not give them fruit.   Chop up, grate or put through a food processor various raw cancer-fighting vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, cabbage, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. mixed with a RAW egg, some raw chicken, fish or various RAW meats. Plus, continue flax oil and cottage cheese one or two times a day depending on tolerance. Adjust the amount depending on the size of your pet. because dogs & cats need more protein than humans, they should not be on a vegetarian diet, but a protein centered diet.This is different from the Budwig diet for people who are not well.  For people, the diet is primarily vegetarian. Dogs and cats benefit from a diet rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs). Like humans, they lack the ability to produce needed Essential Fatty Acids on their own.  So, adding liquid refrigerated cold-pressed flax seed oil to their diet helps them in various ways.Try to avoid commercial dog foods, especially those dried cereal types.  Dogs and cats need real foods that are fresh and raw.  You can introduce these into their diet slowly if you wish.”

THE CEREAL QUESTION. In humans and animals, if cereal is poorly digested, the consumer gets sniffly mucus, runny nose, so test run well cooked brown rice with your costly proteins. It does bring the price per pound down quite a bit.  I used to use some super wellcooked, soft brown rice with my freshly cooked meat stews back when they used to sell  3 lbs of brown rice for 99c, and you could cook a pot up, very soft, takes 1 ½ hrs at slow heat. I’d add this to shredded chicken or even pork and beef  but now rice tripled or quadrupled and 99c store no longer even has this fine offer. Beef went sky high, but pork on sale is still a good buy at 99c an lb. So you can do a RICE/  VEGETABLE and pork or chicken MEAT MASH: I cook carrots, Swiss chard, collards, dice or mash or both, then add to meat. One can add eggs at this point. No egg white can be raw. I thought I was doing halo-earning work until  I GOT THE ABOVE RENDERING DEAD PETS from POUND into canned dog food LETTER from a DOG ACTIVIST. And I read HOWARD LYMAN’s WEBSITE  his, ARTICLE ON PETFOOD. There are a lot of new holistic pet food businesses out there fighting the pet food industry by offering alternatives, however the meat is very costly. A carton of cans can be double digit in cost.  Use a food processor for raw veggies, throw in some stewed real meat, cheap stuff from the super market meat department. Remember,  when you feed your pets raw natural food, they will automatically detox, so let now talk about NO VACCINATIONS.  They'd be redundant if you have cats with great immune systems from healthfood diets. Just do your animal worming with PUMPKIN SEEDS.  Or use BLACK WALNUTS, ENGLISH WALNUTS, their green husk is a vermacide. And the vacs cause cancer at the site of needle, especially rabies shots.

RAW LIVER - You can't get B-complex from anything but organ meat. You have to give it once or twice a month to yourself and the animals. Brains, kidneys but especially LIVER; all work. As barely cooked as possible, to keep vitamins intact.

FISH HEADS- Get all the butcher will give you. Simmer them gently for a while, clean off meat, discard all bones. A coarse strainer may catch them all, but make certain nobody gets a bone. You get a thick soup made of fish eyes, brains, cheek flesh. You can use spines for the soup after you and the kids remove and eat the fillets but let no bone hide in the final creation. Bury the big bag of bones deep under flower beds, or if no garden, bag it up and discard in trash can that has a good lid.

GRAINS- Millet, Corn Tortillas, oats, brown rice. Cats don't eat grains in nature, but many whole grains are partial amino acids and combined with broth and meat carrots and home grown greens, drive the price for the meal down. Unless you're paying 2$ a cannister for oats! Oats are 99c at the famed 99c store! My neighbor gave me several bags and cartons of mashed potato dust. I wouldn't eat it on a bet, but I occasionally make up a pan of gravy or have oils left after cooking meat, I drop in a cup of dust, add water, stir over flame til it turns into pudding, cool, give "as is" or add to canned meats. THEY ADORE IT! No mucus, either, which they do get from kibble!

BABY CAT FOOD- Gerbers meats, carrots, greens are fine if you're rich. Always add 1/4 vegies to the can of meat. So bottle of vegies will last for four meals. So when you shop, purchase 1 can vegies to 4 cans meat. Seal vegie can and  toss after 3 days. Vegies not tasty then. Goats milk another thing that can't be kept long. So buy it when there are babies in the house and mothers run out. Add a raw egg yolk to a half cup of milk, whisk, serve with eyedropper. Give anything left to adults.

CHICKEN- Leg quarters go down to .69c on sale now in 2008. On sale, whole chickens can be 59c an lb. When they're cheap, buy lots as you'll need them later. Whole chickens are great as the humans eat the breast meat, cats demolish everything else. But keep neck from the cats. They can handle all bones except the neck bone which is same size as their trachea.

CORNISH GAME HENS- In 2008, I’m surprised to find these at $1.40 a bird. On sale. I gather all the big ones, weighing two lbs, and those birds cost 70c an lb. That’s within my budget. Simmer in crockpot or fry on slow flame. I split breast so I can fan out the bird.

COOKING FATS derived from ANIMAL SOURCES are useful to butter the animal's vegies or for the crows. I make crow food during breeding season when there are no seeds on ground as in Autumn. (recipe below) I skim all boiled chicken soups by fridging them. Next morning, lift off chunks of fat, store in any pckg sealed, in freezer. I use a big fist full for cooking or adorning cheap meats or vegies for cats. No human wants to eat these fats. We're aware of the vein clogging tendencies but the fat molecules will make your cooking more oliferous and nose-friendly and savory to your feline customers! Boiling chickens daily will provide more fat than cats can use.

CANNED FISH. My super’s bent shelf has mackeral from Ensenada Mexico, canned, 15 oz, reduced in price. ANYTHING under a buck a pound I get for cats. I lift fillets out into water, rinse salt off, put onto plate, remove bones with one tug.

One/half of the amt you will save is useful for the average tribe of animals. THERE IS a way to render this fat for making soap so go to soapmakers' websites or lists.


RICH CAT- Give each cat a half of those small chickens called "capons" --- raw. Wash thoroughly, soak in vinegar and water, (l tsp to a few qts water) to kill salmonella. Cuz we're serving it RAW. Rinse. No need to bone it. The cats discard the parts of bones they cannot eat, and get the marrow out of most bones. Sweep patio so the finished, clean bones go off into flower beds. They add calcium.

POOR CAT- Meat must be extended with Greens from the garden, chicory, collards, swiss chard, kale but not spinach, too much oxalic acid.. or Carrots, unpeeled. Simmer carrots a good 20 mins, then mash. Simmer, swiss chard STEMS (white part) doing them together, first until soft. Then add softer, quicker greens, the swiss chard tops, chicory take less time than kale or collards. Swimmer lightly until wilted. You can throw chicken fat in on vegies, stir in well. Also squeeze viricidal garlic cloves in to the mix at this point. Add to any protein (canned meat,) to 'extend' it. Add grains to extend it even more.

BEGGAR CAT- If you want to feed wild animals, feral cats or dogs, do it the same time each day so as not to have traffic showing up hungry all the time. RITZY MEAL: Fry up two tbsps of your house fats, the chicken beef fat you got out of your own soups. That you stored in fridge. TORN UP stale CORN TORTILLAS always get saved. They go into it, (Most Mex markets have at least one brand with no cellulose and no preservatives. I get 3dozen pckg size keep fridged and they last a week). Tortillas get sauteed in the mixed beef/ chicken fat, lightly for thirty seconds. Add a few cups of those broths that you save from vegies or meats. At this point add quick cooking grains like oats or leftover cooked rice. Now simmer. Corn tortilla pieces will plump up. Grains like oats fill wi liquid. Then last minute, add raw eggs, stirring until lightly cooked or a dish of leftover scrambled eggs. Turn a few times, turn off heat. Put in big feeding bowls of unbreakable material, in front driveway. Wild animals will adore this! You can add some vegies if you want. I once attracted a raccoon and many times possums but possums will eat kittens so be cautious.ALL kittens should be in the house, away from males, too. KITTEN time, males live outdoors, doors locked.

SICK CAT - You have to be able to spot the disease, know what illness it is, as the food given depends on that. Eyeballing a cat will tell you but eyeballing a well cat just starting to turn sick is the only way to cure one.

MYCOPLASMA PNEUMONIA- Symptoms: If you see that Whiskers has mucus coming out of eyes and nose, maybe an eye infection, maybe rough mucusy breathing, it's mycoplasma pneumonia. Or Upper Respiratory disease. The former requires Mycins, like tetracycline. The latter Penicillin. Cats cannot cough. You have to litely rub-itch their adam's apple to make them do so, so that they can expel some mucus. This disease responds to some degree of skimmed chicken broth with a little lemon to clean up and  break up mucus …also a little fasting between broth bouts. Good medications  tetracycline and minocycline, both. Can’t use these old. They turn poison when old. Ask pals for NEW prescriptions. Folks always have some around. Without this antibiotic, they can die if their immune sys isn’t great. Mucus diseases in humans require fasting, no dairy or flour. In cats, no kibble (or grain,) and no dairy. Boiled chicken or beef would be fine, skin and fat removed. Separate article on mycoplasma  and how CATS CAN GIVE it to YOU! MYCOPLASMA PNEUMONIA.

FELINE ENTERITIS- This is ' a viral case of the trots.' NO MEDICINE works on viruses. Or the human cold would be history! But the body's immune system can be kicked up. The trick is to spot this disease when it starts, when the cat seems almost 100% symptom free. But in truth, Only a VERY good mommy will even notice that her cat baby's stools are liquid. This can go on for many days before the cat 1.) stops eating. 2) acts depressed. 3.) has blood in bowel movements. 4.) begins vomiting. 5.) has high fever. 6. gets skeletal then  drops dead. Feed sick puss good raw meat with some cooked oatmeal in it, or rice, as these two foods constipate or bind him, and try raw TUMERIC and raw garlic in the meat which kills the virus.  Google VIRICIDAL herbs, you’ll see olive leaf, garlic. Make a potion, by making a tisane, then put In raw, squeezed garlic & give every few hours.

1.) Watching bathroom action is very important! I take glasses, flashlight and magnifier. If I see diarrhea I go into ENTERITIS mode, if I see worms, I go right into pumpkin seed mode.  (Nov 1st, buy sale pumpkins, freeze cooked meat for soup, pies and custards. Then dry all seeds and store in big bags to heal cats and humans of parasites). If I see WORMS in feces, I go right into SOAKED, GROUND then STRAINED PUMPKIN SEED MASH first thing in the morning.

If I see liquid stools I know it's viral enteritis and go right into VIRAL HEALING MODE with some GARLIC in his food. Kitty can be perky in every way and go to the litter box and show a watchful mom that he already has the beginning of this sometimes fatal disease. It'll be fatal if you don't notice and take action. By the time you notice he's seriously off his game, he's so far gone he's as good as dead. So watch bathroom action whenever you're around, at least once a day if not always! See liquid stools coming out, instantly, go into special diet action. SECOND METHOD OF SEEING IF CAT IS ILL: FEEL THE HEAT: hold him under armpits. You can feel the fever. Try a healthy cat so you have something to compare it to. Last, take note of anybody who shows no appetite for a meal. These 3 methods help you detect illness early and fight it off with the MAGIC DIET and a lot of liquids, everywhere that cat is, a bowl of water.

MAGIC DIET: Make 1.) a thick, bowel-binding thick rice and tumeric gruel. (recipe below) and 2.) make a pot of chicken soup with high mineral vegies in it, kale, celery, and powerful tumeric and raw garlic at the end. Jews call chicken soup a VIRUS killing, cold or flu cure. Apparently amino acids do work to assist the immune system. MOST immune enhancers available today at healthfood store are aminos. Read the label! The amino is in the soup without the clogging, protein bulk. Add tumeric to the binding gruel or to the soup. Feed the gruel by itself, ditto the soup. Don’t mix.

MODE: Alternate gruel given by spoonfuls with the fat-free high mineral garlic with another meal an hour later, of chicken Soup. Garlic is to kill the virus. It is viricidal. Last, between these two meals, grain and protein, give ELECTROLYTE solution, which is water. Give it in watering dish and by spoon or eyedropper. It is available in baby section at every super market. GET PLAIN, not flavored! As cat is going to start vomiting and diaharrea-ing, the natural course of this disease, puss will lose 20% of his body liquids and that is what is fatal. Docs recommend an IV with liquids as Puss will vomit everything up. If you want to throw money at this, figure out how to rig and use an IV. Myself, I feel GARLIC kills the virus, or at least sets the population back somewhat. The amino acids in chicken soup kick up the immune system. And perhaps some of what he drinks will soak in and replenish body liquids. And as he's eating so lightly, perhaps some of it will manage to stay down.

GARLICKY CHICKEN SOUP- Boil up a slew of chicken pieces with things that give minerals, like carrots, celery, parsley, greens and seaweed. From healthfood store, not from ocean. Add tumeric at the end, stir this orange spice in. Cool soup pot down. Lift chicken and vegies off onto plate, make yourself chicken salad sandwiches. Feed vegies to healthy cats, chopped up in their meals. Pour the soup off, it's for the sick cat. Fridge it and then when it turns to jello, scoop off top layer of chicken fat that makes a hard layer on top of the jar of soup. Collect it in an old coffee can. Heat up enough soup for one meal, add a minute squeeze of garlic. Take the rest of your pressed garlic and put it in your olive oil for your salad tomorrow as no cat can eat a whole clove of garlic. You could mix garlic into the big jar of soup but it tends to mix with the fat on top and get stuck in it. SO I add garlic to each serving. When one cat gets enteritis, the lot do so maybe a serving is going to be spooned into six fellows, so gauge garlic for six. That might be the whole clove.

GARLIC RICE GRUELToast brown, organic rice in heavy skillet, shaking, moving it around, til lite brown. Cool. Clean out coffee bean grinder well. Grind parched rice there, I throw in some chlorella tablets, two little calcium –Magnesium tablets, some mineral mix, and a dash of tumeric but just a tiny pinch of cayenne just very small amount of that last. Tumeric, Cayenne are remedies for enteritis along with bayberry. Research enteritis herbs at healthfood store where they sell books. Dried seaweed from healthfood store. Grind well. Now, Boil a cup of water or chicken broth, add the rice powder mix, stir until it thickens. Cool, squeeze part of a clove of garlic in it, a chlorella capsule also can get opened, the dry powder stirred in. Chlorella is for enteritis, along with pea vine, done up as a tisane. (Almost boil, drop in herb, turn off fire, let steep).  TO FEED: put a wad in his cheek, close his mouth.

CROW and POSSUM FOOD- Crows like big dumpling or muffin like grainy things. So I have a source for whole grain flour. It's given me free by Indian stores and cafes when they think it's aged, or if rats get in it. They have an excellent brown wholegrain flour used for potato paranthras. I always tell Hindu owner that I feed birds as they like to be in on the good karma. So here's what you do. BOIL vegies for your own dinner, save the high mineral water. Now, take the flour, whole grain only, stir it into vegie water to make a mush or dough or batter. Heat your animal fat, saved from cooking for cats.(Boil chicken, drain. Cool soup. Pour in bowl, fridge. Skim off fat into old coffee can. Easy to collect l0 cans for a soap maker, put it on craigs list.) But take a little fat, drop in big dumplings of the grain mixture, fry both sides. Then throw the broth on top and cook 5 min so they become real dumplings. I go outside, yelling "CAW, CAW" duplicating crow's voice. And either the crows know me, or they know a feeding call anyway, maybe they think I'm a crow, they come. Leave it outside at midnight for possums. (If there’s ever a WWIII I’ll have fresh meat) HOWEVER the bad thing is, my cats know this call too and they love dumplings done in animal fat and I do not think grains are good for them so I had to learn to lock all cats in the house before doing this.

1.) LITTER must be CLEANED REG! Espec in case of fecal transmitted enteritis virus, all wastes or turds must be sent out fast. Soon as a cat uses box, put your hand in plastic bag, clean all turds out of litter box, dropping turds into another larger plastic bag. I need lots of plastic bags so when I go to market, I will wrap garlic, wrap everything that I buy so as to get more plastic bags. There’s an attractive tall basket in my kitchen filled with bags. DOUBLE bagging at the check out also works. The checkers honor that double request if you say stuff breaks all the time and you have to go under the car to fish it out. And if it's your lettuce, tomatoes that you double bagged in produce area, checkers do not notice that! TO PREVENT transmission of disease, do this litter removing a few times a day! OR better yet, quarantine a sickie in an office. You see that linoleum is very useful for cat owners as it can be bleached. Carpets retain viruses. By law a true cattery must have tile or linoleum.

2.) HOT BOX FOR FEVERS- You need a big carton, a heating pad, several layers of towels or blankets so that when you press your hand on heating pad, you don't really feel it as hot, or you cook the cat. The draught-sheltering walls are good. If you're home, leave a doorway to the garden open so he can stroll, but only if you can easily find him then put him back. If you go out all day, doorway not a good idea. He'll roam outside, die freezing. Sick cats lose all their wits.  Their instinct is to get far from the home that ‘made them ill.’ And to not drop a body near the tribe.

3.) HOT ROOM AND VAPORIZER- Using a heater dries air out, damages lung. You won't be aware of it, either. This is true of all heated rooms and all people's lungs, sick or well. We do not realize there's 50 to 70% humidity in our house daily. Before it rains, up to 90%. WHEN WE HEAT ROOMS, we lose all moisture and this injures lung lining. Vaporizers have a downside. Between use, they get moldy unless you empty, dry out, do everything in your power to dry out every interior part. So I use no central heating. I use electric oil radiator just in the room I’m in. My local discount appliance shop had this portable heater on wheels, so I can move my electrical OIL heating radiator around house. Then I bought two others. I liked them that well. They were so inexpensive! 29$. A Great type heater, less prone to drying out your air! When I see them at garage sales, I pick them up as the average home has 5 rooms. In Summer, they go to back of a closet, clothing hangs above them with ease. A sick cat’s box goes close to but not touching this heater.

4.) REGULAR FEEDING AND DRINKING- Assist the wobbly cat to eat, drink. Slow with liquids so nobody aspirates liquid! If you don't wake early, make certain another family member is there for dawn feeding. Clean out water dishes reg with soap, chlorine.

                happy cat gets HOME MADE food, not CANNED junk
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