zita the stripperSHOCK, SURPRISE AND DELIGHT YOUR MAN!  LEARN the ART and SCIENCE of intoxicatingly beautiful BURLESQUE DANCING FROM ANGELIT FRANCO - STAR OF  her own, pay-2-Vue website.

EVER thought of being a stripper?  Or removing your clothing in a more provocative way for your fellow?
November 4 2009 til December 9th, from 7 pm to 8 pm in LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA. Visit the QUEEN MARY and then hit class, learn to BE THE QUEEN MARY! The name of the classes:   BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELLS BURLESQUE "THE CLASSROOM"  Introducing a series of 6 classes teaching the secrets and history of the Art of Burlesque. Learn all the juicy details. Master the glorious art of being a classy bombshell.  You too can be a showgirl!  These classes are designed to guide you to be an enticing performer for your personal admirer or for auditioning in Vegas and going straight to the Broadway stage! We will be starting WEDNESDAY 4th NOVEMBER. Remember  that date ! Put it on your calendar now! (Who knows? This could save your marriage!) Six Sexy WEDNESDAY IN A ROW, pay 100 $ in advance... or at door, 20$ a class. Wednesdays 7-8 pm Ballroom School of Dance 530 E. 4th Street Long Beach, CA 90802 Free Parking! 6 series class - $120 (payable in two parts) Or pay $100 in advance and save! CHECK OUT the clever, gorgeous MISS ANGELIT at  http://www.Myspace.com/BombshellBurlesqueClasses
ADDIE IS: BeautifulBombshellsBurlesque@gmail.com. Phone number 213-321-9892
 angelit777@gmail.com also.
The 6 class series consists of:
History of Burlesque - The Society Strippers
Character Building - Name your Poison
Music Management - Dance to Your Own Tune
How to get and Make Costumes - Dress to Thrill
How to seduce your audience - Shake your Money Maker
Bombshell Make-up and Hairstyle - Bring out your Pin-Ups

This is for Joy, Bliss and Entertainment --- for your SWEETHEART or MATE. It is the ACME ART of the 21st century, it is belly dancing updated. It is supremely Modern Kalifornia Kulture. It is for fun and for beauty. It is for POISE, BODY AWARENESS and will make your romance life more dynamic. Sure, there is huge money to be made as an exotic dancer - but ladies need to know how before their first audition. Even if you're just auditioning for your MAN. THE ART OF SEX will boost your confidence for sure!  The studio I'm teaching at does not have poles.  So I cannot teach Pole dancing. YET! Burlesque Performers mostly do not use poles. That's for a strip club dancer. The real BURLESQUE GIRLS used Feather Fans - like Lili St. Cyr did. So take a big fan from CHINA TOWN and glue on some big ostrich feathers,  get busy and sew yourself a bustier!
That's what GIRL above is wearing.

I can hear you now. "Sounds fun, but WHY SHOULD I BOTHER? My HUBBY LOVES me ANYWAY as I am, undressing in the bathroom and getting into that flannel job..."

Well, pussycat, think of this! IN A RECESSION, who makes more Money than GOD?  THE STRIPPER! Thousand a day minimum. One month and you have a down payment on a four unit building. Lease three apartments and you guys live for free. Building appreciates. You can support your children easily, put them through college so they can earn well. Rent the movie dear little DEMI MOORE made, STRIP TEASE. Take the SIX SEXY WEDNESDAYS and you will be qualified to get a job at any chic undress club in the world making 7k a week, or U can make even more, two thousand a night IN JAPAN and only after one semester of MY lovely CLASS! Do that for a few years, you can buy up all the recession property the bank is holding and giving away. Condos in Vegas are now 49k. Forget bank loans, you sail in with the cash and buy it clear!